DIY - AMAZING IDEAS WITH CEMENT - How to Make Your Wife Happy

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DIY - AMAZING IDEAS WITH CEMENT - How to Make Your Wife Happy
craft cement Ideas , sand and cement
decorate house,
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  1. Olivia Art
    Olivia Art
    8 saatler önce

    That’s really cute! Good idea but still a waste of time and effort

  2. isabelle belanger
    isabelle belanger
    13 saatler önce

    Il y a que moi qui parle en français

  3. aglio e olio peperoncino
    aglio e olio peperoncino
    13 saatler önce

    jede vertrocknete Pflanze sieht besser aus wie das was du fabriziert hast

  4. isabelle belanger
    isabelle belanger
    13 saatler önce


  5. guiso bori
    guiso bori
    16 saatler önce

    Just wasted 15 mins of my life...

  6. Lib Rom
    Lib Rom
    19 saatler önce

    Boring boring boring 💤

  7. xX Kristalight Wishes Xx
    xX Kristalight Wishes Xx
    Gün önce

    1st I thot he was pranking his wife that he pooped all over the toilet paper O-O

  8. 1976arch
    Gün önce

    The plant cries out for revenge!

  9. Ann's Crafty Littler Things
    Ann's Crafty Littler Things
    Gün önce

    If this was made for me I’d be far from happy, I’d find it quite ugly! Though I wouldn’t say no to the money this video has generated, people always want to make their wife happy lol I think I’ll start a series......what would you think, no cement involved!

  10. Yuka Tsuki
    Yuka Tsuki
    Gün önce

    Dont kill trees guys

  11. silvarback
    Gün önce

    Wow i am so sorry but what a pile of shit i am out of here.

  12. Deborah Conway
    Deborah Conway
    2 gün önce

    i can't remember the last time I laughed so hard! Truly--tears rolling. So so funny. I kept thinking--oh this is going to be so amazing when it's done. But--the joke is on me! Ha ha!

  13. Helber Galinda
    Helber Galinda
    2 gün önce

    You obviously don’t know my wife.

    1. nicolaia2013
      2 gün önce

      Helber Galinda hahahahaha

  14. MÄNØ SÄLÄDÄ #RealGanjaBoyFc
    MÄNØ SÄLÄDÄ #RealGanjaBoyFc
    2 gün önce

    Tudo isso pra isso me desculpa mas vai se foder!

  15. ваня казаков
    ваня казаков
    2 gün önce

    Какая херня

  16. Toto Reyes
    Toto Reyes
    3 gün önce

    she had a lot of money after 22M watched this😂😂😂

  17. Elkin David Ramirez Olmos
    Elkin David Ramirez Olmos
    4 gün önce

    Minute 3:42.. best music!

  18. Elkin David Ramirez Olmos
    Elkin David Ramirez Olmos
    4 gün önce

    What Fucking music is it? 💩 music.

  19. Patricia Gatley
    Patricia Gatley
    4 gün önce

    one absolute man who has nothing to do..... what a waste

  20. Bryce Hay
    Bryce Hay
    4 gün önce

    My wife would kill me if I wasted 5 rolls of toilet paper

    1. nicolaia2013
      2 gün önce

      Bryce Hay hahahahaha

  21. Natalie Anderson
    Natalie Anderson
    4 gün önce

    I can’t believe I wasted that many minutes of my life watching something soooooo stupid!

    1. nicolaia2013
      2 gün önce


    2. speed bagal
      speed bagal
      3 gün önce


  22. Maria Palmer
    Maria Palmer
    4 gün önce

    Maravillosas ideas

  23. brian king
    brian king
    4 gün önce

    Sorry but this is crap

  24. Leo Barnard
    Leo Barnard
    4 gün önce

    Downvote and don't bother watching this crap (end result is a shit flowerpot)

  25. michael thomey
    michael thomey
    5 gün önce

    Very Creative.

  26. Diana Litton
    Diana Litton
    5 gün önce

    So glad i watched this video do more concrete stuff

  27. Jacqueline Conde
    Jacqueline Conde
    5 gün önce


  28. aaron whitty
    aaron whitty
    5 gün önce

    How to make ur wife happy hmmm......... anything else I'd say maybe try bring her to bed mate 👍

  29. Powell Benard
    Powell Benard
    5 gün önce

    10 mins of my life just wasted like that!

  30. V C Kahn
    V C Kahn
    5 gün önce

    So glad I watched the end before investing time on this. 🤣

    1. Emmy K
      Emmy K
      5 gün önce

      Drats! Why didn’t I think of doing that! 😩

  31. Vic Uy
    Vic Uy
    5 gün önce

    Such a waste of toilet paper

  32. huui huk
    huui huk
    5 gün önce

    This was the gayest video I've ever seen, I mean how do someone get happy when you give them a fucking painted stone?

  33. San DIego - Dmitriy N
    San DIego - Dmitriy N
    6 gün önce

    looks ok, waste of paper. just use plastic bottles. this whole video could be tamelapsed into two minutes or so.

