Kawhi Leonard Postgame Interview - Game 6 | Raptors vs Warriors | 2019 NBA Finals

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Toronto Raptors vs Golden State Warriors - Game 6 | June 13, 2019 NBA Finals | 2019 NBA Playoffs
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  1. Nop
    Aylar önce

    Amazing keep it up HoH!! Congrats Raptors! #WETHENORTH

    1. awdawd awdawdad
      awdawd awdawdad
      29 gün önce

      Kawona McCray fuck the raptors, buncha drake stans

    2. Riznッ
      Aylar önce

      @Foxxxy &Sassy but what about in 2015 when kyrie and Kevin love got hurt Or when Zaza Pachulia injured Kawhi Unfortunately injuries are part of the game and there are many what if's

    3. Nop
      Aylar önce

      Foxxxy &Sassy you dont know shit are you sure? its clearly you “it would have been an easy sweep” bitch you couldnt even sweep clippers, golden state is great but people like you complaining about injuries even though gsw won mostly cause of injuries like kyrie and love, chris paul, kawhi etc if there were no injuries i believe it would have been 3-4 and golden state having 2 champions in total just be happy of how many championships you have im not trying to argue you just make everything worse....

    4. Foxxxy &Sassy
      Foxxxy &Sassy
      Aylar önce

      Green Runs Deep 🖕🖕🖕

    5. Foxxxy &Sassy
      Foxxxy &Sassy
      Aylar önce

      Awesomey No JackAss we had 4 All Stars, Steph, Klay, Cousins, & Green. Everyone of them was hurt except Green. The Raptors didn’t beat us , the injuries did. You don’t know shit about basketball.

  2. morgan p
    morgan p
    3 gün önce

    He is so fucking fake... 😂

  3. ItzOnlineTime
    4 gün önce

    0:05 when raptors fans now realize this was kawhis final game as a raptor

    8 gün önce


  5. Mark Mcgwires Backne
    Mark Mcgwires Backne
    9 gün önce

    Hey asshole your a pro basketball player at a press conference, lose the fucking ski goggles.

    1. ChaChaWitYa
      6 gün önce


  6. Sylvio Stasiak
    Sylvio Stasiak
    11 gün önce

    Extraordinary player !!!!

  7. Vallecend
    11 gün önce

    Not gonna lie that shirt looks dope... God i love the win-finals shirts... Congrats to kawhi and the raptors for winning canada's first ever chip! Really happy for them, especially kawhi...

  8. Thomas Lee
    Thomas Lee
    12 gün önce

    What haters really wanna debate that he didn’t deserve the finals mvp?

  9. 901 ic33
    901 ic33
    14 gün önce

    How does he come for one year win a championship than leave

  10. Sercan Ergul
    Sercan Ergul
    17 gün önce

    Happy Birthday 🎉🎁🎊🎂🎈🥳 Kawhi Leonard

  11. YahyaTheLad
    18 gün önce

    *yOU kNOw*

  12. Evan Hubbard
    Evan Hubbard
    19 gün önce

    This guy is a machine

  13. Fix it Force Morrissey
    Fix it Force Morrissey
    22 gün önce

    Who the fuck is this idiot. Yeah screw the hard workers, let's interview someone who plays games their whole life. And the demise of human intelligence proceeds.

  14. Jay Goodman
    Jay Goodman
    23 gün önce

    Off to LA with cred🤟1 & done sorry Raptors🙂

  15. Luke Davy
    Luke Davy
    23 gün önce

    Damn u gotta feel bad for derozan tho

  16. Anthvny
    23 gün önce

    Hes leaving.

  17. Invincible Young Empire
    Invincible Young Empire
    24 gün önce

    Humble king. But.. you just gonna walk off without your trophy? lol

  18. M1
    24 gün önce

    He’s a lil biatch

  19. Jaz G.
    Jaz G.
    24 gün önce


  20. Steve
    25 gün önce

    There’s a crazy homeless guy near my building that wears goggles like that.

  21. truth observer
    truth observer
    26 gün önce

    kawhi stay on raptors please.. your teammates need you

  22. Gale Hess
    Gale Hess
    27 gün önce

    Kawhi gets his all over the court and is fierce, reminds me of Larry Bird's ability to stifle a game because of his mental ability to see the game and match his skills. Maybe doesn't set up his teammates as much as Larry, but does a lot for them in the new style of play. One more year.

  23. Gio
    27 gün önce

    Normally when they look down they're reading a box score. Does Kawhi have a script?

