UFC 236: Dustin Poirier and Max Holloway Octagon Interview

UFC - Ultimate Fighting Championship
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Find out what Dustin Poirier and Max Holloway said after their five round war for the interim lightweight title at UFC 236!
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    2 saatler önce

    Dem tittays

  2. Vaughan power
    Vaughan power
    4 saatler önce

    Did Holloway not hear the word"new"

  3. Joshua Schwien
    Joshua Schwien
    5 saatler önce

    Dude definitely deserves it. He's worked his ass off for years

  4. Dave Smith
    Dave Smith
    5 saatler önce

    Great Fight. And you kids out there, that's how Champions Act- warriors with class. Could be you someday.

  5. Rayannd Cortel
    Rayannd Cortel
    11 saatler önce

    Dustin already won by mating with thicc wife LOL

  6. bacon
    15 saatler önce

    Dana doesn't look happy lol

  7. Aster John
    Aster John
    15 saatler önce

    Cogratulations Dustin u deserved it. n max u just a great warrior. What an amazing fight u guys are the best...

  8. Chris Mineo
    Chris Mineo
    Gün önce


  9. Sarah Smith
    Sarah Smith
    Gün önce

    Get that man a bra 🤣

  10. Denny Dudgeon
    Denny Dudgeon
    Gün önce

    The respect during and after the fight. Made the fight that much better.

  11. Paul James Brady
    Paul James Brady
    Gün önce

    Gotta be a third fight. Max can and will come back stronger

  12. Noel Perković
    Noel Perković
    Gün önce

    Legends... both of them!

  13. Fony Terguson
    Fony Terguson
    Gün önce

    Tony Ferguson the real Interim Champ

  14. FIGHTFANNERD9.I'm Gay for Moonbin
    FIGHTFANNERD9.I'm Gay for Moonbin
    Gün önce

    Dustin Poirier is a way better fighter he deserves this so happy for him

  15. Gerardo Sarria
    Gerardo Sarria
    Gün önce

    Those two are my favorite fighters

  16. HyborianAge
    Gün önce

    HALLOWAY: Congratulations on those milkers. Porier: Thankyou.

  17. dzaki asyakir
    dzaki asyakir
    Gün önce

    Man, that why i love this sport.

  18. MotorPsycho
    Gün önce


  19. Buatsaiha Hmar
    Buatsaiha Hmar
    2 gün önce

    The new belt was invented by Henry Cejudo..it suckss..

  20. Austin Healey
    Austin Healey
    2 gün önce

    Great fight and both seem like great people too... 2 of my favorite fighters!

  21. Drew TT
    Drew TT
    2 gün önce

    Man... those boobs 🤤🤤

  22. Ryan Bacamante
    Ryan Bacamante
    2 gün önce

    I salute for MAX.. He is a good fighter

  23. Rizwan Matloob
    Rizwan Matloob
    2 gün önce

    Dustin "Give me my fuckin belt" poirier

  24. yannick willems
    yannick willems
    2 gün önce

    Damn what a fight

  25. Alvaro Johnson
    Alvaro Johnson
    2 gün önce

    Respect to both fighters and congrats to Dustin , more fighters should take note and learn from these two warriors on how to carry themselves and respect and be humble.

  26. Elijah Santos
    Elijah Santos
    2 gün önce


  27. Quadra Quentine
    Quadra Quentine
    2 gün önce

    It will be more epic if dustin say kahbib send me ur location

  28. Todd Premo
    Todd Premo
    2 gün önce

    Thanks Dustin and Max, you are both Amazing Individuals ! A breath of fresh air for sure, Respect the fighters, enough of the dis respectful trash talking. With fighter like you, Martial Artist the UFC, has a chance to become a bit more respected, instead of looking like the WWE,.

  29. Jim Puertas
    Jim Puertas
    2 gün önce

    Keep the camera on his old lady da damn

  30. calvan candy
    calvan candy
    2 gün önce

    Delighted for Dustin. He earned that belt. Big respect to Max.

  31. SuperMangrove
    3 gün önce

    Poriers woman got some nice set of titties, oh my goodness!!!! They are beautiful. + +

  32. Liliana Sandefur
    Liliana Sandefur
    3 gün önce

    Seriously, it makes me so happy to see two respectful, humble fighters throwing it all down in the ring and then showing each other respect like that is inspiring. Great fight, all around. One of the best of the year.

