How Much I Made From The "How Much YouTube Paid Me For My 1,000,000 Viewed Video"

Shelby Church
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Alright here it is.... how much TR-center paid me for my 2,000,000 viewed video from 2 weeks ago! I am shocked by how many views this video got, and of course I had to make a follow up with how much this one earned! Comment down below what kind of channel you would create as a TR-center for a chance to win a camera.
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How Much TR-center Paid Me For My 1,000,000 Viewed Video:
This video is all about how much TR-centerrs get paid from views on TR-center. I shared my earnings with you guys from my most recent video and my past 28 days to give you guys some insight into what TR-centerrs can earn on TR-center.
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  1. Cherise Van Eeden
    Cherise Van Eeden
    Saatler önce

    I work for an Internet Service Provider, I would enjoy making videos about that. Yet, I have not started yet and I am nervous and this would really help with that!

  2. Attila Nyiri
    Attila Nyiri
    Saatler önce

    I would like to start a youtubr channel, in fasion, DIY, men clothing... but im soo nervous. 😅

  3. Hwc_Pancake
    4 saatler önce

    Ive been wanting to start a channel for sometime, and just got some stuff to use with my phone, and after these videos Im super pumped to start! lol Thanks!

  4. Sasha Jackson
    Sasha Jackson
    4 saatler önce

    Nice video :)

  5. GionSnow
    6 saatler önce

    *starts making decent amount of money* 4:55: Hello Swiss Banks :)

  6. Jenna M
    Jenna M
    9 saatler önce

    I loveeee how informative these videos are, it's really nice to see a glimpse into how much youtubers really make and the reality behind youtube being able to be a viable income for so many different people, who before they had such a platform may have been stuck at a dead end job of some sort instead of being able to be creative. I wish I could start a lifestyle vlog of sorts. But I know it's so oversaturated and my life isn't even that interesting ahhahahahaha.

  7. William Eckholdt
    William Eckholdt
    11 saatler önce

    The real question is how much did you make on this video?

  8. Sam Friedman
    Sam Friedman
    13 saatler önce

    I make tech videos.

  9. Flushy
    18 saatler önce

    Nah i think its to late to win that camera and btw i live in the netherlands so no way to win that camera ); Me : crying 😭

  10. Leah
    18 saatler önce

    I actually have started my yt channel and i am planning on making vlogs hauls and sit down videos I would really like it if i got to win the camera

  11. Huples Cat EPL
    Huples Cat EPL
    Gün önce

    Great follow up

  12. Glossyyaimee !
    Glossyyaimee !
    Gün önce

    Ok NOW I wanna know how much Shane made on his docuseries cuz bihhhhh

  13. DeJa Barclay
    DeJa Barclay
    Gün önce

    hey shelby, I would make videos about my journey through college and the struggles of starting a business in college. I would love to have the same camera you're using to make videos.

  14. Ruth Hailemeskel
    Ruth Hailemeskel
    Gün önce

    I genuinely love this series super raw (which is rare for TR-center) and keeps the audience entertained! You actually inspired me to start a channel, hopefully I do soon. I was thinking I would make beauty/fitness videos but also videos about my college lifestyle/journey!

  15. Miakoda Barnes
    Miakoda Barnes
    Gün önce

    I literally would make so many different kinds of videos it would be all over the place 😂

  16. Mike O'Connell
    Mike O'Connell
    Gün önce

    I've been very back and forth decisively about the main niche BUT either personal development/mental health/supplements and nootropics OR crypto currency/privacy + the new industrial revolution. 😁 Thanks for the great video, Shelby.

  17. Hillary Sánchez
    Hillary Sánchez
    Gün önce

    I've always wanted to play trumpet. My girlfriend with her first salary and afforts bought me one (this things never happen in real life what I love her so much) 🥺 with that camera I would record myself in my learning procces in the classical music area. It would be cool if I won!

  18. Moses Masinde Simiyu
    Moses Masinde Simiyu
    Gün önce

    i wanna start a TR-center channel for CPA tutorials. A camera would go a long way in helping me get started. Great video!

