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Hi! I’m Brandon Awadis and I like to make dope vlogs, pranks, reactions, challenges and basketball videos. Don’t forget to subscribe and come be a part of the BrawadSquad!


  1. Monica Herrera
    Monica Herrera
    20 gün önce

    Happy see you in home ok happy ok happy ok we you goodday fueron Ángel me call you goodday

  2. M Behm
    M Behm
    Aylar önce


  3. Chuy Lujano
    Chuy Lujano
    Aylar önce

    Brandon is obsessed with basketball He freaked out over the draft lottery... imagine the actual draft

  4. Daizy Diaz
    Daizy Diaz
    Aylar önce

    10:55 you can thank me by dropping a like

    1. YaBoiEli
      28 gün önce

      Daizy Diaz i’m good

  5. Megan V
    Megan V
    Aylar önce

    I love how his dog booker just punched him like that haha sooo savageee

  6. hamez- pubg mobile
    hamez- pubg mobile
    Aylar önce

    Lol Booker was slapping brandon telling him telling him to stop thinking about it😂

  7. A G18
    A G18
    Aylar önce

    This guys content is so bad 😂😂

  8. Randy Sampson
    Randy Sampson
    Aylar önce

    Y’all know he almost cry at 14:24 😂

  9. Trent Couser
    Trent Couser
    Aylar önce

    i swear the draft was so stupid every bad team dropped. LETS GO CAVS

    1. buffalo 5
      buffalo 5
      Aylar önce

      Let's go Cavs

  10. Ninja 101
    Ninja 101
    Aylar önce

    The real video starts at 12:44 Your Welcome 👍

  11. Killa Drew
    Killa Drew
    2 aylar önce

    Suns went from Ja Morant to Cam Johnson 😂😂😂😭

  12. Amari Pitchford
    Amari Pitchford
    2 aylar önce

    Tbh you and Anthony look like twins but ur cousins

  13. Salma Ansari
    Salma Ansari
    2 aylar önce


  14. Salma Ansari
    Salma Ansari
    2 aylar önce


  15. Zion Williamson
    Zion Williamson
    2 aylar önce

    I am good what do you mean

  16. Damien Roy
    Damien Roy
    2 aylar önce

    4:59 the dog knows it’s rigged and everyone knows

  17. Joshua Sousa
    Joshua Sousa
    2 aylar önce

    Yo uguys won 19 games last year yup! Must be nice supporting a team that loves losing!

  18. Lupita Sarinana
    Lupita Sarinana
    2 aylar önce

    Yo we’re the reaction to the draft

  19. A. Ezra Vega
    A. Ezra Vega
    2 aylar önce

    Sorry but he is on the pelucans

  20. Pubg Gameplays
    Pubg Gameplays
    2 aylar önce

    Brandon is as nervous as I am b4 getting my exam results 😂🤣

  21. Jrue Holiday
    Jrue Holiday
    3 aylar önce

    It’s funny because a couple days after the draft, the suns don’t even deserve the 6th pick. Their front office should delete the roster.

  22. Lisa Marrie
    Lisa Marrie
    3 aylar önce

    Omg he is a real fan

  23. Aleyamma Sam
    Aleyamma Sam
    3 aylar önce

    Omg Brandon is soo funny😂

  24. Aleyamma Sam
    Aleyamma Sam
    3 aylar önce

    On 4:57 the act done by Booker is like making Brandon shut up to not mess his head with basketball😀😀

  25. Turles Come Back
    Turles Come Back
    3 aylar önce


  26. Angelina Larson
    Angelina Larson
    3 aylar önce


  27. M M
    M M
    3 aylar önce

    brawadis on suicide watch

    1. YG Nick
      YG Nick
      3 aylar önce

      All us suns fans are on suicide watch

  28. Kris Isinghood
    Kris Isinghood
    3 aylar önce

    Culver isn’t a terrible pick though..

