Film Theory: Don't Look Away Don'ẗ̶̖́ Loo̶̹͑͜k Aẃ̸̗ạ̵̕ỹ̵͙ Look̵̪͊̈ Away (Local 58)

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A little while ago I was told to check out a mysterious TR-center channel called Local58. So, I did. What I found was a creepypasta like story told in fragmented pieces in using footage from a "local news station". Theorists, I am hooked! Today we are going to figure out what is going on in the creepy world of Local58!
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Twitter: @MatPatGT
Writer: Matthew Patrick and Stephanie Patrick
Editors: BanditRants and Koen Verhagen
Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman



  1. Lpstigerproductions And pets!
    Lpstigerproductions And pets!
    30 dakika önce

    I have a mirror........

  2. Game Hub
    Game Hub
    Saatler önce

    **looks away from screen**

  3. its your boi
    its your boi
    Saatler önce

    Bout to go to the Area 51 raid to find out who coming ?

  4. That one nerd
    That one nerd
    2 saatler önce

    Guy : *driving off the road* Police : Sir, what the hell are you doing? Guy : just driving off a road for my youtube channel Cop : hm mkay

  5. Manny Garcia
    Manny Garcia
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  6. Carrick Thurman
    Carrick Thurman
    4 saatler önce

    At the end of your on the fastest available route there’s a face when the camera breaks

  7. Ellie Griffin
    Ellie Griffin
    4 saatler önce

    Did anyone else sh*t themselfs? No? Just me? Ok

  8. sam m
    sam m
    4 saatler önce

    hey mat i think u should check "this room does not exist" channel .

  9. bunni mations
    bunni mations
    5 saatler önce

    you ever think about the Russian sleep project, when they talk about how they dont want to be put off of the gas or they'll die once they sleep? And they mention but dont specify who that they have some what of gods.

  10. Jose Reyes
    Jose Reyes
    6 saatler önce

    Its trying to make us do genocide like undertale

  11. ThePotato Goddess
    ThePotato Goddess
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  12. Demon Son
    Demon Son
    10 saatler önce

    This is what I hate you make weird and not funny at all intros and takes forever to start your theory! Get to work by improving it😡

  13. Sima VR
    Sima VR
    12 saatler önce

    This gives me the chills

  14. crypto1223
    13 saatler önce

    I have my own moon theory: the Astronauts who returned from space were bummed out that they had to leave the vast beauty of the void, physical proof that the galaxy is much much larger than they could ever anticipate, and earth is just a speck of dust in it. However if they did in fact see alien life up there and bugged out because of it. I must show my respect to them for keeping it quiet for all this time, and not going insane.

  15. crypto1223
    14 saatler önce

    Sorry I didn’t watch the series, I was watching Stranger Things at the same time I was watching your video(I do that to make it through cringe scenes and boring stuff.) So forgive oh Overlord of Theories.

  16. Loaf the Libtard’s Brother
    Loaf the Libtard’s Brother
    16 saatler önce

    Nexpo made a video on this before. It may be 31 Minutes but it covered it greatly. Good to catch up on

  17. Emily Valcourt
    Emily Valcourt
    17 saatler önce

    Guys I’m not too sure about the Area 51 raid now

  18. Sour _Lemons
    Sour _Lemons
    18 saatler önce

    I wasn’t going to sleep anyway don’t worry. My cat scared me I didn’t know she was under my bed but she came out and jumped on my bed and I screamed.

  19. I have a channel I guess?
    I have a channel I guess?
    18 saatler önce

    I'm fearless. I watched this with my lights off on full screen.

  20. Kim_Taeyu _exe
    Kim_Taeyu _exe
    21 saatler önce

    News: Don’t look at sky, or you die! Wait , Now look at sky, you won’t die! Me: Oh hohohohoho! I think the f*ck not! Ima just stay in and watch anime!

  21. indeepj
    21 saatler önce

    Nya Motherfuckers Its Time For Music

  22. Wizard laser1
    Wizard laser1
    23 saatler önce

    Meteorogical event incoming Me: EVERYONE!!! GET TO DA CHOPPAH!!!!

  23. Isaac Simpson's Flying Circus
    Isaac Simpson's Flying Circus
    Gün önce

    Theres a Czech TV show called Mat & Pat, yeah matpat.

  24. Kelly
    Gün önce

    That sounded like History by Rich Brian at the beginning lmao

  25. Benjamin Cooper
    Benjamin Cooper
    Gün önce

    OMG OMG IT'S HAPPENING NOW If you don't see this post today, look up the moon on Monday 15th July 2019. It's happening! Look at the moon! LOOK AT THE MOON!!

  26. Deilanas Mazeikis
    Deilanas Mazeikis
    Gün önce

    GPS says : Turns around James Charles and pewdiepie say hi sisters

  27. Chrys sethymum
    Chrys sethymum
    Gün önce

    Mat pat being scary is scary

  28. spicy lemon
    spicy lemon
    Gün önce

    Alien's - look at the moon People from the other side of the world - what moon?

