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David Dobrik takes a lie detector test. Was he born in Slovakia? How would he rank his vlog squad from best to worst friends? Does he think he's cuter than Cameron Dallas? Did Liza Koshy break up with him? How does he feel that his breakup announcement video is his most-watched video on channel? What's the worst TR-center comment he's ever read? For more David Dobrik check out his TR-center: bit.ly/1ZS52we
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David Dobrik Takes a Lie Detector Test | Vanity Fair



  1. David Dobrik
    David Dobrik
    10 gün önce

    Thanks for having me Vanity Fair! I feel like I really got to know myself better lol

    1. Sarah Parker
      Sarah Parker
      21 saatler önce


    2. All Gacha
      All Gacha
      Gün önce

      Your the best !

    3. Jasmine Brueggeman
      Jasmine Brueggeman
      Gün önce

      10/10 would smash

    4. All Gacha
      All Gacha
      4 gün önce

      Your awesome

  2. OTTO Rocket HD
    OTTO Rocket HD
    10 dakika önce

    David would be a good act for joker

  3. Isaac Coon
    Isaac Coon
    23 dakika önce

    Yo but the way he answered the question of how high he was made it impossible to tell.....

  4. Angelica Flores
    Angelica Flores
    37 dakika önce

    Hey david. The other day I lost the man i love dearly. I plan on winning him back but I want to do something crazy to show him I'm sorry and i love him. If you happen to come upon this comment all I hope for is some crazy ideas or advice. He loves your channel and introduced it to me. You and all your friends have pretty crazy times btw, And so I am willing to get out of my comfort zone for the man i love.

  5. kareena
    39 dakika önce

    That last “NoAh” got mee 😂😂💀👏🏽 same

  6. sam tea
    sam tea
    42 dakika önce

    That's not fine

  7. Luna
    56 dakika önce

    I feel bad about those comments he get that people find him attractive in a weird way.. I think he's hot lol

  8. bob doe
    bob doe
    Saatler önce

    "Never slide into her DMs?" was the most calmest question I have ever heard anyone say.

    Saatler önce


  10. DooDooDom
    Saatler önce

    You didn’t bleep his crush right

  11. JustKaylaJade
    2 saatler önce

    9:01 - 9:27 broke my heart 🙁❤️

  12. AGURL-
    2 saatler önce

    15:44 min of awkwardness 🤧😬

  13. Nbxu
    2 saatler önce

    they needa get snoop dogg on here

  14. Lovisa Jonsson
    Lovisa Jonsson
    2 saatler önce

    Wwwaaaaaoooowwwww he is one uncomfortable boy

  15. Stephanie Hickner
    Stephanie Hickner
    2 saatler önce

    I feel like David is just plain attractive. There’s nothing weird about it. He’s quirky, but definitely cute

  16. Daddy Derrick
    Daddy Derrick
    2 saatler önce

    YOOOO creepy man voice asking question : what did you win in high school david: all state tennis creepy man voice: hehe lmaooo

  17. Deidra Torres
    Deidra Torres
    2 saatler önce

    I find it kind of rude that they ask him about liza so much

  18. Sara Live
    Sara Live
    2 saatler önce


  19. MiistySkies
    2 saatler önce

    Are you cuter than.... *CAMERON DALLAS?!*

  20. MiistySkies
    3 saatler önce


  21. Leticia Tejada-Espino
    Leticia Tejada-Espino
    3 saatler önce

    *Why Y'all Gotta Do David Like That?*

  22. Calvieraa
    3 saatler önce

    David your adorable 😍❤️

  23. Black Reaper
    Black Reaper
    3 saatler önce

    *Fix it Felix*

  24. Elites Engineering
    Elites Engineering
    4 saatler önce

    One of the funniest ones that I've seen.

  25. Lizasunshine
    5 saatler önce

    when they move it does not mean that he is lying, it means that he is worried about this question!

  26. Izzy Davis
    Izzy Davis
    5 saatler önce

    Those are shown through different studies that they are a farce (the equipment that registers heart rate and sweat increase not being able to detect lies)

  27. Anijah Franks
    Anijah Franks
    5 saatler önce

    “Is this your girlfriend? *Slides over pic of Liza* 💀💀💀

  28. Layla Thueson
    Layla Thueson
    5 saatler önce

    Omg, he looks so nervous!!

  29. Sophict Artistic
    Sophict Artistic
    6 saatler önce


  30. i need nothin
    i need nothin
    6 saatler önce

    He's going to cry.

  31. i need nothin
    i need nothin
    6 saatler önce

    Cameron. I don't find him attractive anymore.

