John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum (2019 Movie) New Trailer - Keanu Reeves, Halle Berry

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John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum - In theaters May 17, 2019. Starring Keanu Reeves, Halle Berry, Laurence Fishburne, Mark Dacascos, Asia Kate Dillon, Lance Reddick, Saïd Taghmaoui, Jerome Flynn, Jason Mantzoukas, Tobias Segal, Boban Marjanovic, with Anjelica Huston, and Ian McShane.
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In this third installment of the adrenaline-fueled action franchise, super-assassin John Wick (Keanu Reeves) returns with a $14 million price tag on his head and an army of bounty-hunting killers on his trail. After killing a member of the shadowy international assassin’s guild, the High Table, John Wick is excommunicado, but the world’s most ruthless hit men and women await his every turn.
Summit Entertainment presents, a Thunder Road Films production, in association with 87Eleven Productions.



  1. Carlos Vazquez
    Carlos Vazquez
    3 dakika önce

    Jesus why does that woman have to ruin every movie.

  2. Luke Letellier
    Luke Letellier
    3 dakika önce

    Lookin' like a crazy season of Chef's Table....

  3. Testrun strike
    Testrun strike
    3 dakika önce

    01:56 mad dog and the assassin from the raid. I am ready.

  4. Lovely Seasons
    Lovely Seasons
    3 dakika önce

    No trailer to compete with this. If u Agree like this post

  5. ツScythe
    3 dakika önce


  6. PikachuPlayz
    4 dakika önce

    So is he going back to the item shop?

  7. Tito Romadhon
    Tito Romadhon
    4 dakika önce

    1:56 -1:58 Yayan ruhian (mad dog) and cecep from indonesia actor martial art....

  8. Jared The Animaniac
    Jared The Animaniac
    5 dakika önce

    Keanu Reeves is in this sunmer'sToy Story 4.

    7 dakika önce

    Is anybody gonna talk about Fortnite Nope just me then

  10. NoobyNubCorn RC
    NoobyNubCorn RC
    8 dakika önce


  11. The rebel Coltition
    The rebel Coltition
    8 dakika önce

    This one beats the game

  12. Evil Kage
    Evil Kage
    8 dakika önce

    With a fukin P E N C I L!!!!

  13. Legend 7711
    Legend 7711
    8 dakika önce

    Woman: "All this for what, because of a puppy?" John Wick: "It wasn't just a puppy" Shit had me dead😂😂

  14. Eve Samuels
    Eve Samuels
    9 dakika önce

    Green lighting from the matrix really, can't wait anyways.

  15. Aidan Mungai
    Aidan Mungai
    10 dakika önce

    Tonight's secret ingredient is... BULLETS!!!

  16. Robyn Dem
    Robyn Dem
    10 dakika önce

    Fortnite has come to far

  17. Briar Wolverine
    Briar Wolverine
    10 dakika önce

    He killed a pencil with a f"""in three men.

  18. Asuhh Dude
    Asuhh Dude
    10 dakika önce

    I’m the one bitch I am the one like Keanu reeves

  19. Noodle_ Juice _Gaming
    Noodle_ Juice _Gaming
    11 dakika önce

    James Charles said your looking cute, and wants to hang out Like to undo

  20. Hafsa Said
    Hafsa Said
    12 dakika önce

    Yessssss........ This is comming out 3 days after my birthday what a birhtday gift

  21. Big Chungus
    Big Chungus
    12 dakika önce

    Wait where’s the rest of the fortnite skins

  22. Sepharos
    12 dakika önce

    What does Halle Berry shout at 1:47?

  23. M I I
    M I I
    12 dakika önce

    John wick cina 😅😅

  24. MartinWaves
    13 dakika önce

    *check out my🏀 challenge video I uploaded✌🏻🙂& tell me what you thought of the drip lol*

  25. Djalmanac
    13 dakika önce

    00:13 - 00:20 This is where I had to stop... I AM TOO HYPE FOR THIS MOVIE! I DONT WANNA KNOW TILL I GO!

  26. MoToR MiX
    MoToR MiX
    15 dakika önce A new working by internet join frends!!!

  27. Mike Barra
    Mike Barra
    15 dakika önce

    Even if the trailer shows the whole movie...HOLY SHIT TAKE MY FUCKING MONEY!!!