  29. TheCloudKnight
    3 aylar önce

    i like how brandon just picks up random stuff in rage lol

  30. R R
    R R
    3 aylar önce

    Brandon is the new Stephen Curry literally like , like if you agree

  31. MuFu
    3 aylar önce

    Lol the simulators got it right

  32. Big fat rob lox head TEA
    Big fat rob lox head TEA
    3 aylar önce

    im a warriors fan and i dont have to mess with this mess so yeah

  33. Big fat rob lox head TEA
    Big fat rob lox head TEA
    3 aylar önce

    Little does he know the pelicans r getting zion

  34. Joshua Hernandez
    Joshua Hernandez
    3 aylar önce

    I felt the same way when the Knicks got 3rd

  35. Angie Nelson
    Angie Nelson
    3 aylar önce


  36. Jonathan Clenney
    Jonathan Clenney
    3 aylar önce

    Just to let you know the Suns are gonna a great team within the next 2 years and they are trading 2 players for 2 players! Can you guess who? Like this and reply if you know who they are trading and for who👌🏻💯 and I’ll let you know if you’re right or not. You’ll be surprised💯

  37. Juan Perez
    Juan Perez
    3 aylar önce

    What is that song call at the end of the videos plz reply

  38. AJW_ Wally
    AJW_ Wally
    3 aylar önce

    Brandon: throws shot glass Anthony: not the shot glass.

  39. William DiCaprio
    William DiCaprio
    3 aylar önce

    I love u Brandon go warriors go steph

  40. Jake Cornelius
    Jake Cornelius
    3 aylar önce

    Imagine this devin booker coby white and deyandre ayton that is a solid big 3

  41. KentuckyFan15
    3 aylar önce

    Him waiting for the draft lottery is like me waiting for a really big Kentucky basketball or football game

  42. Randel Hope
    Randel Hope
    3 aylar önce

    At 14:04 brandon hit his head on microwave 😂😂😂

  43. Cassie
    3 aylar önce

    Bro as if hes sleeping in the haunted house am i missing something

  44. DeMar DeRozan
    DeMar DeRozan
    3 aylar önce

    NBA is more rigged then fucking WWE I’m A magic fan myself at least we made the playoffs

  45. less kiss
    less kiss
    3 aylar önce

    still has a fresh cut

  46. ki ki
    ki ki
    4 aylar önce

    13:01 😂😬

  47. 15Megaplayboy
    4 aylar önce

    ya'll been tanking so long ya'll don't deserve shit, thankfully nba is doing something about tanking teams.

  48. Big Smoke
    Big Smoke
    4 aylar önce

    Hey maybe you can still get Tacko Fall 🤷‍♂️

  49. Big Smoke
    Big Smoke
    4 aylar önce

    I got to admit this guys passion for the Suns is really cool

  50. FakeAlonsoYT
    4 aylar önce

    Where's denis

  51. Hivu
    4 aylar önce

    lmaooooo u gay bro

  52. Ball Bros
    Ball Bros
    4 aylar önce

    Actually 31 mins away

  53. TheOG Baller23
    TheOG Baller23
    4 aylar önce

    you just know he gonna watch reddish,culver or coby white hightlights

  54. rebekah samuel
    rebekah samuel
    4 aylar önce

    omggggg bro his reaction was accurate to my cousins i love the suns and they SHOULD have been 1 first f%^&$#^ place whattt is happening to this worldddd

  55. swae noah
    swae noah
    4 aylar önce

    honestly they are still getting a good player , the suns are supposed to get darius garland and he is really good player , him and booker would be a good backcourt

    1. swae noah
      swae noah
      4 aylar önce

      a *

  56. Mujahid Syed
    Mujahid Syed
    4 aylar önce


  57. Fun Official
    Fun Official
    4 aylar önce

    Wtf Brandon your wack asf it’s just a team

  58. It’s *_* Johnny
    It’s *_* Johnny
    4 aylar önce

    Raging like ninja in the old days

  59. Caleb Shea
    Caleb Shea
    4 aylar önce

    Yo he cried, down hard fan I love it

  60. emma 123
    emma 123
    4 aylar önce

    Nobody: Brawadis: 6! 6?