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Everybody feels lonely sometimes. But only few of us are aware how important this feeling was for our ancestors - and that our modern world can turn it into something that really hurts us. Why do we feel this way and what can we do about it?
Books mentioned in the endcard:
'Emotional First Aid' by Guy Winch
'Loneliness' by John Cacioppo & William Patrick
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  1. Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell
    Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell
    21 saatler önce

    We designed a poster on this topic as well. You can find it here: standard.tv/collections/in-a-nutshell/products/in-a-nutshell-loneliness-poster

    1. NickSfixs
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      Kurzgesagt - In a Nutshell I love this, thank you

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      Awkward Wolf
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      Kurzgesagt - In a Nutshell my science teacher shows ur neuclear power videos in our class

    3. TK UA
      TK UA
      Saatler önce

      Kurzgesagt - In a Nutshell I’m a truck driver it’s hard to meet new ppl that will be long lasting friends. Plus, It’s hard to fade , and find someone to experience sex with

    4. Astral Embodiment of Sloth
      Astral Embodiment of Sloth
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    No Subscribers
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    Why is this recommended to me?!

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    Multiversal Sapien
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    I hope this video might eventually change someone's life :)

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    Cursed Phoenix
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    This is the type of videos that need to be trending for youtube, and these are the types of videos that i need to watch to realize all my issues

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    #1 TRENDING!!

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    Jake Mirrors 831
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    Would never think a video like this would make it to #1 trending on youtube

  8. Thunderhead
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    I am in connection to this. I have a long distance relationship, countless online friends, and even pets. But I feel lonely all the time

  9. Dylan Chester
    Dylan Chester
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    Oh hey it me

  10. ODIN
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    I can be your friend. Just reply. Don't feel alone.

  11. TreeMobile.
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    you're a bastard kurzgesagt. I'm already past that.

  12. Celestial Dragon
    Celestial Dragon
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    I wish I could be alone without feeling lonely.

  13. Akiko Palmer
    Akiko Palmer
    Saatler önce

    Ever since I got into my second year of university, I was not doing well mentally and emotionally. I was more sensitive and desperate for attention, locking myself away, not even checking my school email for important contacts. Lately it's turned into anxiety and feeling unsure on what I wanted to do with my life after spending so many years positive what I wanted to do. I found I wasn't happy where I was, especially when taking into account that loneliness had hit me harder than ever before. I was in a new city, away from family and all the friends I knew-- only my best friend came with me, and I'm always so scared that my clinging onto her will push her away (despite her constantly reassuring me otherwise). In order to put myself at ease, I started writing short term goals on sticky notes and putting them on the wall above my head when I lay down in bed. There are some along the lines of wanting to be better at cosplay or dancing more, and on some others, there's stickies about wanting to be more independent or social, but in the center of it all, I put "accept yourself," "like yourself," "love yourself," and "be happy." When I feel I've accomplished a sticky note, I decorate it however I want to signify a change within me-- a sprouting bud ready to flourish once all the others are decorated. Since then, I haven't had an episode. Sure, the loneliness still creeps up on me at times, but I'm able to suppress it when I start working toward my sticky note goals or when I just clean the apartment. It's not a perfect system, but it works in keeping me calm and ensuring I don't do anything that will harm my psyche. It really helps me breathe.

  14. 99,999,999 views
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    My social skill sucks

  15. Neroshi Interactive
    Neroshi Interactive
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    Great video as always

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    Holy shit -- this video is awesome.

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    NOS Huffer
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    Your copying Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy. This is their style exactly

  19. May May
    May May
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    its sometimes good to be lonely....

  20. Real M
    Real M
    Saatler önce

    To be honest... I think it's largely where your from aswell. I am from England most of the people here are mean and bitter people. A lot of them are ugly chavs. When I go aboard people are so much happier and nicer. I guess it's to leave the country.

  21. Cool win
    Cool win
    Saatler önce

    It saddens me when I see people in the comment section talking about not having friends. I mean it's one thing not to have a girlfriend or a boyfriend but to have no friends is another. Good luck to everyone in the comment section.

    Saatler önce

    I have Social Anxiety issues and I hate it but I'm trying to overcome this disorder by reaching out to others and making people laugh. But socializing is not easy sometimes....

  23. Thekingofwatching
    Saatler önce

    I had a whole essay to respond to this. However, this Apple phone of mine didn’t keep it in memory. So I have very little way to post a calm reaction to this video. Another day perhaps.

  24. Liviu Adrian
    Liviu Adrian
    Saatler önce

    story of my life in a nutshell, one of isolation trials and constant failures

  25. Will Power
    Will Power
    Saatler önce

    What about purposely socially isolating yourself in order to chase a dream? I never feel lonely when I do that, just alone.

  26. FOX_0
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    I’m so glad I’m living in the universe where Kurzgesat exists.

  27. Will Power
    Will Power
    Saatler önce

    What about purposely socially isolating yourself in order to chase a dream? I never feel lonely when I do that, just alone.

  28. Kushal Malla
    Kushal Malla
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    here are the birds?

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    Tristan E
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    Wow, what a great episode. Thank you!

