ELECTRIC Hydraulic Press DIY

Made in Poland
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Hi. My name is Darek and in this video I'll show you my new ELECTRONIC Hydraulic Press.
Almost all materials come from the scrapyard. The engine power of 0.2 Hp should have been stronger. The press works well, but does not have a full power of 5 tons. The engine speed is 1440 RPM reduced to about 530 because I used to the gearbox from the angle grinder. If you have any questions, write them below :)
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  1. Made in Poland
    Made in Poland
    Yıl önce

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    1. Clement Gimbert
      Clement Gimbert
      11 aylar önce

      Made in Poland e

  2. Donald Lemoine
    Donald Lemoine
    Aylar önce

    This looks like it would be faster than an air assited hydraulic jack. Is it??? Thanks. Great video.

  3. Marcel Baur
    Marcel Baur
    3 aylar önce

    you're videos are excellent!

  4. Francisco Tobar
    Francisco Tobar
    3 aylar önce


  5. Too Many Narcissists Here
    Too Many Narcissists Here
    4 aylar önce

    "Presses thumbs with ease!" ;-)

  6. ________________
    5 aylar önce

    I need a weldingmashine. I dont can build so much things

    1. Donald Lemoine
      Donald Lemoine
      Aylar önce

      Check out king of random. He made a welder out of a microwave. Good luck.

  7. Вячеслав Харченко
    Вячеслав Харченко
    5 aylar önce


  8. Sensei Ratheesh Kumar P R
    Sensei Ratheesh Kumar P R
    5 aylar önce


  9. noel 20
    noel 20
    6 aylar önce

    Trochę delikatna, ale do wielu zastosowań się nada. Łapka w górę :)

  10. Lucian Evans
    Lucian Evans
    6 aylar önce

    This guy just ruined every stupid Pollock joke in the world. Thanks dude, with Your good editing and brilliant ideas. You know what you have done, you just put like 10000 comedians out of work. If didn't love your videos so much, and admire the engineering, I would unsub you. You ruined Polish jokes for the whole world you brilliant man.

  11. pawel1712
    6 aylar önce

    niezle :) Lapka w gore dla ciebie

  12. trevor byron
    trevor byron
    6 aylar önce

    How about something similar for an engine crane

  13. tullgutten
    6 aylar önce

    First time I've seen a electro mechanical hydraulic pump 🤣 Seems a little inefficient tho

  14. Megaoly Gronyoid
    Megaoly Gronyoid
    7 aylar önce

    Video edit,video edit,video edit..

  15. Make way for the lord
    Make way for the lord
    7 aylar önce

    Really enjoy your creativity so thank you. But please hear me on this one... im a welder and the dangers of skin cancer from IR and UV as well as fumes is a huge issue in my industry so please wear gloves at the very least. You dont understand how bad it is to be welding with no protection on your hands and arms. God bless and keep safe

  16. José Tadeu Mantovani
    José Tadeu Mantovani
    7 aylar önce


  17. Bran onymous
    Bran onymous
    8 aylar önce

    lol, I was considering making a hydraulic press almost exactly like this. I'm glad to see that I wasn't way off the mark

  18. jranger100
    8 aylar önce

    Good job. Buena idea la de q sea electrico.

  19. M King
    M King
    9 aylar önce

    Hi,I would love to get or pay for exact plans for this Happy holidays

  20. diniz droid
    diniz droid
    9 aylar önce

    Faz o suporte pra tv

  21. Mайкл Корлеоне
    Mайкл Корлеоне
    9 aylar önce

    It's DANGER!!!

  22. R L saved
    R L saved
    9 aylar önce

    Junk yard engineering. I love it ! 👍👍👍

  23. Rogerio Lecariao Leite
    Rogerio Lecariao Leite
    9 aylar önce

    Make it electric! Oh my god

  24. jairo vaca
    jairo vaca
    9 aylar önce

    Could somebody tell me what the name machine that conect to the motor is?

  25. Emil Chudzik
    Emil Chudzik
    10 aylar önce

    jak wszystko co robisz świetna robota. zazdroszczę garażu, gdzie można podziałać. skąd bierzesz płaskowniki i resztę stali?

  26. Иван Петров66RUS
    Иван Петров66RUS
    10 aylar önce

    Cool, Darek. For the year you made so much equipment for yourself. Well done. Under this video, you can write "It was", and under the latter - "It became." Progress in all its glory.