  28. Dęłta Vęnøm
    Dęłta Vęnøm
    16 dakika önce

    Do you know what a wise librarian once told me? Read More

  29. Farrell Lagrange
    Farrell Lagrange
    17 dakika önce

    His dog is still alive so I have a reason to watch

  30. majibuana 05
    majibuana 05
    17 dakika önce that bill foster? -marvel fans

  31. skinnybenny
    17 dakika önce

    The action is insane

  32. Emeka Chibuoke
    Emeka Chibuoke
    17 dakika önce

    John wick was the one who whiped out half of the universe after tanks snap

  33. Beserk Cheeto
    Beserk Cheeto
    17 dakika önce

    Marvel: **Buys John Wick** Thanos: **Snaps himself out of existence**

  34. Alex Homura
    Alex Homura
    18 dakika önce

    Why would you jeopardize a great movie trilogy by randomly sticking Halle Berry in the 3rd one? Seems like a strange choice 😕

  35. EM NY
    EM NY
    18 dakika önce

    Man I would love to own that Gorgeous John Wick 3 STI Combat Master Hand gun, costs over $4K.

  36. Runé Jackson
    Runé Jackson
    18 dakika önce

    This will be better than avengers end game. Change my mind

  37. easy move
    easy move
    19 dakika önce

    By the amount of Overkill I see this movie is going to be dope

  38. Jnede Edenj
    Jnede Edenj
    19 dakika önce

    So John is trying to get that Victory Royal?

  39. Love ER
    Love ER
    19 dakika önce

    1:20 John Wick's middle name is 117 confirmed

  40. Yo Da
    Yo Da
    20 dakika önce

    "you don't know what's coming.. "

  41. Mu'adh Stratton
    Mu'adh Stratton
    21 dakika önce

    The real fortnite john wick kicking butt

  42. andrewbayer17
    21 dakika önce

    Idk I just can’t see why people think John Wick is so good? Just looks wack to me.

  43. Vicky's Vlogs
    Vicky's Vlogs
    21 dakika önce

    Matrix reference 😍😍😍😍 "guns. Lots of guns"

  44. JoyMcFly S
    JoyMcFly S
    21 dakika önce

    The matrix 2019.. They just had to add Morpheus....

  45. God
    22 dakika önce

    Finally there isnt know fortnite comments

  46. Sister SHOOK
    Sister SHOOK
    22 dakika önce

    For the 1% out of 100% who sees this... *Have a nice day*

  47. Joseph Strazi
    Joseph Strazi
    22 dakika önce


  48. James Rios
    James Rios
    23 dakika önce

    You can't take on John Wick .. he's the one.

  49. Clericjo Sharinggan
    Clericjo Sharinggan
    23 dakika önce

    Im very excited on this movie

  50. Xirclay
    24 dakika önce

    The most badass person in the world.

  51. Abhijith Sajeev
    Abhijith Sajeev
    24 dakika önce

    Wasnt just a puppy🤗

  52. Darth Zobos
    Darth Zobos
    25 dakika önce

    Damm, That line!!! Guns, Lots of Guns!!! John Wick in NEO MODE!!!!

  53. Chrissy Pari
    Chrissy Pari
    26 dakika önce

    Can’t wait 😬😬

  54. 50 subs with no vids
    50 subs with no vids
    27 dakika önce

    Woah man

  55. SrFardax
    27 dakika önce

    Se ve genial la nueva temporada de fortnite

    28 dakika önce

    The myth, the legend, the Boogie MÅN, is here asking for my help”

  57. Brendan
    29 dakika önce


  58. Sliickb8
    29 dakika önce

    Welll holy fucking shit. This is gonna be movie of the year, guaranteed. Wow 👏🏼

  59. Gunzo
    32 dakika önce

    Lmao they made the fortnite guy into a movie wtfffff

  60. J05huaNathaniel
    33 dakika önce

    Are all the police on vacation?