  34. Ruy Alves Rodrigues Pinheiro Pinheiro
    Ruy Alves Rodrigues Pinheiro Pinheiro
    6 gün önce

    Pra todos vocês que trabalham nessa área de investimentos financeiros, larga desse papo furado de que voces tem a receita para as pessoas enriquecerem. As pessoas estão saturadas dessas mensagens fantasiosas. Por que vocês não focalizam numa mensagem mais realista, como por exemplo: ao invés de levarem as pessoas para a ilusão de enriquecimento, levam-nas para uma melhoria em seu padrão de vida, através de uma eficiente gestão financeira.

  35. A E
    A E
    6 gün önce

    I'm not an artist but i know crap when i see it!

  36. looking for the mold
    looking for the mold
    6 gün önce

    an interesting idea however the exucution is rather lacking. considering the final product is wildly off level it makes me wonder what on earth these people are doing. when your only job is DIY projects, you would think they'd be better at them. overal lthe concept is strong but the end product is simply not worth it.

  37. Don Hennessy
    Don Hennessy
    6 gün önce

    holy f'in ads people

  38. Prune Juice
    Prune Juice
    6 gün önce

    No wife happy life...

  39. Daniel Chavez
    Daniel Chavez
    7 gün önce

    My wife just said lets just go to Hobby Lobby

  40. christmas in october
    christmas in october
    7 gün önce

    Effort still counts than to buy expensive gift why just don't create? It would be terrific!

    1. Eder Filho
      Eder Filho
      7 gün önce

      christmas in october 7unjimjpk83mdpznnn. ...,**¥9£^&£'b pbnbjkzlzllm mmmmopoopppzkz j O

  41. christmas in october
    christmas in october
    7 gün önce

    Maybe to some of people don't like this but if my husband would do that for me i will be so much happy. Imagine the effort he spend for doing this.. Great job sir!!! Don't mind the ugly comments. They just don't have the heart for the art.

  42. Gicélia Estrêla
    Gicélia Estrêla
    7 gün önce

    Não seria mais fácil usar latas?

  43. A. Marquez
    A. Marquez
    8 gün önce

    Too much time for this ugly thing. I'd rather buy a plant stand/ miniature water fountain set. Comes with everything you need. They used to sell them at Michael's and they were beautiful. I gave a few as xmas gifts and people loved them.

  44. Cheryl Ferrel
    Cheryl Ferrel
    8 gün önce

    I'm sorry but if you guys are making a flower I'm sorry but that is stupid and dumb do not ever ever ever everyou should ever never ever never ever never ever never ever never ever ever ever make a flower cuz that's justgay that's just point blank gay don't do that or you're a gay member so go to burning Man and do all the stuff run around naked do the stuff that burning Man used to do okay bye

  45. Cheryl Ferrel
    Cheryl Ferrel
    8 gün önce

    How did you do this because this is really cool so I'm going to try it in like about a week or so before it ever happens I have to get this stuff so that I can do it.I think you are really cool and impressive and but you should also improve and improve and improve your work and not just adding some toilet paper and sand and whatever else you use so you also need to use in some colors make it like a table like all that crazy stuffso I'll be watching you guys and perhaps maybe following you guys and tell your family that I said I like your guys's videos peace love and I'll see you later.

  46. Cheryl Ferrel
    Cheryl Ferrel
    8 gün önce

    Is that a waste of toilet paper and cement. cuz if it is that is really sad

  47. theboss shutup
    theboss shutup
    8 gün önce

    well that was a load of sh-t no wondr the toile trolls where needed

  48. Pati McCoy
    Pati McCoy
    8 gün önce

    I'll never get that 10 minutes back.

  49. Pedro Serefim
    Pedro Serefim
    8 gün önce

    Quero ver as bandeja de por prato na mesa

  50. 陈金玉
    8 gün önce

    it's to waste. but we have honest to say that is beautiful

  51. Kevin Edsall
    Kevin Edsall
    9 gün önce

    Music is annoying

  52. Dre K
    Dre K
    9 gün önce

    I dig the beat!

  53. ima piledriver
    ima piledriver
    9 gün önce

    wasted 5 rolls of shit paper.

  54. Minhau Gato
    Minhau Gato
    9 gün önce

    Que dispendioso mas fico legel

  55. Al Re
    Al Re
    9 gün önce

    And the shoes...

    9 gün önce

    Wooww.. Wonderfull.. Looking forward to more of your videos👏👏👏

  57. Mat Pat
    Mat Pat
    9 gün önce

    Well that was a waste of ten minutes!

  58. femhawkeye
    9 gün önce

    Wtf? I Love plants, but I truly hate this.... whatever it supposed to be. I would get better use of the tp.

  59. Training Program
    Training Program
    9 gün önce


  60. Fateful
    10 gün önce

    Whenever I see toilet paper I always say to myself “I wonder what it would be like to put segment on that one day...”