Is An 8K TV Worth It?

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The newest 8K TVs have 33 million pixels - but can you even see that many?
Hosted by: Stefan Chin
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  1. Phane
    2 gün önce

    Ansel screenshots that take over 16k resolution. Now you can zoom and really take it all in without ever seeing the picture go all fuzzy or blurred.

  2. thought criminal
    thought criminal
    3 gün önce

    enough with the meters, damn!

  3. Wolf Dude
    Wolf Dude
    13 gün önce

    Skyrim and 8K mods, Skyrim and 8K mods please.

  4. Harvey Holloway
    Harvey Holloway
    16 gün önce

    Science or not I am 70 and wear glasses both for distance and reading. Even with these older eyes I an enjoying the tremendous clarity of a 65 inch 4k screen I just replaced my 55 inch 1080p screen with. I have also demoed 8k and it is clearer yet even to me. If my old eyes can pick this up you younger people should see great improvements in picture quality at every level. I plan on getting an 8k soon.

  5. Walter Kolczynski
    Walter Kolczynski
    17 gün önce

    I'm waiting until there is more content for 4K first. Despite hundreds of channels, I only get 4 in 4K.

  6. Hannibal Crusoe
    Hannibal Crusoe
    20 gün önce

    This reminds me of someone arguing with me that because the eye can not see more than x fps that the higher fps does not matter. The science of perception is always a step behind magic.

  7. MjrCinnaminBun
    21 gün önce

    I can't trust this because people say your eyes can't see anything above 30 fps which is false

  8. GoFastJames
    21 gün önce

    People seem to not understand its not about how your putting it in regards to cant see the pixels, 8K and higher is all about depth. Seeing 8K back in 2012/2013 that was the first thing I could tell was depth and when talking with people from NHK, Sharp and others when saying depth they say "Exactly". Not long ago talking with NHK they say 32K is the stoping point, like the olympics are going to be shot in 8K and possibly shot in 16k if camera is reddy, and broadcasted in 8K in Japan. Any way with seeing it my self many times over the years I definitely can see a difference regardless of size in the TV range at least and my eye sight is not perfect.

  9. Milo Bem
    Milo Bem
    22 gün önce

    TR-center autoadjusted the resolution of this video to 144p for me.

  10. Dianne Hale
    Dianne Hale
    23 gün önce

    It sounds like they are trying to come up with a screen that you can watch through high powered binoculars. Great fun for bird spotting, but not much else. 🤑

    23 gün önce

    The subject is already complicated enough, why do you speak soooo damn fast (i mean imagine using that speed in front of an audience, everyone would be lost) and switch between metric and imperial metric systems ? I appreciate you saying the two but sometimes you only used the imperial system like for the size of the TV. Centimeters are a very useful thing, maybe try using these too ?

  12. zakeller
    24 gün önce

    Anybody else notice the irony of his fine patterned shirt moire patterning to all heck at 1080? Is 8K pointless right now? Sure… But will it have use in normal-person life? Eventually, for certain. Raw resolution isn’t simply about how well one can discern individual pixels in a moving image. That’s hard even at 1080. Jaggies, stairstep effect, and moire patterns are all image quality issues that real people see every single day. I can tell instantaneously between 4K and 1440P in Forza Horizon 4 running on a console simply because the bumper on your car shows a dramatic stairstep effect across that mild improvement. To say that the resolution will have no benefit to mainstream users outside of hyper-large-format and uberrich people who don’t know any better is incredibly shortsighted, and frankly disappointing coming out of what I assume is a dungeon filled with video editors chained to desks. People made the same arguments about 1080, and 4K. They were wrong. It’s disappointing that the Scishow doesn’t talk about any other image quality performance aspects of higher resolution other than being able to discern two individual pixels. The likelihood of you being able to discern the difference between two individual pixels has much more to do with the type of content being displayed than the resolution in most cases.

  13. Kronaz邪児
    26 gün önce

    Barring the largest screens (aka, projectors), you can't even tell if something is 4k, let alone 8k. But go ahead and throw away your money.

  14. Shenanigans
    26 gün önce

    Those that say 1080p is good and 4k or 8k is a waste. You are so wrong. There's a big difference in the quality it's noticeable. And 4k is very affordable now I bought a 55 inch 4k for 400 with Dolby vision. It's worth it, but if you don't care for the best, stick with whatever you got. I'll upgrade to 8k once it's more affordable

  15. Mola Diver
    Mola Diver
    27 gün önce

    Movies are hardly ever true 4K let alone 8K. Most movies are mastered in 2K, which is just regular HD, and then upscaled from there. It's the only way to render all that photo realistic CGI within acceptable timespans. 4K would take 4 times as long. And imagine 8K movies taking 16 times as long to render as current blockbusters. Just get 4K TV or even just a full HD (2K) TV with HDR and enjoy.