  27. min soe
    min soe
    10 aylar önce

    You r Honest Person. I like you and your every Project . Pls sent me your Project by email. thank.

  28. diretisima
    10 aylar önce

    Nie czujesz spalenizny na rękach od promieniowania UV ?

  29. junit483
    10 aylar önce

    I was gonna make a joke about how many poles does it take to drill a hole but then I seen you had two drills

  30. Colin Askey
    Colin Askey
    11 aylar önce

    It looks like a Heath Robinson contraption,but it does what it was made to do,and a fun video, gets my 5 ☆ rating

  31. Андрей Колчанов
    Андрей Колчанов
    11 aylar önce


  32. Hamid Bob
    Hamid Bob
    11 aylar önce

    good job

  33. Jean-Marie Dequene
    Jean-Marie Dequene
    11 aylar önce

    bonjour darek toujour impressionne par tes realisations super travail comme a chaque fois tu devrais avoir la medaille de l ingeniosite car tu le merite encore un tres grand bravo pour tout ton travail amicalement jean marie

  34. 도현 권
    도현 권
    11 aylar önce


  35. Beelzi89
    11 aylar önce

    Dlaczego na innych filmach spawasz MIGiem a teraz elektrodą?

  36. Jeff Merilo
    Jeff Merilo
    11 aylar önce

    What motor did you use? Where did it came from? Thanks!

  37. Eedzio Stach
    Eedzio Stach
    Yıl önce

    fajne ale mało precyzyjne... zamiast tej telepaniny z pralki frani można było by wykorzystać no napęd z wycieraczki

  38. Matilde Velazquez
    Matilde Velazquez
    Yıl önce

    Muy necesaria...exelenticimo trabajo..muy genio👍💁🙏👼🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹..vendiciones

  39. Mohammed Zeco
    Mohammed Zeco
    Yıl önce

    Very good , man

  40. Adeilton Pereira Da Silva
    Adeilton Pereira Da Silva
    Yıl önce

    Muito bom.

  41. Surabaya Business Guide
    Surabaya Business Guide
    Yıl önce


  42. shuai liu
    shuai liu
    Yıl önce

    nice job

  43. Greg Norvell
    Greg Norvell
    Yıl önce

    While watching I was skeptical about what the end result would be. Glad I kept watching!!! That was pretty ingenious!!!

  44. TheLupulalb
    Yıl önce


  45. Miłosz
    Yıl önce

    Podziwiam twoją twórczość. Z ogromną przyjemnością ogląda się twoje materiały, miły dla oka i ucha montaż. Masz wspaniałe pomysły, dziękuję, że działasz na youtubie. Trzymaj tak dalej ;)

  46. Thuan Nguyen
    Thuan Nguyen
    Yıl önce

    Autopress ... one like for you

  47. Veradona Restoration
    Veradona Restoration
    Yıl önce

    Good work !

  48. Tony garcia
    Tony garcia
    Yıl önce

    Excelente , muy ingenioso .

  49. Андрей Ярославцев
    Андрей Ярославцев
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  50. xmenxwk
    Yıl önce

    9:24 hahaha he is using rope to rotate that, pure genius

  51. Иван
    Yıl önce

    эксцентриковая качалка оригинальная идея, ставлю лайк!

  52. anthony thomas
    anthony thomas
    Yıl önce


  53. Вова Пантелеев
    Вова Пантелеев
    Yıl önce

    супер пресс!!!

  54. paresh davda
    paresh davda
    Yıl önce

    very nice

  55. DzKa
    Yıl önce

    Polak potrafi😁

  56. Joe Amodeo
    Joe Amodeo
    Yıl önce

    this is honestly the sickest thing ive ever seen personally

  57. Bily Alexander Velasquez Martinez
    Bily Alexander Velasquez Martinez
    Yıl önce


  58. 1waukesha
    Yıl önce

    Very nice!Loved the shim to make a square tube! I always seem to learn things from your videos.Keep up the great work!

  59. Marcenaria Garcia
    Marcenaria Garcia
    Yıl önce

    Parabéns criações geniais,👋👋👋👋👋

  60. Patrick Kelvin
    Patrick Kelvin
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    Top Parabéns