SCP-1299 : Dr█wning Tub : Euclid : Mind Affecting SCP ( Starring Lumienkeli )

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Item #: SCP-1299 - Author - Anonymouse99 -
Object Class: Euclid
Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1299 is to be contained in a 8 x 10 x 4 m concrete cell. It is to be kept disconnected from all sources of water, regardless of its current state. The door to its containment chamber is to remain locked at all times unless Procedure F-30 is being enacted. All level-2 and above staff members on site are to carry keys to SCP-1299's containment cell. Once a month, one D-class is to enact Procedure F-30. In case of a containment breach, essential personnel are advised to move as far away as possible from the containment area, and any available female D-class are to be escorted towards the breach site by security.
Music (used with permission) by Firefox (composed by him especially for this channel, many thanks!)
TR-center Channel -

The graphics that make up Dr. Millars office were created and composed by myself and Mahelyk (SCP: Blackout lead developer) .
All vocal performances are performed by me.
The subject matter on which this video is based on originate from the SCP wiki. My adaptations are created with permission and with the purpose of adding value to the source content via voice acting, graphic design, animation and illustration ... none are present within the source material.
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  1. FirstName LastName
    FirstName LastName
    10 saatler önce

    Very different from the last tub

  2. Dawnstar Guard
    Dawnstar Guard
    19 saatler önce

    Just drink the water smh

  3. Vyral714
    22 saatler önce

    This was exceptionally good. I literally pulled over just to sit and really listen. Excellent work Man. Please keep making more videos

  4. Anthony Campos
    Anthony Campos
    Gün önce

    damn, that ending tho

  5. Marconius
    3 gün önce

    So do you need to wait for the tub to fill before it tries to murder you or...?

  6. IrmaAxell Murillo
    IrmaAxell Murillo
    3 gün önce

    Scp-1299 OC Euclid (The drowning tub)

  7. zilleaxolotl
    3 gün önce

    dude, just fill it with concrete?? like, when they filled it with bleach nothing happened. if they filled it with something else and it didn't manifest, maybe that would stop it from needing sacrafices

  8. Rafa Druner
    Rafa Druner
    8 gün önce

    Not very good, this one.

  9. ghost2recon777
    8 gün önce

    Lick the peanut

  10. Zoey Rochelle Zhombie
    Zoey Rochelle Zhombie
    9 gün önce

    Since when is 'drowning' a censored word? Do they fear that seeing it will make them want to drown themselves? Doesn't work like that....

  11. Bell Dolphin
    Bell Dolphin
    9 gün önce

    Why raid area 51 when you can raid scp laboratories?

  12. TheFacebiters
    11 gün önce

    That's crazy fucked up. Why not let him go after the amnestics.

  13. Lakitu64
    11 gün önce


  14. UnLucky Catfish
    UnLucky Catfish
    12 gün önce

    Hmm Finland

  15. Guillotine The Space Giant
    Guillotine The Space Giant
    13 gün önce

    "All D Class are horrible criminals" the lies some people say to glorify the Foundation

  16. Mannequia
    14 gün önce

    Finna write an SCP about a plant.

  17. LiK
    14 gün önce


  18. Toxin515
    14 gün önce

    I am confused as to why you wouldn’t just terminate this one.

  19. John Wick
    John Wick
    14 gün önce

    I know this might be stupid question, but why didn't they let D894 go? Are the ammnestics not long lasting?

    14 gün önce

    Aw shit Muslim wookie and albert bechert are gone :(

  21. Joseph Belgard
    Joseph Belgard
    15 gün önce

    It’s all fiction but for some reason the disregard for the lives of the d-Bois always bothers me, and for meaningless experiments too!

  22. william pun
    william pun
    15 gün önce

    Imagine being framed for murder by an scp

  23. MemeSpaghetti
    16 gün önce

    “oh it’s just a bathtub lol” *IN CASE OF A CONTAINMENT BREACH-*

  24. Miebot 3367 [OFFICIAL]
    Miebot 3367 [OFFICIAL]
    17 gün önce

    2:50 The inside is completely dry!

