Could Jaqen H'ghar Secretly Be A Major Character That We Think Is Dead? THEORY

The Last Harpy
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  1. Zsolti 13
    Zsolti 13
    6 gün önce

    Rhagar is alive and well working in the Crossroads Inn as Hot Pie

  2. Usagi Dango
    Usagi Dango
    7 gün önce

    That’s an interesting theory; we will have to wait for George’s ending 👍🏻

  3. Jacob Olli
    Jacob Olli
    Aylar önce

    If this ever happens in the new books let me know

  4. Ahad Ali
    Ahad Ali
    Aylar önce

    He is so much mysterious character that he didn't even appeared in season 8 lol 😂

  5. fenestrationpro
    Aylar önce

    Only book readers will ever know

  6. Jovhonte Jones
    Jovhonte Jones
    Aylar önce

    Well no

  7. Tushar de villiers
    Tushar de villiers
    Aylar önce

    A man thinks this could save the season

  8. Jake Wilson
    Jake Wilson
    2 aylar önce

    Jesus f****** Christ if your stupid ass theory was correct he would have sought out jon snow not f****** Arya

  9. Jose Mikulas
    Jose Mikulas
    2 aylar önce


  10. to G
    to G
    2 aylar önce

    Whatever Jaqen is using to keep those faces stay young,he should share some with me

  11. JERZYGRL37
    2 aylar önce

    who knows yr probaly right H'Ghar is either arya dancing teacher or Rhaegal Targarian

  12. TJ Swann
    TJ Swann
    2 aylar önce

    where does Tyrion fit in to the Targaryen. Could he be the oldest child, and could that be why his mother died and his father hated him so much because he knew he wasn't his child???

  13. Donnie Cunningham
    Donnie Cunningham
    2 aylar önce

    I blame John Snow Bang the woman

  14. Nick Brylka-Mee
    Nick Brylka-Mee
    2 aylar önce


  15. Alex de la Luna
    Alex de la Luna
    2 aylar önce

    I had thought it was Jaqen who had come back in the long night posing as the red woman, and who had always been Syrio Forel. - Or how would you explain the pep talk between Melisandre and Arya?

  16. Chris Grenard
    Chris Grenard
    2 aylar önce

    I’m intrigued. Only a few more days until we find out. Good theory even if it’s out there.

  17. marla mccarthy
    marla mccarthy
    2 aylar önce

    He does have the white streak in his hair...

  18. John Patrick
    John Patrick
    2 aylar önce

    Yup.....another dumb theory.......

  19. Eric Diaz
    Eric Diaz
    2 aylar önce

    So wasn't the night king a Targaryen too? So Dany fried a few thousand innocent people. They'd all be ice zombies if it wasn't for her anyway. It evens out.

  20. j shae
    j shae
    2 aylar önce

    Yes!!! I hope the series ends this way!!

  21. Ryan Lesner
    Ryan Lesner
    2 aylar önce

    When kings landing was being destroyed there were many moments when aya nearly died.... But she would awaken from being stunned or knocked out to be in a safe place. I rewatched the part of Aya escaping death and found that each time Aya was in danger there were kings landings soldiers nearby. I actually found a single frame where Aya is being pushed out of the way by a soldier. This man looked just like Jaqen H'ghar. I think Bran sent him to kings landing to ensure she lived through the attack. Aya may kill Danny later for trying to kill her with dragon fire.

    1. Ryan Lesner
      Ryan Lesner
      2 aylar önce

      @trappedinroom 101 I think maybe John will take over control of the dragon. After Aya attacks Danny the dragon will be just about burn up Aya so John will scream " Stop! " and the dragon will obey. Then in a rage John will put his sword into her body.

    2. trappedinroom 101
      trappedinroom 101
      2 aylar önce

      Ryan Lesner I think the dragon queen will try to burn Jon snow in dragon breath flames...but he'll survive like she did and he'll stand naked as proof of his rightful claim!

  22. LynniePooh
    2 aylar önce

    He is no one. That's what I say when asked my name followed by for the night is full of dark and terrors. 🤣😂🤣☠⚔🤙⚡🔥🐲🐉

  23. Kamesha Taylor
    Kamesha Taylor
    2 aylar önce

    Oh to he'll with all theses theories! All i want is cearsie and denarys dead and Jon Snow on the iron throne.