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    #23 on trending

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    please make more videos .. the time will come for me to support @Kurzgesagt. Thank you

  32. Pineapple Fried rice
    Pineapple Fried rice
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    *puts this video on repeat bc it is the only thing that can explain and validate how u feel*

  33. stonetusk
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    desperately need help on this topic i watched the video but still dont understand will read those books in the description

  34. Tomislav Plese
    Tomislav Plese
    Saatler önce

    I have never felt anything similar to loneliness. While i understand it's obviously not normal, i wonder how common it is?

  35. reluctantmuggle
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    I accidentally clicked on this and it feels like the universe called me out

  36. LetsPlaySagaraStyle
    Saatler önce

    My problem is that I tend to be "that friend" that always help...but when I need someone to talk to they usually ignore me. There was this guy that asked me for a favor and ended up oweing me money and then he acted offended... I try to not feel lonely but I have troubles thinking everyone in my radius is finding a way to get something outta me.

  37. outlaw bassoon51
    outlaw bassoon51
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    Im not lonely its just number 1 on trending

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  40. Steve Chan
    Steve Chan
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    Now the thing is, I never feel lonely, I am just hugely pessimistic and don't believe anyone has good intentions

  41. Sax, dreads, And rock and roll
    Sax, dreads, And rock and roll
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    You are not alone internet people

  42. ade putri
    ade putri
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    Make a video about the history of mining please

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  47. Kobe Obi Wan Kenobi
    Kobe Obi Wan Kenobi
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    I’m a high school sophomore and always feel alone around my friends. Some of my friends have girlfriends, whom which I am friendly with. But, for background, I lived most of my life in a shell because of shyness. Anyway, when I’m around friends I see them talking to each other and I see that they want to talk to them. No one ever wanted to talk to me. Unless it was for homework because I’m the only student who does it apparently. No one ever once seemed to want to talk to me. Not one friend for the past 4 years that I have lived in this place. No one time someone took an interest in me. Not one time did anyone take the time to ask how my day was or if they wanted hangout or how I felt. I guess no one cares. I guess they don’t care. No one ever looked at me and thought “ I wonder if we can hangout”. I constantly overhear people inviting other friends over to their house. I always wondered what they were doing or what were they going to do. But no one ever asked me. So, I know my life seems pretty sad, but I’m trying to fix it. Hopefully I will connect to my friends and build strong bonds with them. Thanks for listening.

  48. vighnesh kadam
    vighnesh kadam
    Saatler önce

    NO FOMO, Only JOMO!!!!

  49. депрессивный студент
    депрессивный студент
    Saatler önce

    So I have a pretty lonely experience throughout my schooling and university years I'd like to share, if you don't care about it then don't bother reading since it's pretty long and (probably) not worth your time. Ever since I went to University I pretty much went into the biggest social isolation I've ever experienced. Now this is nothing new for me, I've always been that one kid that doesn't really care about social interaction.I didn't have social anxiety, I just didn't bother talking to people. But even then I still had at least 1-2 people I could genuinely talk to. I've always had a bitter culture clash with more liberal (not political, cultural) people because I was raised on very tough discipline by my military family from Russia, meanwhile other people around here were more open about their sex life, and do drugs and other strange things I never really considered nor cared about like gender identity, dyed hair, etc., and I never really got used to it at all because it felt kind of alien to me, and it certainly brought disgust to my parents. The best way I could cope with it right now was learning patriotism (if you couldn't tell by the amazing pfp), listening to American march music, saying the pledge of allegiance every time I wake up, and many other things to pay respects. It may sound strange to many of you, but for me it just felt like the right thing to do as many people my age take their country for granted because they were born here and didn't get to choose where they were born, but my family and I did choose, and we chose this country to live in. When I was younger I didn't really care much for my new country, but it has helped my family and I much more than where we hailed from, and I've gotten very grateful for the opportunities it gave me because of that. Unfortunately, hawk-eyed readers can see that earlier I said that I had to learn patriotism because my school never really taught us much except the pledge of allegiance, a minor setback, but the Internet helped. University as a result of all this got a bit less painful, but if I'm being honest, it's still very rough and excruciating mentally and emotionally, however at least I can feel a bit more at ease when I see some ROTCs walking around, knowing they got our backs. I do apologize to anyone that doesn't agree with something I said, it's all my personal opinion and leave it at that. But yeah, that's my $0.02, thanks for taking the time to read it.

  50. A snake who got internet access
    A snake who got internet access
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    This is literally me

  51. Ascii89
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    What is you get so used to being lonely, that any social events start causing anxiety?

  52. Kashif
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    well then fuck me for being in a 3rd world country.

  53. Practical Wealth
    Practical Wealth
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    Sadboy gang

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    weeden bluntmen
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    2.8 million losers watched this video lol just came to say that 👋

  55. NOVA KID
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    I push people away to protect myself. I have always been judged and I cant Stand it. But now I'm happiest when im alone, but I don't want to seek social interaction. I plan on dying alone, and I'm totally okay with it. I really dont need anyone to talk to I prefer it that way.

  56. Pravus
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    Holy shit, it's like this video was made specifically for me.