  32. Sarah Roddy
    Sarah Roddy
    6 saatler önce

    Im sorry but how.dare.you. you can have ur jokes and fun but some of the stuff u threw out there was highly menatlly taxing and shouldnt have been asked or shared.

  33. Mia Keane
    Mia Keane
    6 saatler önce

    love d way he says noooo

    7 saatler önce


  35. Zeynep Tezbaşar
    Zeynep Tezbaşar
    7 saatler önce

    This is torture

  36. Alexandra Holtham
    Alexandra Holtham
    7 saatler önce

    Don’t worry David...I’ve never watched a Dolan Twin TR-center video...you have at least one loyal fan.

  37. vicky wen
    vicky wen
    7 saatler önce

    He looked so sad in this video. David is so beautiful and this video made sad to see him look so uncomfortable and unhappy

  38. Seth_Gamez_12
    8 saatler önce

    This video reminds me of L.A. Noir the game omg

  39. Naomi xo
    Naomi xo
    9 saatler önce

    Agh I hate how they didn’t show the results at the end😆😆😆😆

  40. Melanie Rodriguez
    Melanie Rodriguez
    9 saatler önce

    David Dobrick is a 20/10 like excuse me you precious boi you 😂💓

  41. Blue 812
    Blue 812
    10 saatler önce

    David is way funnier than the Dolan twins and Emma like boi his blogs are way more hype

  42. crusty hobo 420
    crusty hobo 420
    10 saatler önce

    The tables have turned david

  43. anthony spaeth
    anthony spaeth
    10 saatler önce

    He honestly hated every moment of this 😂 he should’ve asked do you wanna hit me david would’ve jumped across the table

  44. how to be a procrastinator 101
    how to be a procrastinator 101
    10 saatler önce

    so no ones gonna talk about how zane is apparently a sell out

  45. Selina Samara
    Selina Samara
    10 saatler önce

    It's kinda sad that David's best friend is a 45 year old man

  46. Ruby Rose
    Ruby Rose
    10 saatler önce

    I get that the lie detector looks confusing. But it’s not very hard you just gotta look for the big spikes. Usually when you lie your heart beats faster and harder. Or maybe David was just really nervous

  47. Alexcia Nicole
    Alexcia Nicole
    10 saatler önce

    My friend seems very uncomfortable in this video😭 and he’s not weirdly attractive he’s hot AF 🙄💕

  48. Diana Smail
    Diana Smail
    11 saatler önce

    Кто здесь после видео от Nastya Jackson?

  49. f l u f f b a l l
    f l u f f b a l l
    11 saatler önce

    _Courtney f*ck was your highschool crush?_

  50. emotional hazard
    emotional hazard
    11 saatler önce

    No David you are hot and that’s final

  51. fluffy mochi draws
    fluffy mochi draws
    11 saatler önce

    Awww poor baby stop showing him pictures of Liza 😢💗

  52. Holly Nicole
    Holly Nicole
    12 saatler önce

    shoulda asked him about his sexuality tho

  53. Girl Online
    Girl Online
    12 saatler önce

    Wait what?....we keep bunnies as a pets in Slovakia

  54. really regular
    really regular
    13 saatler önce

    The way this interviewer is going in on the questions 😂😂

  55. really regular
    really regular
    13 saatler önce

    Was this intro edited by Shane Dawson ?

  56. Siri Smith
    Siri Smith
    13 saatler önce

    Someone get this mans some chapstick

  57. Alyssa Nel
    Alyssa Nel
    14 saatler önce

    Are you happy? David: yes Lie detector: YEEET

  58. Alyssa Nel
    Alyssa Nel
    15 saatler önce

    When do you know he is lying? When the line goes up and down?

  59. innuendo_ _
    innuendo_ _
    15 saatler önce

    what about Zane ?:(( what did he do? :(((

  60. Emery Dawn
    Emery Dawn
    16 saatler önce

    David is me trying to get out of the seriousness by laughing😅

  61. Retry Redo
    Retry Redo
    17 saatler önce

    Second-hand anxiety uwoww

  62. Brenda Palos
    Brenda Palos
    17 saatler önce

    I pick both of you babys

  63. Feelix
    17 saatler önce

    This is what i do when I got in trouble and just laughed for no reason. LOL

  64. Ms Thinmint
    Ms Thinmint
    19 saatler önce

    David is so gorgeous

  65. alex bravo
    alex bravo
    19 saatler önce

    David looks so uncomfortable 😂😂

  66. Jellybean
    19 saatler önce


  67. Student Chemi Hanley
    Student Chemi Hanley
    19 saatler önce

    Does anyone notice that it looks like David is literally being tortured like look how nervous he is

  68. Ashh
    20 saatler önce

    Please do Alex Ernst next!