  19. Mr Everybody
    Mr Everybody
    Gün önce

    And in her next video....''What tools I used to make the video about how much I got paid to make the video that I talked about getting paid to make, and then a video about how I made the second video that talked about how I made the first one about how much I got paid to make the second one.'' ''Make sure you smash that notifications button to be notified about my video on how to let your subscribers know how to be notified on your next video! Be sure to hit the notification button below the video about how to hit the notification button, so you will always be notified when I release a new video about how to make a video that teaches your subscribers how to make sure they are notified so they don't miss a new video!''

  20. Gabby Woodard
    Gabby Woodard
    Gün önce

    I would make a girly/glam youtube channel i've been girly my whole life and would like to win my first starting camera 😊

  21. nacujo
    2 gün önce

    The way she talks is so cute and sexy

  22. Carisa Rehbein
    Carisa Rehbein
    2 gün önce

    My journey as a new mountain biker, all the tips and tricks and epic fails lol

  23. The Danielle Denise
    The Danielle Denise
    2 gün önce

    Ultimately, I plan on making videos based on MENTAL HEALTH! I'm currently making videos on my nursing school journey , becoming a nurse practitioner, and making informative videos to help any inspiring students get into their dream school or program. Mostly sit down and talk videos and A day in the life vlogs to help people get a feel for this lifestyle!

  24. Jenni Vegas
    Jenni Vegas
    2 gün önce

    I want to make vlogs!

  25. Ise C
    Ise C
    2 gün önce

    *T H A T S S O E P I C*

  26. jakesbug
    2 gün önce

    I found these videos because my husband has recently brought up wanting to start a TR-center channel. He’s extremely passionate about football (wanted to join the nfl but, since he dropped out of high school, that wasn’t an option... he did end up going back to school and getting his associates degree though) and wants to start a sports sit down talk show type channel. He has so many great ideas for it and I’d love for him to win a camera to get started! I also want to say that I really appreciate you making informative videos like this to help others find their passions and potentially make some money doing it. Keep doing you!

  27. Caleb Wagner
    Caleb Wagner
    2 gün önce

    I want to make videos with my friends just having fun and also I want to make games about video games and I need a camera for that.

  28. Shishir Aryal
    Shishir Aryal
    3 gün önce

    Girl, you are so honest 😍♥️ I already have a youtube channel and I also have put a lot of effort on it. But the thing is, it's not growing. Trust me guys it's very hard to get views on youtube. It's the most saturated platform already and unless you are very unique you aren't gonna progress

  29. PhaeTv
    3 gün önce

    I don´t need a super fancy camera what I would love is a gaming pc for my gaming channel PhaeGaming! Be working hard on it with what I got but defently need a good gaming pc! Also I let the ads run when typing this comment! :)

  30. AlyssaMarie
    3 gün önce

    I love photography & creating videos from trips I take or just a compilations of photos with different edits, music, etc. If given the chance, I would make my TR-center channel showing how to use certain cameras, how to edit photos & videos, angles best to capture an image. I’m definitely not a pro because I feel there is so much more I can learn! Good luck to everyone!

  31. SniperStriker 23
    SniperStriker 23
    3 gün önce

    Its always been my passion to undertake my youtube carrer. I would make videos travelling, vlogs, games and much more. Given the chance, I really could use a camera to help develop myself. Thank you!

  32. Brent Lionel TV
    Brent Lionel TV
    3 gün önce

    I like to start on how to succeed on online freelancing channel.

  33. Insight of Samantha
    Insight of Samantha
    3 gün önce

    My CPM is $15 and I only have 2,000 subs

    1. Vivi Iastr
      Vivi Iastr
      15 saatler önce

      Probably bc you have views from different questions btw your new morning routine is amazing

  34. Nomad LIFE
    Nomad LIFE
    3 gün önce

    Thanks for sharing, good youtube income video

  35. Batang Kalye
    Batang Kalye
    3 gün önce

    Thanks for being honest. This is very informative. I'd love to make anime reviews if given a chance. Let me win the camera. 📸😁

  36. November Flower702
    November Flower702
    3 gün önce

    I wish I hadn’t been show INCREDIBLY camera shy for most of my life...because I had a wide range of wild interests taught myself to make anything I was interested in. Also have had some insanely rare experiences that would have been of interest to viewers...BUT also I definitely wouldn’t have wanted to exploit/affect my children by putting my/our lives on the public screen. Very cool though, that people now days are able to make a living- and that-if we choose to watch tv(TR-center) we get to see things that aren’t just decided by Hollywood anymore!!!