  61. Ultimate Chakara Grup
    Ultimate Chakara Grup
    33 dakika önce

    What if fortnite made stages for the john wick skin

  62. hammam hraisha
    hammam hraisha
    33 dakika önce

    "It wasn't just a puppy"

  63. Funny Dess
    Funny Dess
    33 dakika önce

    SUBSCRIBE to my channel I'll do same

  64. Adonias Dantas
    Adonias Dantas
    33 dakika önce


  65. 1,000 subscribers with only a few videos Videos
    1,000 subscribers with only a few videos Videos
    33 dakika önce

    Help me reach my goal please!!

  66. Alianah Resto
    Alianah Resto
    35 dakika önce

    she has

  67. McCamminations Productions
    McCamminations Productions
    35 dakika önce

    Bruh why they make John wick from fortnite into a real thing smh

  68. claudiana mesquita
    claudiana mesquita
    36 dakika önce


  69. MaharlikaAWA
    36 dakika önce

    Looks like they wen CGI mode for this. Disappointing.

  70. NiggurCowJewPigKiller
    36 dakika önce

    Two words : Keanu Reeves

  71. R3TRO
    36 dakika önce

    Man cant wait to see him go to tilted towers

  72. Conorphylands 10
    Conorphylands 10
    38 dakika önce

    i swear on my life today is my birthday i am 11 could i get 11 likes

  73. Djoker Gaming
    Djoker Gaming
    39 dakika önce

    Anyone from Indonesia? 1:56 mad dog vs john wick!! #GREGET vs #BABAYAGA

  74. Dr. Zoidberg
    Dr. Zoidberg
    39 dakika önce

    I’ll take eight

  75. ᅳᆞ
    40 dakika önce

  76. tik tok
    tik tok
    40 dakika önce

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  77. RamosayReturns1
    41 dakika önce

    Awesome!! Can’t wait. When is is realising? Any idea?

  78. plixie1
    41 dakika önce

    What is it!?, someone explain. I didnt think i would see the first, damn sure wasnt going to see the second...and well i have enjoyed them all and i am excited for this one. Its a punchy kill em up. I don't watch any others.

  79. EV
    41 dakika önce

    his acting seems garbage

  80. Mayley alonso
    Mayley alonso
    42 dakika önce

    What fortnite skin is coming next ?

  81. Kaiba Power
    Kaiba Power
    42 dakika önce

    Lmao lets kill his Dog

  82. John Connor
    John Connor
    42 dakika önce

    Oh SHIT, it's John Wick vs the Iron Chef! Who will win!?

  83. Tavia G
    Tavia G
    42 dakika önce

    People used to say "If you kick my dog I'll kick your ass" Now its "If you kill my dog I'll kill everyone you know" 😎🙅🏾‍♀️

  84. easysaid
    42 dakika önce


  85. AG TV
    AG TV
    43 dakika önce

  86. MuhCho
    43 dakika önce

    fucking awesome.

  87. New Chaotic Order
    New Chaotic Order
    44 dakika önce


  88. Butters Scotch
    Butters Scotch
    44 dakika önce

    Gamer film epic

  89. BaronB Clothing
    BaronB Clothing
    44 dakika önce

  90. KID FATE
    44 dakika önce


  91. stoner simpson
    stoner simpson
    44 dakika önce

    Let’s go !!! 🔥🔥🔥

  92. Kim
    44 dakika önce

    So ready

  93. ARI_B
    45 dakika önce

    Shouldn't of killed his dog Just saying

  94. Tyler Ailshie
    Tyler Ailshie
    45 dakika önce

    [YTP] John Wick kills everyone

  95. Yug Nug
    Yug Nug
    45 dakika önce

    Wow is fortnite this popular that it has its own movie

  96. Don GWD
    Don GWD
    45 dakika önce

    Oh ItS ThE fOrTnItE gUy R/facepalm

  97. Manatee Whisperer
    Manatee Whisperer
    46 dakika önce

    Who else would become a super spy like my boy john if anything ever happened to their dog lol

  98. Feknownzay4321
    46 dakika önce


  99. Joshsay Onefry
    Joshsay Onefry
    46 dakika önce

    Fortntie John Wicko

  100. Hendri Turaswa
    Hendri Turaswa
    46 dakika önce

    What's with the fuckin fortnite reference?can anybody explain to me?