  29. Isabela Guevara
    Isabela Guevara
    Gün önce

    when your thankful for adds

  30. Dentiirion's Music Library
    Dentiirion's Music Library
    Gün önce

    The creator himself was mocking the alien theory so not sure if it has anything to do with aliens.

  31. LemonyLimes
    Gün önce

    I am getting serious Welcome To Night Vale vibes from this video.

  32. philipp ii.
    philipp ii.
    Gün önce

    Why did you bummer make us watch those videos? So we get brainwashed by aliens?

  33. Ichi The Three - Coloured Dragon
    Ichi The Three - Coloured Dragon
    Gün önce

    okay. I now question why I: Didn’t look away, Watched this before bed Didn’t watch this with my back on the wall.

  34. Crecentia
    Gün önce

    its just videos by Kris Straub and so its a real biggie?

  35. Micala Wood
    Micala Wood
    Gün önce

    Very smart lawyer: this man murdered this other guy! It's even on camera! Me: Impossible! Matpat: Hey aliens are attacking the earth Me: sounds reasonable

  36. Brawl Star
    Brawl Star
    Gün önce

    Wait is this actually real or just fake TR-center stuff 😟

  37. grace s
    grace s
    Gün önce

    billie eilish: when we all fall asleep w- aliens at local58: you die edit: this is such a stupid comment lmao

  38. BETO
    Gün önce

    hmm wikipedia: "the Australian/New Zealand UHF CB allocation at 476-477 MHz. Use of Australian UHF CB equipment in the United States would cause severe interference to public safety communications, especially in larger metropolitan areas."

  39. Dachi Kapanadze
    Dachi Kapanadze
    Gün önce

    Am I safe if I watch just matpat's video instead of that local 58 sh*t?

  40. That Broke ARMY
    That Broke ARMY
    Gün önce

    I’m in the closet it’s dark and I’m scared.Anyways great video.😊

  41. Kyrem006急冷零度零度陸
    Gün önce

    7:00 dread it, run from, the bite still arrives

  42. DemSpicyMemes BOIIIS
    DemSpicyMemes BOIIIS
    Gün önce

    The intro had me for a moment

  43. EAS Gaming
    EAS Gaming
    Gün önce

    Who got started on local 58 because u were watching eas scenarios

  44. Tea, Facts, MOOD.
    Tea, Facts, MOOD.
    Gün önce

    Local58- “How to get the best sleep” Me, watching this at 4:00 am- Well yes, but actually no.

  45. Erica Lewis-merner
    Erica Lewis-merner
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  46. Opal’s Fantasy World
    Opal’s Fantasy World
    Gün önce

    Now what happens if I stay inside and watch the moon? Nothing is happening

  47. Galina Volman
    Galina Volman
    Gün önce

    Video: Dont look away Me: ok *pauses video, blinks and then unpauses the video*

  48. vWyi Noir
    vWyi Noir
    Gün önce

    So uhh... anybody still going to Area 51?

  49. Medic Mann
    Medic Mann
    Gün önce

    This is why we are going to area 51

  50. R L
    R L
    Gün önce

    Hey MP. I know you won't read this (too many comments), but I want to say thank you. You were the very first TR-center channel I ever watched. I've stayed with you from almost the very beginning of your journey. What I appreciate, will seem... odd. It will seem odd now, but in a few decades, I think, you will come to truly appreciate it. I'm grateful that you have not changed. See, After you, I started a love affair with TR-center. I found places like, Lindsey Ellis, Wisecrack, Whatculture, PBS SpaceTime, Vertasium, VSauce... Lots are friends of yours. However... YOU, MattPat... YOU are the only channel that is still the same channel. You have not altered your structure (which is, the best on the net), you haven't forced ads on me (and really, I LOVE(d) Wisecrack... but the damn advertisements are out of control there), you... you haven't changed man. I love you for it. I work at night (over night) from home. In addition, I work a Behavioral Health line (so... sometimes, we get crisis calls, thankfully however, in my nearly seven years of working in isolation, I've not heard of us losing a single caller. Not once. Very proud of that) and basically... my life is; extremely solitary. I am not "lonely" however, I am simply "alone". It has been your show and many others (I mentioned some) that have helped me to weather this life I've chosen. I've even excelled! I've learned to play guitar (poorly), speak Japanese (poorly... but I'm conversational), I even completed a computer science degree and got a 522 on the MCAT (I'm trying to be an old country doctor... I've got half of that down). I've done a lot in my solidarity... but I always had an escape. A release. A path back to the civilized. That path was mostly through TR-center. Your channel, especially, has been such a joy. Any who. Thank you for not changing man. You and Outside Xbox, OutSide Xtra, and Playstation Access... have all be critically needed things in my life. You, have been something I needed in my life. As a fan. Thank you. Even if you packed up and quit tomorrow, all you have created, all you have done, means a lot to a lot of people. Thank you. ^_^

    1. Travioli Ravioli
      Travioli Ravioli
      Gün önce

      I skipped it all who makes big comments anymore Who?