1. Kwame Woode
    Kwame Woode
    51 dakika önce

    He was the mad king 🤴

  2. PrincessAdriGirl
    6 saatler önce

    I miss when the show focused on witty banter instead of cheap shock value

  3. AmazinglyPotato
    20 saatler önce

    “she is no longer yours to torment.” jesus that hit me

  4. GhANeC
    21 saatler önce

    tywin never succeeded in killing tyrion but sure succeeded in traumatizing him

  5. Prof. Genki
    Prof. Genki
    2 gün önce

    I feel sorry for all the die hard fans of this show. I was a casual viewer at best, but even I feel bad about how awful the show ended with that last season. You'd never think that these were the same shows when comparing the seasons together.

  6. Neel Jain
    Neel Jain
    2 gün önce

    Tyrion went from giving death threats to the most powerful guy in westeros to getting threatened by a sellsword and giving him highgarden for no reason *Great Job D & D*

  7. Tadeo Pratolongo
    Tadeo Pratolongo
    3 gün önce

    2:28 cersei was all like " yeah you crossed THE line and i cannot save you on this one"

  8. A Handful of Dust
    A Handful of Dust
    4 gün önce

    I love how everything stops and everybody does the Varys face as soon as Joff talks shit to Tywin.

  9. Trina Powell
    Trina Powell
    5 gün önce

    Run along now Joffrey, go torture some whores, and let the grown folk talk.

  10. Dons G
    Dons G
    5 gün önce

    Joffrey: “Everyone is mine to torment.” *cuts back to Tywin and Cersei*

  11. the hell and the holy water
    the hell and the holy water
    8 gün önce

    *killed a few puppies today?*

  12. Divy Mathur
    Divy Mathur
    9 gün önce

    Sometimes silence is the best answer. Tywin slapped Joffery's ass indirectly. In spite of being a king.

  13. Nhung Hồng
    Nhung Hồng
    9 gün önce

    Cercei is really gogerous

  14. Francisco Leite
    Francisco Leite
    12 gün önce

    2013: "- I'm all for cheating. This is war. But to slaughter them at a wedding... - Explain to me why it is more noble to kill 10k men in battle than a dozen in dinner. - So that's why you did it? To save lives?" 2019: "- What did I say would happen if you told your sister? - I don't want it, and that's what I told him." Thanks D&D.

  15. Theories16
    14 gün önce

    Tyrion genuinly looks sad upon hearing the news, or is that just me?

  16. Francisco Ancer Gómez
    Francisco Ancer Gómez
    15 gün önce

    Umm, I'm pretty sure they killed more than a dozen men at dinner. Other than that, cool scene.

  17. Qayyum Chariff
    Qayyum Chariff
    15 gün önce

    When Game Of Thrones was Game Of Thrones

  18. SmellyTheBluCow OwO
    SmellyTheBluCow OwO
    15 gün önce

    Tywin really did defend Tyrion a lot come to think of it

  19. Jonathan David Angeles
    Jonathan David Angeles
    16 gün önce

    7 Hells the dialogues were fucking amazing

  20. K H
    K H
    17 gün önce

    2:20 The moment Joffrey felt who the real king in the room was

  21. Bipin Suwal
    Bipin Suwal
    17 gün önce

    god i miss this show

  22. envy
    18 gün önce

    You can tell by the expression on Joffrey's face that he knew he let his tongue slip to the wrong person. Tywin was the true patriarch. We all knew that. "You're a fool if you believe he's the most powerful man in Westeros." Enough said.

  23. Reza Nabavi
    Reza Nabavi
    20 gün önce

    not surprisingly, the books also followed the same trend. They started strong and then went to total shit. It was doomed from the start.