  24. Victor Kaluna
    Victor Kaluna
    28 gün önce

    I use to watch sports, but the attitude today is money talk, we play for the loot and don't give a hoot about the game, but truth be told sports is a distraction, to occupy you while the real evil is going on behind your backs, Hoses 4:6 For my people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: The bible says be in the world but not of the world, yes we need to live our lives, but do so with your eyes open see the world for what it is, mankind has been thru everything that past generation even this generation has been repeated through out all of man's history, yet we do the same mistakes time and again because, we have turned away from God, Read God's words let him show you the truth, but dont believe me believe him, I'm just a messenger. May the Lord open all our eyes in Jesus name Amen

  25. Leopard Bra Brado
    Leopard Bra Brado
    28 gün önce

    He's just a fun guy...

  26. kc 3182x
    kc 3182x
    28 gün önce

    He's reading a script lol!!

  27. Jeremy H.
    Jeremy H.
    28 gün önce

    Did this dude just come from a ski trip or something?

  28. Master 360
    Master 360
    28 gün önce

    Kawhi Leonard, an exceptional kind and gentle player. @2:02

  29. Ask to seduce Miss
    Ask to seduce Miss
    28 gün önce

    He forgot about his MVP trophy and just left it there 😆

  30. Jonathan
    28 gün önce

    Oh shit😂😭😭😭

  31. drea Roses
    drea Roses
    29 gün önce

    I understand him a little bit more..he has such an eerie personality that I love...sadly he was a young boy when he got the news his father was murdered..I believe an event like that will change you forever

  32. Hoodrat Pat
    Hoodrat Pat
    29 gün önce

    Just here for the “oh shit” don’t mind me 🤷🏾‍♂️

  33. Katrina Sanders-Brim
    Katrina Sanders-Brim
    29 gün önce

    Congrats to him....Most deserving....Trusted the process even when others didn't believe in him....Humble young man....Playing the game he loves not looking for headlines but still getting headlines

  34. Leo Bowman
    Leo Bowman
    29 gün önce

    "Honey I'll be home late tonight, we're throwing an office party tonight, ya, good night love you too".

  35. Andre08 _
    Andre08 _
    29 gün önce


  36. Charming nowhere to hide
    Charming nowhere to hide
    29 gün önce

    DoDoes Kawhi Laugh * Subscribe to thee Clutch Fam to Hear New Tracks from J Clutch, King Clutch, Big Body Benz, Legend, Docta J, & More . . .. ​​@​es Kawhi Laugh * Subscribe to thee Clutch Fam to Hear New Tracks from J Clutch, King Clutch, Big Body Benz, Legend, Docta J, & More . . .. ​​@​

  37. RussMC
    29 gün önce

    He must have just gotten out the pool or finished snowboarding......Goggles....WTF?

  38. Low Down
    Low Down
    29 gün önce

    U had to know that when GS played the Raptors in the season that was the NBA finals

  39. Low Down
    Low Down
    29 gün önce

    This the most Kawhi talked all season

  40. Low Down
    Low Down
    29 gün önce

    Much love to the Klaw

  41. Deep hug
    Deep hug
    29 gün önce

    who's the bridgette nielsen clone...people in their 40's will know who im talking about.

  42. Bryan Smith
    Bryan Smith
    29 gün önce

    "I'm still playing basketball no matter what ski goggles I wear." Cocaine is a hell of a drug.

  43. Lance Gotti
    Lance Gotti
    29 gün önce

    He's just a fun guy...

  44. Bob42047bmx
    29 gün önce

    What the fuck is he wearing goggles on his head for

  45. xxxlostxxxxx
    29 gün önce

    you know damn well who shot that ball in the miami series. you remember the "last 2 possessions" but not the guy who shot the ball that extended the series to game 7? foh you lying ass lol

  46. Aida Gess
    Aida Gess
    29 gün önce

    I really hope that Kathy doesn’t leave the RAPTORS bc right now they r the best team and if he stays he can win more games😝😝😎😎

  47. Mike Bryant
    Mike Bryant
    29 gün önce

    How'd they miss the memo on how lame that ski goggle shit is?

  48. Jerry Berry
    Jerry Berry
    29 gün önce

    I guess he wears the ski goggles to protect him from all the liberals

  49. Rock girl
    Rock girl
    29 gün önce

    Pops' coaching legacy has diminished just a little bit now.

  50. Dos Secos
    Dos Secos
    29 gün önce

    Who r the nobody's in the room thinking they matter#whotfru