  25. Temp
    17 gün önce

    Rip d-894

  26. Cicero The Jester
    Cicero The Jester
    19 gün önce

    Onko Suomalaisia täällä?

  27. alfonso chy
    alfonso chy
    20 gün önce

    12:12 epic.

  28. Pinkus Dean
    Pinkus Dean
    20 gün önce

    Feel sorta bad for the D class guy. Like turns out he was innocent but nope we're just gonna keep ya locked up here until you die to an scp? Feck dudes

  29. Sr.SkulletonGrin
    21 gün önce

    Idk which pisses me off more. TR-center’s demonetization priorities or that poor guy in the end

  30. H C
    H C
    22 gün önce

    You've heard of Drowning Pool-

  31. wækęçx {šæd
    wækęçx {šæd
    24 gün önce

    I met the creator or the Scp foundation his name is: ██████

  32. Glorious Content
    Glorious Content
    24 gün önce

    Great band.

  33. Stew Pid
    Stew Pid
    24 gün önce

    This is why you keep doors in your inventory smh.....

  34. AnimeWolfgamer
    24 gün önce

    everyone: SCP *Suicide rates sky rocketed*

  35. Someguy
    24 gün önce


  36. K S
    K S
    26 gün önce

    Wear a scuba mask

  37. OmletzAndSousagez YT
    OmletzAndSousagez YT
    26 gün önce

    Im a girl and now very scared . tahbks

  38. Matthew
    26 gün önce

    half of the redacted crap is also completely unnecessary.

  39. Matthew
    26 gün önce

    the voice change in the ''note'' is completely unnecessary. It literally sounds like there's someone outside the classroom listening and chiming into the lesson, which makes no sense whatsoever.

    1. TheLuckySpades
      26 gün önce

      In universe it's a recording added after the fact, so a change in voice/quality is a good way to signify this in audio form.

  40. MostAverageInternetUser
    27 gün önce

    What if they use Amnestics on the D-Class when their Month sentence is over so they can redo the month sentence?

  41. Arcius Tiger
    Arcius Tiger
    27 gün önce

    Way too many redactions in this one. Just leave it a little more vague, for goodness' sake! They add nothing when used so frivolously. Great reading of it as usual, though, Volgun!

  42. riley dalisa
    riley dalisa
    27 gün önce

    >gigantic organization uses flip phone built in mic

  43. riley dalisa
    riley dalisa
    27 gün önce

    should try like near death or vegetative state d

  44. Aiden Parker
    Aiden Parker
    27 gün önce

    Drown me papi.

  45. Pizza
    27 gün önce

    My biggest fear is dying from drowning and this takes it to another level.

  46. Brimsaw
    27 gün önce

    out of curiosity: Can anyone decipher what the post it on the monitor says?

  47. Brendan Boschert
    Brendan Boschert
    27 gün önce

    The redaction ruins it for me

  48. Charlie Andrews
    Charlie Andrews
    27 gün önce

    Not my proudest fap

  49. strato jet
    strato jet
    28 gün önce

    Can you do SCP-1730? Please?

  50. Friendly Slovak Gopnik
    Friendly Slovak Gopnik
    28 gün önce

    Class-Ds: So, I completed my 1 Month. Can I go now? SCP Foundation: Yes but actually no

  51. Conlectus
    29 gün önce

    At least the tub isn't debating about communism...

  52. Crayon Berry
    Crayon Berry
    29 gün önce

    Scared of sloth boi. But it's awesome. I recommend it, cuz I stopped watching mid way. Gave me chills big time

    1. Crayon Berry
      Crayon Berry
      29 gün önce

      It's an actual scp... 😐☺

  53. DatNvgga Tyree
    DatNvgga Tyree
    Aylar önce

    SCP-1299 vs. SCP-053. WOULD 1299-1 Continually try to drown the girl to no avail and it ends in a stalemate or do you think shed manage to dispel the unseen force?