  24. Omar C
    Omar C
    22 gün önce

    Man, I miss Jack Gleason. The kid can fucking act! Way underrated, Loved to hate him! Lol

  25. Raquya_.303
    22 gün önce

    Ohhh, this was why Cersei instantly thought it was Tyrion... "Kings are dying like flies"

  26. Its Ya Boi
    Its Ya Boi
    24 gün önce

    If Varys tried to poison Danny the moment he knew she was no longer good. Why didn’t he poison this fucker

  27. Jovana
    24 gün önce

    I love Varys his facial expressions are always priceless

  28. Bintang Aurura
    Bintang Aurura
    24 gün önce


  29. ny_kia31
    25 gün önce

    Tywin had such a disconnect when it came to Tyrion. He's the only one he ever discusses important matters with. When he forgets that he hates him, he speaks to him as an equal. Intellectually Tyrion is everything that he wished Jaime and Cersei would be. If Tyrion hadn't been born a dwarf, he'd have been the pride of the family.

  30. Shane Alex
    Shane Alex
    26 gün önce

    3:02 when you see bronn become protector of the Reach and master of coin.

  31. MrItalian281
    26 gün önce

    "The northens will never forget" "Good, let them know what happens when they march on the south" That did not aged so well i'm afraid

  32. Lindy416
    27 gün önce

    2:20 Joffrey is not entirely off base with this statement. Tywin DID sit out Roberts Rebellion, because he didn't believe in either side. He didn't think Robert could win, and he was still angry at the Mad King, and didn't want to side with a mad man. After his victory at the Trident and death a Raegar Targaryen, it became clear that Robert was going to win, so Tywin just simply jumped on to the winning side. He marched his army to Kings Landing, using his past friendship with the Mad King to deceive him into opening the city gates for him. He then proceeded to sack the city, and kill every member of the royal family they could find, and Jamie got the Mad King.

  33. Claro Del Rosario
    Claro Del Rosario
    28 gün önce

    At 2:04 Joffrey raised his left hand and yet at 2:05 his right hand is the one that went down and almost hit Varys.

  34. ImlekSutra
    29 gün önce

    Beutiful from Joffrey

  35. William
    Aylar önce

    I love how Joffrey looks at Tywin at 1:43, he is first looking for support then permission. Tywin will not give me either, Tywin is just sitting back seeing how this "potential king" handles the situation. Tywin is the epitome of the feudal lord. And then at 2:29, it is Tyrion's turn to sit and watch, a smile almost bending his lips. "Oh you done gone and fucked up now you stupid kid" lol.

  36. Justin Marion
    Justin Marion
    Aylar önce

    Tywin is the best, and that voice... holy shit

  37. Eldar Erkinbek
    Eldar Erkinbek
    Aylar önce

    "The day you were born" - if Tyrion is Targaryen and Tywin knew, that would be such a pain to hold all these years.

  38. Ignacio Torres
    Ignacio Torres
    Aylar önce

    Tywins musings and conversations were the best on the show

  39. Ignacio Torres
    Ignacio Torres
    Aylar önce

    The fear in Geoffreys eyes 2:27- Tywins face makes no changes in this scene until his confession to Tyrion.

  40. mickey sup bro
    mickey sup bro
    Aylar önce

    Favorite scene in the whole show Love the reaction shots I'M NOT TIRED!

  41. Frangitus
    Aylar önce

    1:41 to 1:44 "oof... oof oof..."

  42. Egemen Yıldırım
    Egemen Yıldırım
    Aylar önce

    there is some good acting in this. You can feel it. Its like real. Every actor in this scene did great job

  43. Gareth Mallon
    Gareth Mallon
    Aylar önce

    Funny, the north remembers is a somewhat iconic line in the show. Now the fans say it whenever they watch old seasons of thrones after watching season 7&8.

  44. ꞥ
    Aylar önce

    Tyrion lost that debate.

  45. ꞥ
    Aylar önce

    Tywin.... You, are the family.

  46. ꞥ
    Aylar önce

    wow i miss this line. he says he will not rape her. paying for whores and raping is different.

  47. Fabian Barroso
    Fabian Barroso
    Aylar önce

    Why Tyrion is the best character in the whole series? Because of moments like this

  48. Gabriel Rhode
    Gabriel Rhode
    Aylar önce

    Cersei's hair got cut about the time the show went to oblivion

  49. Seth Renegade
    Seth Renegade
    Aylar önce

    2:25 This silence is example of true power without shouting "i am king" every time.

  50. ruffy lee
    ruffy lee
    Aylar önce

    Oh , I still think Joffrey is a better king than khalessi