    1. Shamraj Alom
      Shamraj Alom
      Gün önce

      Liliana Sandefur Sharingan 🐐

  33. Ricon Vih
    Ricon Vih
    3 gün önce

    But eventually Poirier would’ve gassed out and Max would end up TKO’ing him. If Dustin couldn’t knock out Max in the 1-3 rounds then he never would’ve. Max ate every shot that Dustin had when Dustin was at 100%. In my opinion Max wins because he’s the smaller guy that took the bigger guys shots and landed more himself. Dustin did what he should have done as the bigger guy

  34. Chris M
    Chris M
    3 gün önce

    Respect right there. Nice to see. I've watched Justin for years and he deserves it. Conor got lucky beating him. Max, wow, warrior. Great fight. Congrats to both

  35. Brad Lush
    Brad Lush
    3 gün önce

    He said new and Max was still shaking his finger, he must have really had some hard headshots

  36. Rob
    3 gün önce

    Getting a boner just thinking about Dustin v Khabib....what the fuck. can't wait.

    1. Alright so
      Alright so
      3 gün önce

      Damn it's not going to be gay porn in September.😅

  37. Colin Hancock
    Colin Hancock
    3 gün önce

    Hands-down one of the most heartwarming things I've ever witnessed on a television, legends 🙏

  38. MilanGatang !
    MilanGatang !
    3 gün önce

    “Im sorry i cursed at you yesterday” - dustin poirier holy shit now thats what humble looks like.

  39. Sergio Pérez
    Sergio Pérez
    3 gün önce

    Incredible respect of each other!! That’s the more important thing of that fucking fight

  40. GWEwrestling
    3 gün önce

    i thought this fight was better than fat kelvin and Izzy

  41. Dave Jordan
    Dave Jordan
    3 gün önce

    In my opinion, these are really Awesome Men! Honorable to the fault. Respects to both of them, I am a fan of Dustin after this fight! Amazing fight.

  42. BarbarianBreed
    3 gün önce

    There's something so special about seeing a man woman that truly love each other.

  43. Another One
    Another One
    3 gün önce

    Hes girl si so hot that titsss

  44. SSMAO Naga
    SSMAO Naga
    3 gün önce

    Best fight ever 👍👍😎

  45. Aktan M
    Aktan M
    3 gün önce

    So it means Drake curse is stronger than Modelo & Embedded haircut curses combined.

  46. Nomo 4u
    Nomo 4u
    3 gün önce

    Max Holloway most definitely did his thing in there but homeboy Poirier definitely came & took the victory.

  47. Noah Zwart
    Noah Zwart
    3 gün önce

    Khabib will smash him ahahahahHaha

  48. Noah Zwart
    Noah Zwart
    3 gün önce

    In my opinion holloway won..

  49. lifeisadirtytrick
    3 gün önce

    I don’t see Dustin lasting long as a champ, he gets in to many wars, i think he’d be a Robbie Lawler type of champ

  50. Hannu Tauriainen
    Hannu Tauriainen
    3 gün önce

    Max was so much smaller than dustin! Everyone who climbed up they put more mass on them max didnt....

  51. UFC highlights
    UFC highlights
    3 gün önce

    Good fight!!!

  52. IvanGotYokes
    3 gün önce

    Best post fight ever. Class acts. Both of them. Nobody wants that Conor McGregor shit.

  53. John Wright
    John Wright
    3 gün önce

    Dustin was great but khabib is no push over???

  54. Abdullah Umar
    Abdullah Umar
    3 gün önce

    I feel sad for max

  55. Tommy Gunn
    Tommy Gunn
    3 gün önce

    Huge respect for holloway

  56. Richard Hoofnagle
    Richard Hoofnagle
    3 gün önce

    I see some people making comments that Dustin's wife being hot. I don't see it, to me she looks like she could be a linebacker in football.

  57. The Amerijuanican
    The Amerijuanican
    3 gün önce

    Proud to be from the same country as these men. True sportsmanship, grit and talent. Thanks for putting on a show, gentlemen.

  58. Hercules Steel
    Hercules Steel
    4 gün önce

    Fuck you guys!! I didn't cry as much after watching the notebook 🤧

  59. eddie shylla
    eddie shylla
    4 gün önce

    New belt #booooooo

  60. Johanon Zimmerman
    Johanon Zimmerman
    4 gün önce

    Dustin's girlfriend had a tough time keeping her boobs inside her dress.