  54. Mathieu Leader
    Mathieu Leader
    Aylar önce

    Bet this bathtub is used on alot of those American military blacksites if it did indeed exist

  55. Jaa Tee yee
    Jaa Tee yee
    Aylar önce

    I like how he blurred out drowning in the title but had drowning tub in the thumb nail

  56. Foundation operations
    Foundation operations
    Aylar önce

    ThRoW A NuKe At It

  57. Cody Castleberry
    Cody Castleberry
    Aylar önce

    Can you do a video on SCP-001 When Day Breaks? I find this SCP to be the bleakest and most intriguing SCP out there and i want to learn more about it.

  58. Matthew Beattie
    Matthew Beattie
    Aylar önce

    Breaks into Area 51 Finds dodgy bath Mmkay

  59. Phoenix8492
    Aylar önce

    And now TheVolgun can do SCP-2718

  60. iero butcovan
    iero butcovan
    Aylar önce

    what are the subjects in the scp universe ? are they humans and why they all get terminated ? what does "terminated" means? killing those persons? example : "The D-803 was terminated" 07:36

  61. Isaac Westawski
    Isaac Westawski
    Aylar önce

    All you need is a water breathing potion.

  62. Performing Home-Sapien
    Performing Home-Sapien
    Aylar önce

    Man the world has gotten so bad that you have to censor Drowning in the title

  63. TheCasualNerd
    Aylar önce

    They really should have cleared that D-class of charges and wiped his memory. He's a victim of an anomalous object, not a murderer. Treating him like a disposable D-class doesn't sit right with me.

  64. TRDarkSG
    Aylar önce

    I just found out you voiced SCP-049 in SCP Containment Breach! You did a really good job, although avoiding you is annoying lmao.

  65. a_zombie_kyle
    Aylar önce

    what if they test this with the guy who cant die and see the outcome of it an see if the scp gets angry or annoyed

  66. blobmaker3
    Aylar önce

    ayy i need to take a bath in that tub to relieve all of my stress

  67. Joseph Mottram
    Joseph Mottram
    Aylar önce

    I remember an SCP bathtub, full of water, that's been possessed by two men, and American and a Russian - one's the tub, the other's the water inside it. They spend all their time arguing over the pros and cons of Capitalist Democracy vs Communist Authoritarianism. 😂😂😂

  68. Jordan Stenhouse
    Jordan Stenhouse
    Aylar önce

    Well, looks like I'll be cutting annual baths out of my life

  69. Jim Ivan
    Jim Ivan
    Aylar önce

    I rember this being nicknamed the debating communist bath tub

  70. ajay the redditor
    ajay the redditor
    Aylar önce

    scp 1299s bathwater be selling

  71. ProvoCat Ion
    ProvoCat Ion
    Aylar önce

    So bleach does it good?

  72. Phoebe
    Aylar önce

    This is great, but... D-894 should have a woman's voice. Procedure F-30 is supposed to be only performed by female D class.

  73. oversane
    Aylar önce

    what if you wanted to take a bath but SCP-1299 said [REDACTED]

  74. terrell8632003
    Aylar önce

    1299 da bathtub that kills

  75. dAspie David
    dAspie David
    Aylar önce

    We just need that rubber ducky

  76. Reality Era News
    Reality Era News
    Aylar önce

    Never thought I would dislike the SCP foundation. How can you let an innocent man rot away in prison just to have a class d guinea pig ?!

  77. Blinkeh TheGhost
    Blinkeh TheGhost
    Aylar önce

    This is poorly written due to the fact that men don't usually use drowning as killing. Women are usually the ones that tend to drown or use poison

  78. sgtmajorJax
    Aylar önce

    So the date of manufacture is redacted, but the photo isn't? Who said SCP Foundation doesn't employ geniuses. I'd rather redact closing statement of the second interview, moral ambiguity is one thing, but being so open about it is ridiculous. But no, redacting the address of the recovery site was way more important. Also, sure I want to watch some letsplays by a D-Class, who doesn't?

  79. Hans Strudel
    Hans Strudel
    Aylar önce

    You should have named this video “The Happy Tub” but have the thumbnail have the real name in it.

  80. Grant Sampson
    Grant Sampson
    Aylar önce

    Buddy at the end got a raw deal, lol