  37. Amandeep Singh
    Amandeep Singh
    3 gün önce

    Baby doll I use adblocker 8:13 lol

  38. therealimlikewoa
    3 gün önce

    I would make travel videos, vlogs about my life, and self help videos. I think investigative videos would be fun too.

  39. Isaac Cruz
    Isaac Cruz
    3 gün önce

    While I only get like 400-500 views every video 🥺but ay almost at 1k subscribers so yay🥳!

  40. Chase Ramel Phillips
    Chase Ramel Phillips
    3 gün önce

    I would make videos about traveling, vlogs, singing, and baking. I love your videos there aren't that many people out there doing stuff like this. When making videos I would make sure to have fun and be true to myself. Thank you for giving people joy and gratitude. 👍❤📹📷🎥

  41. DM Detailing
    DM Detailing
    4 gün önce

    And I'm sitting here with 3 subscribers an 0$

  42. IronFist
    4 gün önce

    150 million views = 6000×150 = 900000 shit em celebs rich af

  43. Ann Bay
    Ann Bay
    4 gün önce

    I would love to start a making TR-center videos of our little family of 3 and our travels and vlogging them! ☺️😍

  44. Neema Monzavian
    Neema Monzavian
    4 gün önce

    We need to unsubscribe right now

  45. Zrecz
    4 gün önce

    This is gonna be a cycle

  46. Oliver Gustafsson
    Oliver Gustafsson
    4 gün önce

    make a video with like 30 ads so we can see how much u get haha

  47. Lucy Doel
    Lucy Doel
    4 gün önce

    Is CPM dependent on each video independently or on the channel/person?

  48. Nicholas Gomez
    Nicholas Gomez
    4 gün önce

    Mental health

  49. Saide Hernandez
    Saide Hernandez
    4 gün önce

    Videos for new moms specifically on mental and emotional health

  50. Laura Wohl
    Laura Wohl
    4 gün önce

    Has anyone told you you look like Anna Faris? 😄

  51. FS DrBraveNinja
    FS DrBraveNinja
    4 gün önce

    Lol couldn't tell if your skirt was the wall

  52. Jasmine Watkins
    Jasmine Watkins
    4 gün önce

    When people buy TR-center premium, does that affect you in any way? If yes, how?

    1. Jasmine Watkins
      Jasmine Watkins
      15 saatler önce

      Vivi Iastr hmmm.. ok 👌

    2. Vivi Iastr
      Vivi Iastr
      15 saatler önce

      Not sure it affects them any how

  53. Just Commands
    Just Commands
    4 gün önce

    I gotta be a TR-centerr one day, damn

  54. Lavender Knightly
    Lavender Knightly
    4 gün önce

    I would be SUPER excited to make vlogs and like how to make your school year better and hauls! I know that it is a lot but I'm really into that type of videos. Because I don't want to post content that I don't even like. For instance now on my channel I have videos that I don't like. And I posted them only because I trying to get 100 subscribers.

  55. Maria Sanchez
    Maria Sanchez
    4 gün önce

    I would make videos about high school life. Tips, stories, get ready with me, how I balance everything, etc. It would be so special if I could start a channel!

  56. Veronica
    4 gün önce

    Hi Shelby! I’d like to create a channel on TR-center so winning a camera 🎥 would be a super option for me and a chance to make my dreams come true 🤗 So I’d like to create a channel about my travels. Like you know: tips to save money on that, life hacks, pro tips, my travel vlogs and so other. I am travelling across the Europe for all my years. I have been in almost every country there and even outside the Europe. Your camera would be a great opportunity to record every place I have been to! 😊 Sorry for my bad English btw 😉 Much of love, hope to win 💕

  57. Gabzerrific
    4 gün önce

    I just watched all the adds through, so hopefully you get paid more!

