US military warns people preparing to storm Area 51

Fox News
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Officials warn public of dangers at secretive Nevada base and signal that the Air Force stands ready; national security correspondent Jennifer Griffin report from the Pentagon. #SpecialReport #FoxNews
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  1. vorcazm
    36 dakika önce

    Fox news is on our side. They're trying to convince the US government it's just a joke.

  2. vivitlair
    36 dakika önce

    Me and the boys running to raid the area 51

  3. Shednut
    36 dakika önce

    Hopefully some of them will be killed anti Americans

  4. tommy snowy
    tommy snowy
    36 dakika önce

    [This comment has been removed by the U.S. Military]

  5. RespekOfficial
    36 dakika önce

    Who said it was a joke

  6. Jessie Blanton
    Jessie Blanton
    36 dakika önce

    Nosey people trying to read Area 51

  7. Richard Trieu
    Richard Trieu
    36 dakika önce

    Grab a bunch of cobblestone and let’s build a sky base and go from there It’s a joke

  8. Justin
    36 dakika önce


  9. AimInformer
    36 dakika önce

    Media : It’s the Russian bots 😂😂😂

  10. gelita lit
    gelita lit
    36 dakika önce

    Ufos are not real. Why are you otrishes stupid as hell ?!?!

  11. Whistle Blower1
    Whistle Blower1
    36 dakika önce


  12. Mr_LOL
    36 dakika önce

    Were looking for anime tities

  13. Howdy
    36 dakika önce

    Boomer alert

  14. Cody Lawson
    Cody Lawson
    36 dakika önce

    1 million people: Makes joke Air Force: WE'RE TOAST!!!!

  15. Lucid Infinit
    Lucid Infinit
    36 dakika önce

    clickbait, Designed To get Likes?, RUSSIAN BOTS!

  16. Whistle Blower1
    Whistle Blower1
    36 dakika önce


  17. Bella V
    Bella V
    36 dakika önce

    let’s do it baby we know the law

  18. L0st_ Prophet
    L0st_ Prophet
    36 dakika önce

    Lol it’s obviously a joke

  19. Al Gonzales
    Al Gonzales
    37 dakika önce

    Sorry attempt at creating a meaningless distraction in the news.

  20. Jacob Tomakin
    Jacob Tomakin
    37 dakika önce

    #1 on trending

  21. Hallofang
    37 dakika önce


  22. Mew Twaila
    Mew Twaila
    37 dakika önce

    I find this so hilarious 😂😂😂

  23. Phil W
    Phil W
    37 dakika önce

    Let's pretend these people who up, in this climate what do you think is going to happen if you open fire on 100000 or more people.....

  24. Arctic Human3
    Arctic Human3
    37 dakika önce

    Did anyone else just join the group for the memes?

  25. barely functional
    barely functional
    37 dakika önce

    hope they do, kinda wanna see what happens

  26. Adolf Hitler
    Adolf Hitler
    37 dakika önce

    Hey guys need some help?

  27. Nova 2.0
    Nova 2.0
    37 dakika önce

    How bout we do and blame the government

  28. JustChaseGhost
    37 dakika önce

    *_[Comment Redacted]_*

  29. Draco
    37 dakika önce

    Is it- Ne-vaa-da or Na-vaadaa

  30. Gas Man
    Gas Man
    37 dakika önce

    First area 51 then the federal reserve!

  31. Liaminator
    37 dakika önce

    LMAO RUSSIAN BOTS? Jesus christ I can't wait for you old assholes in the media to keel over and die so you can be replaced by a few people who actually have an idea of whats going on in todays culture. Lmao.

  32. Smalls 17
    Smalls 17
    37 dakika önce

    I’m still gonna clap some alien cheeks 🍑

  33. المدمر zake
    المدمر zake
    37 dakika önce

    ككككككككككككككككككككككككككككككككككككككيييييييففففف وت

  34. Eliezer Paulino
    Eliezer Paulino
    37 dakika önce

    It’s clear that the US Military is afraid of their own people. They can’t stop all of us.

  35. Ola Ke Ace? :v
    Ola Ke Ace? :v
    37 dakika önce

    Lol if they do this, they deserve an opening😂😂.

  36. livEtseruP namuHAtoN
    livEtseruP namuHAtoN
    37 dakika önce

    I like how they think its a joke

  37. Jessie Blanton
    Jessie Blanton
    38 dakika önce

    Don't forget Pearl Harbor don't forget New York City

  38. J.C Meza
    J.C Meza
    38 dakika önce

    They can't stop us all.

  39. allgoode
    38 dakika önce

    They will get shot

  40. Whitey Mamasan
    Whitey Mamasan
    38 dakika önce

    Welcome to the fall of western civilization

  41. Corey’s Films
    Corey’s Films
    38 dakika önce

    1.2m Russian bots, Naruto running Area 51. Those cat girls are ours now lol

  42. Jonathan Miranda
    Jonathan Miranda
    38 dakika önce

    Lets be honest, what they're truly afraid of is having 1 million people running around naruto style.

  43. Parker Suh
    Parker Suh
    38 dakika önce

    Boys, got 'em

  44. Pataroro
    38 dakika önce

    Dont be scared people! Stay determined...

  45. Chane King
    Chane King
    38 dakika önce

    Rip anyone who really shows up lol

  46. sirwillsirwill
    38 dakika önce

    Did this idiot just blame Russian bots? Really dude?

  47. Jeff B
    Jeff B
    38 dakika önce

    Won't happen. They would have to leave their moms basement to storm area 51.

  48. Jessie Blanton
    Jessie Blanton
    38 dakika önce

    Any thing in us air space can be shot down

  49. Freedom Lover
    Freedom Lover
    38 dakika önce

    The U.S.government, or more accurately those in the government who have the power to do so, have already made the decision to disclose. The evidence has become too overwhelming and obvious to continue to try to explain away the large number of sightings by credible sources, confirmed by radar footprints and multiple witnesses. This is why the presentation was made recently to the senators, as a precursor for general disclosure. When this happens in the very near future it will be amusing to see how people who refused to believe will react - most likely questioning their own foolish denial despite mountains of evidence. I can hear it now - “how did I not see this the whole time?”

  50. Livid Snacks
    Livid Snacks
    39 dakika önce

    >real and not Russian bots Seems the be the case most of time.