  16. Imerence
    28 gün önce

    Why aren't they a lot of 2K TVs

  17. Jefff
    Aylar önce

    I’m a bad consumer. I’m still using 50” regular HD and wi until it goes out.

  18. Federico Jimbo Smithson
    Federico Jimbo Smithson
    Aylar önce

    this is an expected optics class.

  19. Ethan Wagner
    Ethan Wagner
    Aylar önce

    The solution is obvious. We augment our eyeballs.

  20. Jorge A. Garza V
    Jorge A. Garza V
    Aylar önce

    Movies at some "digital" theaters are still being projected at 720p

    1. Oskar Skog
      Oskar Skog
      9 saatler önce

      720p is good enough for video, at least for me. I can't tell the difference between 720 and 1080 unless there is some very fine text.

  21. james munroe
    james munroe
    Aylar önce

    I assure you. We can tell the difference. Sorry.

  22. coc0s
    Aylar önce

    I have insect eyes so none of this matters to me.

  23. Plush Lord Of The Seas
    Plush Lord Of The Seas
    Aylar önce

    lemme get that 8k VR headset

  24. Alexandre Wragg Freitas
    Alexandre Wragg Freitas
    Aylar önce

    ya ya... so 8k tvs are stupid, but... who knows?... maybe you should buy them... because... well... you just can't avoid being pro-system, can't you? after all, so many fellow "scientists" worked so hard to put up those 8k tv sets, didn't they?... and after all, all this high tech stuff pays you your salaries, doesn't it?

  25. fenrirgg
    Aylar önce

    Yeah, I need 8k to watch Malcolm in the middle reruns in high pixelated definition.

  26. BunnyKitKat
    Aylar önce

    What about curved screens? Are they worth it? What do they even do?

  27. rage
    Aylar önce

    Captain Disillusion did a video on this from a film makers POV

  28. hamsbone
    Aylar önce

    Same stuff they said about 4k when it first came around... And yet 4k is very very clearly a step up from 1080p

  29. Mishchievious Badger
    Mishchievious Badger
    Aylar önce

    I would like my VR set to be 8k.

  30. Ruban SriramBabu
    Ruban SriramBabu
    Aylar önce

    And here I am, watching movies on a CRT TV.

  31. Chrstphre Campbell
    Chrstphre Campbell
    Aylar önce

    i suspect ( ? ) that 10 years from now when 16k TV is the Standard, and we go back and look at a 4k program, we'll be aghast that our parents had to put up with that !

  32. 2randomcrap3
    Aylar önce

    I'll never get an 8k TV: I won't be able to see the difference.

  33. Aaron Mallett
    Aaron Mallett
    Aylar önce

    And I'm the type of person who loves art with ridiculous resolution

  34. Rollin With Uncle Pete
    Rollin With Uncle Pete
    Aylar önce

    In other words it's a matter of the "Lechner distance".

  35. ReDnAx1991
    Aylar önce

    I can definitely see the difference between 1080p and 4k from 2,5 meters (even from 3,5 meters). I tried the same thing between 4k and 8k, however wasn't able to distinguish the two while in the mediastore.

  36. Tom Parkison
    Tom Parkison
    Aylar önce

    And to think that I still have a 1080p TV and I don't care. I don't even see the point of 4K, let alone 8K. 1080p is fine for me.

  37. Dave Seated
    Dave Seated
    Aylar önce

    The point of high resolution isn't for humans to discern the increase. Its to provide a detailed enough image that it would trick the brain into thinking your looking at a window instead of a tv.

  38. Timothy Furness
    Timothy Furness
    Aylar önce

    I HAVE A QUESTION! That's right, I yelled. Is there a chance that the 60" 8K TV will make your regular HD shows look worse? For example, viewing TR-center at 240p on a 21" HD widescreen monitor looks terrible, but that same video on my 14" 480p full-screen looks reasonable. Less image stretch looks better, yes?

  39. luciferangelica
    Aylar önce


  40. Harsh Jain
    Harsh Jain
    Aylar önce

    Where is the link to buy that 8k tv

  41. George Blake
    George Blake
    Aylar önce

    I once worked for a stereo amplifier company. We had people buying equipment who called themselves "Golden Ears". They clsimed they could hear and discern down to 0.005 percent Total Harmonic Distortion. Science later proved that most humans can only discern 2 percent. This is the same thing. People are going to claim they can see the difference.