  58. Cami Malone
    Cami Malone
    4 gün önce

    I want to start a channel about my life as a military wife and the amazing benefits that come from it as well as the struggles

  59. Hilde Renshof
    Hilde Renshof
    5 gün önce

    I am going to start a youtube chanel about my pregnancy. I am 17 and will be delivering a boy in two months. I feel really lonely in my country because there are teenage moms here, but they are being put away by the goverment, they mostly all live their life's between their own four walls. I don't want to lock myself away and i want to encourage other teenage moms not to do that either. I want to raise my voice because i feel treated wrongly by my goverment. We do have a camera but it's a really old one. I don't know when i will be able to buy a new one. So a new camera will be very welcome. Offcourse i will be happy to see anyone recieve the camera you are giving away because i am sure you will give it to someone with a great idea for their youtube chanel. I just wanted to say that i really did learn from your video's so i thank you for that information. Have a bright future! 💕

  60. Michaela Mercer
    Michaela Mercer
    5 gün önce

    I would make a fitness and lifestyle video! I am a personal trainer and a college student so I feel that people would think I'm super relatable

  61. TheGlimmer Studio
    TheGlimmer Studio
    5 gün önce

    I just started a makeup channel and i borrow cameras from friends to create content. I'd Love to win a camera to get consistent in creating content and creating it freely without any time boundations 😍

  62. Musical Vibes
    Musical Vibes
    5 gün önce

    I would make a channel about my life as a touring DJ/Musician tryna make it in the world while travelling to some insane places!

    5 gün önce

    I'm confused. I didn't see any ads on the video. Or on this one.

  64. Eddie Buevos
    Eddie Buevos
    5 gün önce

    congratulation for you maybe someday i will feel what you feel right now im just small youtuber here

  65. Top of All YouTube Money and Passive Income
    Top of All YouTube Money and Passive Income
    5 gün önce

    500,000 views on this...Almost half way through make another video on this video. WE LOVE IT. keep it coming/ :)

  66. Sunshine Living
    Sunshine Living
    5 gün önce

    Thank you for this video! I’m a Licensed Psychotherapist and Psychology Teacher. I want to do videos about managing emotions, psychology and the value of psychotherapy. 💛🌅

  67. hatemost na
    hatemost na
    5 gün önce

    I want to marry you!!!❤

  68. JS Hibear
    JS Hibear
    5 gün önce

    I would make advice videos for guys in their 20s about “life , other than video games.” They could really use it.

  69. officiallexisings
    5 gün önce

    imagine if she made a video on how much money this video made and it just went on and on and on and on 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  70. Magnus Hansen
    Magnus Hansen
    5 gün önce

    I would start doing some tech thing, I love everything about tech and small cool gadgets. Which I think would be fun to record about ;)

  71. itsbre
    5 gün önce

    Im starting college, and there isnt a lot of videos about my school. So i wanted too change that. Also i like public interviews and fun challenges, so thats something else ill put on my channel.

  72. TheLyssLifestyle
    5 gün önce

    I’m actually just starting to make travel vlogs, I’ve videoed a bunch of my vacation, just need to edit them :)

  73. deeq timo
    deeq timo
    5 gün önce


  74. Veronica Tanase
    Veronica Tanase
    5 gün önce

    I have been toying with the idea of making a youtube channel for 8 years now. Cannot believe how much time has passed and how much I have missed out on! But I guess it is never too late to start. I would film DIY tutorials, days in my life, making art, artistic short vids and comedy shorts!

  75. jerrett barkley
    jerrett barkley
    5 gün önce

    I really like your vibe

  76. Paulo Castilho Ribeiro Santos
    Paulo Castilho Ribeiro Santos
    5 gün önce

    What happens when someone has a TR-center Premium account and doesn't get ads?

  77. badhabit13010
    5 gün önce

    I have a channel ready to go. It has no content yet but will be a gaming channel. When I stop procrastinating. Really could use a nice camera for it. Thanks Brian......

  78. Tony Notaro
    Tony Notaro
    5 gün önce

    Man this girl is sexy! And that lisp also!

  79. The Citystead
    The Citystead
    5 gün önce

    I have a small channel making gardening videos and family videos, I'm passoniate about that so I would keep going in that direction.

  80. Micrackk
    5 gün önce

    Wow great work Please check out my new chanel Uploaded my first ever video Sub to my chanel And thank for the great work