  61. Amint Bnag
    Amint Bnag
    4 gün önce

    I use the phrase "it is what it is" quite alot lately because of max hahah

  62. Matthew Cenac
    Matthew Cenac
    4 gün önce

    Dude making me tear up!!!

  63. Matthew Enman
    Matthew Enman
    4 gün önce

    How classy are these 2 warriors? Amazing fight and even better display of what it means to be a man after the fight!

  64. B D
    B D
    4 gün önce

    All the way Great Fight with Great Fighters.

  65. mauricio cuellar
    mauricio cuellar
    4 gün önce

    It’s not the same 155 and 145 his didn’t look as fast for sure and the power is also different. If he stays in this division for longer he will get used to it and be a champ

  66. Ashley Irwin
    Ashley Irwin
    4 gün önce

    Congrats! 💪 hard work pays off! Been a fan since I watched a documentary on you in your younger days! You earned it! Cheers!

  67. Torvald Vrålstad
    Torvald Vrålstad
    4 gün önce

    I was holding back tears aswell seeing this shit. Dustin is my absolute favorite fighter, and such a fucking inspiration. Never has there been a more deserving champion

  68. Akshay Sharma
    Akshay Sharma
    4 gün önce

    Reminded me of "Billy Hope's last fight in Southpaw"

  69. FIGHTprospectsTV
    4 gün önce

    They both are a perfect example of perfect champion. No trash talk, no stupid pre-post-fight brawls, just a pure hard work, dedication and belief in himself. Respect!

    4 gün önce

    Let's go

  71. Andrei B
    Andrei B
    4 gün önce

    What a moment, Lucky to have watched it live!

  72. Rubal Sabiri
    Rubal Sabiri
    4 gün önce

    More of a continuation mistake by holloway of not fighting the right range and not ducking or slipping away like he does when the opponent hits or corners him. Honestly it was not nearly as good as what he does best. All of a sudden the fight IQ of Holloway fallen from 150 to 75. It was the 3rd round in which hollway looked almost as good as he was against Brian ortega. But I belive if the rematch happens, Holloway is gonna win if he plays HIS Game right.

  73. Ryan Thomas
    Ryan Thomas
    4 gün önce

    That's how to lose a fight

  74. Zeus DC
    Zeus DC
    4 gün önce


  75. ashley parcell
    ashley parcell
    4 gün önce

    Joe is the fucking man!

  76. ALNN999
    4 gün önce

    Khabib Champ

  77. Juan Martin Llorente
    Juan Martin Llorente
    4 gün önce

    magnifica pelea pero...en este momento mis ojos solo estaban para los pechos de la rubia :V

  78. J K
    J K
    4 gün önce

    He won't hold that belt for long!

  79. irockuroll60
    4 gün önce

    I was at 236 this past wknd and I was pulling for Max. But I had no doubt that Dustin won. At the end of the 5th, my old lady asked who won-I said Dustin won hands down. Well, I rewatched the fight on one of those bootleg recorded TR-center videos. And, after rewatching it-it looked a lot closer than I remember. Am I crazy or was it a closer fight than I thought? I want to rewatch it in better quality. But max looked better than I remember.

  80. Albert Raygoza
    Albert Raygoza
    4 gün önce

    Both are champions 🙏🙏🙏🙏👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

  81. Albert Raygoza
    Albert Raygoza
    4 gün önce

    Ahhh that’s sweet wife we never give up no matter what that’s really sweet 😘😘😘❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  82. kodiak536
    4 gün önce

    Max is class act. Hawaiian to the core. Proud to be FROM Waianae. He WILL BE back!

  83. Mikey Acuba
    Mikey Acuba
    4 gün önce

    How come when he says AND NEW Everybody still sits around and waits for him to say the name it’s like they’re not listening it’s fucking weird

  84. Faux Fox
    Faux Fox
    4 gün önce

    I haven't felt like that watching a sport since Michael Jordan in the 90s.

  85. MB Films
    MB Films
    4 gün önce

    Dustin won’t defend that belt.... we all know there’s a lot of lightweight that can take that belt easily

  86. Gregory Kendrick
    Gregory Kendrick
    4 gün önce

    Man he brings the heat great job great fight he deserves to be the champion

  87. Pacific Boy
    Pacific Boy
    4 gün önce

    I need to see Dustin Vs tony to know if he has a good fighting chance against khabib cuz rn all I see is another mauling on the ground

    1. jon jones
      jon jones
      3 gün önce

      dustin have great ground game

  88. Bendamin Veganson
    Bendamin Veganson
    4 gün önce

    Damn! Ryan Reynolds can fight!!