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    My cat make me happy

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    I honestly hate to do this, but exposure is exposure I just recently uploaded a bunch of new, funny videos, and it’d really mean a lot if some people checked them out. I used to upload gameplay but my capture card isn’t working right, so it would be a great help to boost my channel! Don’t forget to subscribe!

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    I'm alone! I'm not lonely.....am I?

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    Ironic, how we gathered together because of loneliness and yet still feel lonely

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    Quantum Crab
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    10:38 Birds! Good, just checking that this was a real kurzgesagt video.

  64. Hansel
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    I feel personally attacked.

  65. The Bandog
    The Bandog
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    "Loneliness is as deadly as *smoking a pack of cigarettes* a day." Me: Oh damn...

  66. Practical Wealth
    Practical Wealth
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    My boy Benjamin makes sure I'm never lonely

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    Upvote who feels themselves lonely

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    Alexis Sarabia
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    that character with the pink hair is so cute! i hope we can see more of her and her interactions in the Kurzgesagt world!

  71. Xavier Cohen-Diaz
    Xavier Cohen-Diaz
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    I get it I'm lonely forever 👌

  72. Shaun Gamin
    Shaun Gamin
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    Finally, a Kurzgesagt video that I am an expert in

  73. Darthwing Xodius
    Darthwing Xodius
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    Woah #1 tending in the U.S here's a curve ball for you to think about the month of the day is Valentines

  74. SurvivingRKellyvideos support black women
    SurvivingRKellyvideos support black women
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    Let's be real most people suck!!! Anyway!

    1. Candy Godiva
      Candy Godiva
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      Lol there are mean as shit.

  75. Jack mehico
    Jack mehico
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    Modern world in the great depression literally

  76. Nathalie H
    Nathalie H
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    remember that healthy relationships with others are important but a healthy one with yourself is too, so balance that shit!! you’re already whole ❤️

  77. Andrei Vidal
    Andrei Vidal
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    Love your videos!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🤗

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    All Pads 24 Ind
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    Gamers never feel lonely

  79. AMARO
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    What if I tell you every single person in the world is lonely. We are a lonely being that needs to socialize to progress.

  80. Jerry
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    shut up

  81. raju kumar
    raju kumar
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    To love at all is to be vulnerable - CS Lewis

  82. Brett Santacona
    Brett Santacona
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    I am lonely and nobody really cares 😔

    1. Shirakawa
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      Perhaps, you could ask your mom ^^

  83. Ismail Ishaque
    Ismail Ishaque
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    Loneliness is something that Naruto, Sasuke, Kakashi, and Gaara had to deal with in the Naruto anime, but them being lonely led to them becoming insanely strong and an inspiration to all.

  84. Lawrence Lee
    Lawrence Lee
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    hey guys lets all be friends

  85. aminoacidcereal
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    did anyone else cried watching this video or am i just being overly sensitive today

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    Mary Watanabe
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    I should move to the city

  87. Keep_It_Cotoure
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    Figured a pewdiepie vid or a Shane Dawson vid or something but no. This is what humans think is necessary. This is what happens when depression rates rise. Can’t tell you how frustrating it is when I have been talking about this kind of stuff all the time.

  88. Scott Cook
    Scott Cook
    Saatler önce

    These are the most thoughtful comments I have seen on a youtube video in a long, long time. This video is a testament to the ability for regular people to be "normal" and talk about our feelings without the constant toxicity we're used to seeing. Thank you

  89. Sammy The Chihuahua
    Sammy The Chihuahua
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    *Everybody feels lonely from time to time* Me: Sure... let's just leave it that way...

  90. Mif orbi
    Mif orbi
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    I just wanted to say hi to whoever is reading this. Let's get some funny jokes going in the reply section

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    Frox Tox
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    moving to a new country really messed me up.

  93. Ahmir Rogers
    Ahmir Rogers
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    I was thinking about going onto 4Chan lately... What depression level am I hitting?

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    i am lonely need boyfriend

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    CarDoor Guy
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    Sooo uh, yall wanna be friends? 😂

  96. Forlorn Maiden
    Forlorn Maiden
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    Still, what do I/we do about time. Anyways, to be honest I don't really want many friends and I like being alone, but not entirely. All I really want is for one person to love, and them to love me the same way and for us too understand each other. (and maybe a friend or two) But most people in this modern day and age act so different (compared to me) and are interested in such nonessential and random things (like all the popular trends), wich is fine. It just feels to me there's just no one to connect too.

  97. Rikorage
    Saatler önce

    Congrats on being #1 on tending! Too bad it had to be such a somber topic, but it does seem like an important one. I've been working on this for myself for the last few years, and I still have reservations about going out. I've been going out more to the movies and to dinner with some people, and trying to not take much of anything too literally, as that tends to not be the best way to go about people.

  98. Fire Productions
    Fire Productions
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    Giant gaping bloody hole in your stomach= lonely in cartoon logic

  99. Shadi Jabr
    Shadi Jabr
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    I am not feeling lonely, but I am feeling unique, although my call list telling the opposite!

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    Jomarco Martinez
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