  42. sadegh sepehri
    sadegh sepehri
    Aylar önce

    :D i can understand any difference between 1080p and 4k , and it's not only me anyone else can understand even in a small display in phone , it's so bad some comes to explain a false knowledge and explain it with knowledge , i advise you to change your tv in 4k as fast as possible to open you mind

  43. BenkaiDebussy
    Aylar önce

    I feel like there's something wrong about the logic used to show people "can't see" the difference. The main problem is that it's conflating "the detail the human eye can see at any given time" with "the experience of viewing image/video." This is an important distinction, because the experience of actually viewing things consists of your eyes constantly darting around and taking in a bunch of visual information, which is then processed by your brain. 4k content displayed by a 4k display contains more actual detail, so it's entirely possible (if not outright likely) that the net result from someone viewing it will be different, because even if they can't see every detail at any given instant, that doesn't mean they aren't picking it up in the process of viewing. The only real way to judge this would be a double-blind test. The only one I could find was from 2013* and gave a very clear "almost everyone can tell the difference" result (97% correctly identified the 4k), though I would like to see the result of other tests if they exist (Google isn't yielding anything else). Obviously, all of this is contingent on the source video actually being recorded in 4k. If it isn't (which it isn't for most television) the conclusion of this video is obviously correct. *

  44. Peter Majtan
    Peter Majtan
    Aylar önce

    This video is misleading at best. Have you yourself seen an actual 8K content on a 8K TV...? We do have a 70” 8K TV and access to properly produced 8K content (here in Japan NHK is broadcasting in 8K from 10AM until 10PM since last year in preparation for the official public launch of 8K during 2020 Olympics) and pretty much everyone who has seen it thus far from our comfortable 2.5m viewing distance can immediately tell the difference from 4K (let alone HD). Ironically (and accidentally) you got close to the key point - that from a certain distance two points will merge and look like one. But we are not robots and our eyes don’t have sensors. The photo receptors in our eyes are not organized in neat rows and columns (like in a camera sensor). However the goal is similar - not being able to “sense” any particular resolution / artificial pattern. To put it in a plain language - with 8K the pixel grid is all but gone. Even the most sensitive eyes can simply focus on tiniest details and not be reacting to any artificial pixel pattern. This is why the most common reaction from people is comparing it to “looking through a window”. So please stop “over-sciencing” everything - especially things you don’t have any personal experience with...

  45. Mr.Knight The Detective
    Mr.Knight The Detective
    Aylar önce

    3:00 I think I have TV that big...

  46. XpodX
    Aylar önce

    It's never enough.. and I'm sure we can all tell the difference of 8k and beyond. Be better if they made a video with a 4k 60" next to a 8k 60" and sonething over the frames so can only see the screens, and have random people say which is 4k and which is 8k

  47. scalpingsnake
    Aylar önce

    Films with a lot of cgi only film in 2k and upscale to 4k... So don't bother with 4k endgame :(

  48. Pyrolonn
    Aylar önce

    One thing you didn't touch on is defective pixels. My 1080 display has a few dead pixels (the manufactures seem to make failed pixels just black out so they aren't typically all that noticeable) In a 4K or 8K display, a dead pixel would be very difficult to even discern. Is failure a reason to buy a higher res display? I'd say YES!

  49. NorthernChev
    Aylar önce

    A worth it or not scientific explanation won’t stop people from buying it. The number 8K is larger than 4K and therefore it MUST be better. Don’t question marketing.

  50. Mahmod Akram
    Mahmod Akram
    Aylar önce

    the first time i saw 4k i became an introvert i felt like i found heavens gateway

  51. Ishi 123
    Ishi 123
    Aylar önce

    I'll just wait a few months for 16K to come out

  52. Combat King 0
    Combat King 0
    Aylar önce

    Behold my 8K Betamax tape!

  53. Ed Onslow
    Ed Onslow
    Aylar önce

    TVs are on the cusp of entering a hifi style arms race, where the product is essentially perfected, so manufacturers have to invent reasons to convince people to carry on parting with their money. I look forward to the redundant pixel count increases, voodoo cables, special types of glass that let a better kind of light through etc etc

  54. NTDang
    Aylar önce

    This video is kinda disappointing. Seriously why sum up the benefits, especially imo the most important one colour

  55. Ed Onslow
    Ed Onslow
    Aylar önce

    8k or more will be essential for VR, where the image sits inches from your face.

