TSM Fortnite Cook-Off 2

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Watch the first TSM Cook-Off 😂 tr-center.com/line/video-8ixH3M42M5I.html
TSM Cook-Off is finally back! This time, Chef Myth and Chef Hamlinz got head to head in a 1v1 Summer-themed cook-off!
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  1. TSM
    Aylar önce


    1. Dragon Guy
      Dragon Guy
      5 gün önce

      Daequan won in my opinion

    2. Trash can Me
      Trash can Me
      10 gün önce


    3. Christian Flores
      Christian Flores
      11 gün önce

      Chef ham won

    4. nugget69 N69
      nugget69 N69
      13 gün önce


    5. OZ_BlueWolf
      14 gün önce


  2. Architech07
    3 saatler önce

    go to 60:00

  3. Icy Villain
    Icy Villain
    12 saatler önce

    A video I would want to see is a game of horse or something

  4. OgkiLla 23
    OgkiLla 23
    13 saatler önce


  5. Vicious Joku
    Vicious Joku
    14 saatler önce

    Beat that meat yaaaaaaa

  6. Its_Nostalgya '
    Its_Nostalgya '
    17 saatler önce

    Can we just talk about how Hamz said beat that meat and moaned 😂😂😂 at 24:55

  7. Caleb Burnette
    Caleb Burnette
    17 saatler önce

    Make your on pizzas next time and see who messes it up

  8. Helio
    17 saatler önce

    Where’s dae?

  9. Tamzen Marie Edwards
    Tamzen Marie Edwards
    18 saatler önce

    Omg y’all don’t have one clue how to cook

  10. Malek Hanifi
    Malek Hanifi
    22 saatler önce

    28:24 myth's arms are soo veiny

  11. Bairdboyz
    23 saatler önce

    anyone noticed at 0:47 she points to hamlinz and says myth

    1. Zoxic
      7 saatler önce

      Bairdboyz oh yeah...

  12. GK Smoked
    GK Smoked
    Gün önce

    0:47, They put the names under the wrong person

  13. Tobias Roberts
    Tobias Roberts
    Gün önce

    Hamlinz you officially white with that no seasoning ass cooking

  14. Ahmed soto
    Ahmed soto
    Gün önce

    You spoke for a second there with the train thing no cap kinda touched me bruh 😂😂

  15. A20 Fitness
    A20 Fitness
    Gün önce

    When is Hamlinz coming Back 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  16. DU BASI
    2 gün önce

    Lmaoo 24:57 beat that waaaah?

  17. Light Awakened
    Light Awakened
    2 gün önce

    I already hate how she calls Hamlinz, Myth, and Myth, Hamlinz

  18. Edin567vfx
    3 gün önce

    The Mac and cheese is so repetitive

  19. 3 Savages
    3 Savages
    3 gün önce

    This is how many times Hamlinz said yah | I |

  20. Lafayette
    3 gün önce

    33:45 “🎶how do I say goodbyesssssssssss🎶

  21. Salvador Garcia
    Salvador Garcia
    3 gün önce

    She's cute

  22. Salvador Garcia
    Salvador Garcia
    3 gün önce

    2 millions views for this video?? Holy shit. TSM fan base is heavy

  23. Fidgetz
    4 gün önce

    The episode Daequan isn’t in the video

  24. ItsYahBoiRaul 123
    ItsYahBoiRaul 123
    4 gün önce


  25. rontavius snipes
    rontavius snipes
    4 gün önce

    Sign new players because Myth is boring and Hamz and Dae don’t stream anymore

    1. 3 Savages
      3 Savages
      3 gün önce


    2. 3 Savages
      3 Savages
      3 gün önce


  26. Lingyw07
    5 gün önce

    who dat girl?

  27. Layla Vista
    Layla Vista
    5 gün önce

    29:39 Motivational speech 👌🏿

  28. gbh hvhnk
    gbh hvhnk
    6 gün önce

    wheres chef dae

  29. Luis Cervantes
    Luis Cervantes
    6 gün önce

    Cook a beefwellington

  30. 1Sxfty .x
    1Sxfty .x
    7 gün önce

    I want them to cook pizza

    7 gün önce

    When did myth start cursing

  32. ExziritGamer
    7 gün önce

    i died when they said beat that meat

  33. Energy Terminator
    Energy Terminator
    7 gün önce

    5:10 bruh he said you know the CHICKEN still gotta cook

  34. Johnny J13
    Johnny J13
    7 gün önce


  35. jeremiah moya
    jeremiah moya
    8 gün önce

    hamlinz stands up and stays the same height

  36. BM_IsaiahD Gaming
    BM_IsaiahD Gaming
    8 gün önce

    24:56 beat dat meat

  37. Mr Wolt
    Mr Wolt
    8 gün önce

    If You love your mom.... 👍🏼 this comment and SUB to me..

  38. Joey Delaney
    Joey Delaney
    8 gün önce


  39. Kotchh EU
    Kotchh EU
    9 gün önce

    this video nearly made me catch a flight to the US and teach myth and hamz how to cook properly ffs LOL

  40. rsombrero97
    9 gün önce

    11:51 had me weeeaaakkk 🤣🤣💀

  41. Nova Boi
    Nova Boi
    9 gün önce

    Where is Daquan

  42. Laz _
    Laz _
    9 gün önce

    everyone dont cook like ham

  43. Jay's TV
    Jay's TV
    10 gün önce

    25:05 Lmaooo

  44. Jay's TV
    Jay's TV
    10 gün önce

    I hope those burgers were preseasoned or at least seasoned off camera

  45. Maryland NWA
    Maryland NWA
    10 gün önce

    I think Leena should join in and there should be real judges and a real prize for thanksgiving

  46. incronaut
    10 gün önce

    Please make a birthday cake next!

  47. Thomas Allen
    Thomas Allen
    10 gün önce

    y’all should definitely make breakfast

  48. Rasengan Force
    Rasengan Force
    10 gün önce

    Where is daequan

  49. Wrecked 123
    Wrecked 123
    10 gün önce


  50. Saltywarrior575
    10 gün önce


  51. PuRe CareZzz
    PuRe CareZzz
    11 gün önce

    Can hamz be my cook for the day 🤣

  52. Wheres Rengar
    Wheres Rengar
    11 gün önce

    TSM should do this again but with Daequan in it!!! or maybe Dae vs Hamz LOL that'd be great

  53. Ethan
    11 gün önce

    Where is Dae☹️

  54. Ant_unGuardable
    11 gün önce

    Make seafood

  55. C.I.A.
    11 gün önce

    don't let gordon ramsey see this video

  56. Itz_uzi10 bravo
    Itz_uzi10 bravo
    12 gün önce

    Sea food edition

  57. Dan Zone Gaming
    Dan Zone Gaming
    12 gün önce

    Why does poki look so different

  58. Skilled George
    Skilled George
    12 gün önce

    17:78 Myth is like : Thats bullshit 😂

  59. Engage Power
    Engage Power
    12 gün önce

    She said Hamlinz was Myth and Myth was Hamlinz Edit: sorry someone aldready made this comment

  60. noob123– -
    noob123– -
    13 gün önce

    Hamlinz quit streaming