  69. Xposed MSP
    Xposed MSP
    20 saatler önce

    Do you smoke weed “a little bit” 😂

  70. Xposed MSP
    Xposed MSP
    20 saatler önce

    I feel so bad...is it weird that I cried to his pain

  71. saida howard
    saida howard
    20 saatler önce

    Ide say david is a 7 and 1/2 to me♡♥♡♥ Liza he is all yours

  72. daisy vel
    daisy vel
    20 saatler önce

    the ending is so cute

  73. oceanebellaful
    20 saatler önce

    nahhhh david's the cutestttttt

  74. broken girl
    broken girl
    21 saatler önce

    David seems sad, maybe it's anxiety of being there idk

  75. Kara Shi
    Kara Shi
    21 saatler önce

    15:03 "it's like making a sequel to a great movie. Why? just watch the movie again" AHAHHAHAHH

  76. Abby Kelly
    Abby Kelly
    21 saatler önce

    The Dolan twins are in noooo way funnier than david

  77. Girlmom
    21 saatler önce


  78. aly
    21 saatler önce

    9:43 that was just pure evil

  79. Deni Pallas
    Deni Pallas
    21 saatler önce

    I’ve never seen anybody more uncomfortable. This was funny and endearing at the same time. I feel your pain brother.

  80. Gould
    21 saatler önce

    Wait, David's a 5?

  81. alienqween
    22 saatler önce

    “were you sad when ur family ate ur pets” “no - hEHEHEEHEH”

  82. Addy Diaz
    Addy Diaz
    22 saatler önce

    When they said it's time to talk about his relationship I screamed!!😢😢😢😢

  83. hayley montgomery
    hayley montgomery
    22 saatler önce

    his aunt and uncle ate his bunnies and he wasn't sad

  84. Brianna Christine
    Brianna Christine
    22 saatler önce

    did this make anyone else severely uncomfortable... Like im about to have a panic attack just watching this poor david :/

  85. megangrace 13
    megangrace 13
    22 saatler önce

    he’s the cutest ever omg

  86. Kaitlyn St. Pierre
    Kaitlyn St. Pierre
    22 saatler önce

    How he gets sad when people give him backhanded compliments 😭😭😭 David, you are INCREDIBLY attractive.

  87. The Seatons
    The Seatons
    22 saatler önce

    How to destroy friendships 101

  88. megangrace 13
    megangrace 13
    23 saatler önce


  89. Steven Yerxa
    Steven Yerxa
    23 saatler önce

    Why you doin Erin like that lol

  90. Andrea R
    Andrea R
    23 saatler önce

    9:30 it moved so much my heart kinda breaks..

  91. izabelle
    23 saatler önce

    why he gotta be so cute it hurt my feelers

  92. AllyBlueChen
    Gün önce

    That was so uncomfortable

  93. Arianna _martin07
    Arianna _martin07
    Gün önce

    When he said he was really high my mouth droped

  94. Brittany Shelton
    Brittany Shelton
    Gün önce

    After the Liza questions, he lost his smile 😥

  95. Kaydence Delgado
    Kaydence Delgado
    Gün önce

    his laugh is so cute and literally why do people say that hes like weirdly attractive?! HES LITERALLY THE CUTEST HUMAN EVER WTF

  96. Jenna Reynolds
    Jenna Reynolds
    Gün önce

    This is a real weird styled video

    1. Smartypants788
      21 saatler önce

      Jenna Reynolds Google Vanity Fair Lie Detector, they’re all the same; different celebrities. Same detector guy, same interviewer, same opening sequence. It’s just for fun.

  97. jacksfilms is garbage
    jacksfilms is garbage
    Gün önce

    David has anxiety. That’s why he looks so upset and nervous. Yes the Liza stuff probably upset him. But he accepted the interview knowing that they’d ask personal stuff. He could’ve said no to answering things and asked them before hand to not. Calm down lmao.

    1. Smartypants788
      21 saatler önce

      jacksfilms is garbage It’s satire. There are multiple Vanity Fair Lie Detector videos with various celebrities. It’s just for fun.

  98. jlr_ 2143
    jlr_ 2143
    Gün önce

    Dear David Dobrik, Today is going to be the worst day and here's why: You're going to be tormented for 15 minutes taking a polygraph test and asked questions that make you extremely uncomfortable.

    1. Smartypants788
      20 saatler önce

      jlr_ 2143 It’s satire. There are multiple Vanity Fair Lie Detector videos with various celebrities. It’s just for fun.

  99. Matthew Johnson
    Matthew Johnson
    Gün önce

    The Dolan twins are not funnier than u

  100. Ayla Watson
    Ayla Watson
    Gün önce

    Oh god u can see the pain in his eyes when he starters talking about Liza 😭😭then he starts tearing up