  89. kcuf7
    4 gün önce

    (. )(. ) in the background

  90. Sam G
    Sam G
    4 gün önce

    God dam this is some feel good shit. I love fights like these. Everyone's stock goes up.

  91. نfhg بgg
    نfhg بgg
    4 gün önce

    49-46?? I'm not saying there's no way Dustin could've won that that fight, I honestly think he did, but 49? Nah.

  92. Fish Cheap Or Go Home
    Fish Cheap Or Go Home
    4 gün önce

    Mrs. Poirier put on a show too...Dustin's quick hands...I can see him working those "speed bags" at home...

  93. Kelly Chase
    Kelly Chase
    4 gün önce

    That is how you handle a fucking loss max you are the man

  94. Nikola Karabuva
    Nikola Karabuva
    4 gün önce

    happy for dustin but max got robbed hard

  95. younged 510
    younged 510
    4 gün önce

    This guy.. Well in the words of Khabib Normagumedov, "I will smash this boy" Anyone who's a striker without a defense for khabibs take down will run out of stamina and lose.. bro could not just say hes ready for Khabib had to use someone else's words.. s.m.h..

    1. jon jones
      jon jones
      3 gün önce

      but dustin have great ground game and ju jitsu

  96. Raul TV
    Raul TV
    4 gün önce

    Max just don't have a strong hit, he usually overwhelms his opponents with volume. Poirier will be a better challenger against Khabib. Get your shit together young man!

  97. Kel Zel
    Kel Zel
    4 gün önce

    Love the respect both fighters have for each other.. Truly legit!

  98. archidan dayag
    archidan dayag
    4 gün önce

    Is dustin half filipino? Saw them carry the philippine flag

  99. Rima Youssef
    Rima Youssef
    4 gün önce

    khabib smashed Conor McGregor 😂😂😂

  100. Elmedin Djuderija
    Elmedin Djuderija
    4 gün önce

    Now let’s talk about Max hollaway a little bit , he just fought Dustin ( who will get bamboozled by Khabib and we all know will be easiest fight for Khabib ) anyways back to Max , we all saw what a different in power punches it was between Max and Porier even tho Max is the bigger guy , he’s 3 inches taller than Porier had trouble making 155 this time , so now imagine what he has to go tru to make 145 for the featherweight division where he’s the champ . Fighting Porier Max had no power in his punches like Dustin did , so my question is who’s he going to beat at 155 pound division with that much punching power difference ? Khabib ? Nope ! Porier? No! Tony Ferguson ? Nope !Gathje ? Nope ! Connor ? Hell no if Dustin’s power was too much ,imagin Connors lol who els oh al Aiquinta ? No ! And other guys maybe he can beat some who are #12 and up ranked ! Too bad for Max I really like him as a fighter however he don’t have that punching power for 155 devision even tho he should be fighting at that weight if not higher . That’s why it’s so easy for him to go down to 145 and beat up on those little guys down there, when he’s always the bigger and way way way way taller guy in there ! Good luck max ! I wish they would do Tony Ferguson vs Dustin Porier for a shot at Khabib , I think Porier stands no chance vs Khabib ! None what’s so ever ! But I do think Tony Ferguson could beat Khabib and what’s why the fight never happened sure tony was hurt last time they was about to fight but other times Khabib would always find a reason not to fight Tony cuz he knows Tony could beat him ! Or they should do Khabib vs Connor a rematch , Connor wasn’t ready for that fight back than, didn’t look like him self at all cuz he had other shit going on everywhere, be barely trained for that fight and he did ok considering how long he was out of the ring and he never used it as an excuse but he entered the Khabib fight with a broken foot ! Khabib my brother knows Connor would go for everything this time and Connor would be ready this time around that’s why he will never give him a rematch cuz he never does ! Never ever had Khabib done a rematch after he beat somebody even when he was doing wrestling Samba or w e how they call it a guy said yah he beat me than I won 10 fights in a raw and asked him for a rematch he declined just like he’s doing with Connor cuz he knows he’ll figure him out this time around Connor wasn’t ready and still everytime Khabib took him down there was no damage being done and when someone got a broken foot it’s not hard to take em down come on Uncle @Dana White make it happen Connor vs Khabib my brother 2 plz plz and thank you.