  56. Left anti pc
    Left anti pc
    Aylar önce

    Me TV manufacturer, me must kill this nerdy guy.

  57. Benisimo Deltoro
    Benisimo Deltoro
    Aylar önce


  58. Михаил К
    Михаил К
    Aylar önce

    a TV isn't worth anything) a computer display might be

  59. nothing
    Aylar önce

    Cable is not even 4K yet

  60. OtakuMage
    Aylar önce

    I have 20/30 vision, and pack my glasses to see movies in theaters. 20/30 doesn't need them to drive or really suffer any quality loss at home. It's only those massive quality levels on similarly massive screens that suffer. tldr: Even imperfect vision gets everything out of a 1080-p home screen.

  61. RyeOnHam
    Aylar önce

    This video was uploaded at 1080p30. Really, we should all be doing at least 1080p60 these days. Maybe 120 hz. I'd like to see that LONG before I'd like to see a 2k resolution.

  62. Bruce Wayne
    Bruce Wayne
    Aylar önce

    If it sounds fancy and advanced people will buy it even though it’s not much different from the previous one.

  63. Erik The Great
    Erik The Great
    Aylar önce

    Most movies and shows are not even in 4K yet let alone they're making 8k

  64. Miss Chief
    Miss Chief
    Aylar önce

    My optician told me I have better than 20/20 vision... I was fascinated by this as I always thought 20/20 was the best but she explained it isn't it goes lower (lower is better) but anything below 20/20 is just overkill so they don't usually bother mentioning it, I suspect she won't do it again after my 20 questions ;) This topic would probably make a great SciShow vid ;)

  65. Neil Castro
    Neil Castro
    Aylar önce

    me watching this video 144p

  66. Wak Job
    Wak Job
    Aylar önce

    Is it true that modern CGI is only rendered in 2k? TV's just need better refresh rates to reduce motion blurr especially on wide panning shots.

  67. Apple Taters
    Apple Taters
    Aylar önce

    Russia if you're listening, I need an 8k 144 hz monitor.

  68. Spider Queen
    Spider Queen
    Aylar önce

    I've never seen 8k, but i sure as hell can tell the difference between 1080p and 4k

  69. Nat Tuck
    Nat Tuck
    Aylar önce

    For any of these edge of perception issues (resolution, frame rate, color space, etc), you'd optimally want to *exceed* the human limit - and by a reasonable margin - not just match it. Something like a 16kTV at 2kHz with 16-bit-per-channel floating point color (maybe with more than 3 color channels) is probably the point where further improvements are conclusively pointless. The 4k to 8k upgrade is probably a bad deal for TVs at any significant cost premium - but it's still well within the realm of actually doing something.

  70. Robert S
    Robert S
    Aylar önce

    Excellent animations to explain the eye 👍

  71. David Hughes
    David Hughes
    Aylar önce

    4:31 socioeconomic reasons... I'm sure there are people who would love to ask questions but can't afford Patreon.

  72. Hector Vazquez
    Hector Vazquez
    Aylar önce

    Yay now I can afford a 4K TV lol

  73. Lizzard 7
    Lizzard 7
    Aylar önce

    Great now I need a 8k tv thanks

  74. William Merzlak
    William Merzlak
    Aylar önce

    Current thumbs ups count (8K)

  75. Aeturnalis
    Aylar önce

    My vision is something like 20/1000 (glasses sphere is -8!), but with my glasses, it's corrected to about 20/18. I wonder if I would be able to make it out. Still not going to dump several thousand dollars on a new TV when my current one does the trick just fine, but eventually it'll need replacing.

  76. Chad Olthoff
    Chad Olthoff
    Aylar önce

    Curved TVs so you can sit closer

  77. tsuchan1
    Aylar önce

    It sounds like an 8k screen for my PC would be worthwhile. I sit about 60cm away from the centre of the screen (more than that from the outlying areas). Unlike TV watchers, I don't need to have the whole screen in clear view at a time, and I can rearrange the windows I'm using most towards the centre.

  78. Greg Tripp
    Greg Tripp
    Aylar önce

    Can we also address the absurdity of 2k phone and tablet displays?

  79. Tech4All
    Aylar önce

    I have a Dell 8K monitor and I can 100% objectively say that there is a tangible difference.

    1. A B
      A B
      Aylar önce

      Sure, but that difference might not be due to the additional pixels...

  80. Dave Vaidya
    Dave Vaidya
    Aylar önce

    To those who own an 8K TV: Enjoy Upscaling mostly.