  24. Lisa Wintler-Cox
    Lisa Wintler-Cox
    2 aylar önce

    There are several times in the series where a character says "a man might..." or "a knight might..." somewhat like Jaqen H'ghar. The passive tense. It sticks out at me so much now, I've come to wonder if we will be able to look back and see it as a clue. It would be a writerly clue.

    1. swfcoliowl
      2 aylar önce

      Lisa Wintler-Cox who???

  25. Julia L
    Julia L
    2 aylar önce

    Valor Targaryen’s description fits perfectly

  26. Tiffany Ware
    Tiffany Ware
    2 aylar önce

    Possibly. Here’s a question: did he already give Arya all three of the deaths he promised her to repay death? I only remember him killing ‘the tickler.’

  27. nointro
    2 aylar önce

    Definitely wont be in the show. Show will be so simple it's going to be laughable. Danny will win the throne. Jon will have to go pledge loyalty again and kill her instead because of her actions against kings landing. It's going to be so simple and predictable.

    1. nointro
      2 aylar önce

      @AKing yea? I hope so. But I stand by it. Jon will kill her and then a group including Tyrion and probably Davos will choose a leader. Bran is my guess since Jon will have to pay some price for killing Daenerys and wont be available, I think they choose Bran. He knows everything. He will be the best to lead because of this. It's not pretty but I think it's going down pretty much like that.

    2. AKing
      2 aylar önce

      nointro honestly, I think you’ll be in for a big shock

  28. Gita Patel
    Gita Patel
    2 aylar önce

    I like the idea, it’s cool if it happens.👍

  29. Karim Khaled
    Karim Khaled
    2 aylar önce

    If that theory was right wouldn’t Rhaegar go off and recruit jon instead of arya?

    1. Ruffnek 69
      Ruffnek 69
      2 aylar önce

      The Hound will kill The Mountain and Arya will merk Cersei and that old weird guy who's always with Cersei will take off his face and he'll be Jager Jaguar Jensen whatever the f..k his name is 😁

  30. welokdin01
    2 aylar önce

    I think his first appearance to Arya was as Syrio Forel, the dancing teacher. When Arya runs from the Kings gaurd and turns around, if you listen you can hear a metal sword hit the ground, not a wooden sword he was using. Plus, we never got to actually see him die. So he could have escaped and later found Arya while as a prisoner. The theory of Jaqen being Rheagar is logical.

  31. Nigel Banks
    Nigel Banks
    2 aylar önce

    Another crackpot theory ! However, I hope not !

  32. Ernesto Dolman
    Ernesto Dolman
    2 aylar önce

    I'm sorry but they have butchered the show. D&D should be made 2 have a walk of atonement! Shame

  33. Axtraa
    2 aylar önce

    In the trailer for Episode 5. We see 2 lines of Solegers (Golden Company I think) within Kings Landing. You see a figure with a Hood shadowed in the distance. I believe it’s Jagen Hagar watching! He’s getting ready for his next steps and waiting on Ara to show etc. How else feels this theory to be worthy?

  34. Melody Roebert
    Melody Roebert
    2 aylar önce

    GOOD THEORY!!!! 👍

  35. Patrick Smith
    Patrick Smith
    2 aylar önce

    Karen h'ghar is Alpharius

  36. Beth
    2 aylar önce

    OMG!! I hope this happens.

  37. Ali Corbett
    Ali Corbett
    2 aylar önce

    Another thought .... Jaqen H'ghar was in the dungeons of the Red Keep with Ned.

  38. chacha bhatija
    chacha bhatija
    2 aylar önce

    In teaser of S8:E5 we see euron in bravos looking in the sky and we hear sound of a dragon. your theory is somehow related to it. What if jaqen h'ghar had a dragon egg?

    1. Gary Triano
      Gary Triano
      2 aylar önce

      chacha bhatija wow your an idiot

  39. Matthew McKirgan
    Matthew McKirgan
    2 aylar önce


  40. Chad Cook
    Chad Cook
    2 aylar önce

    Mind doing a video on the leaks reddit put out that everyone is in a uproar over and seems to be legit? Thanks

  41. Melchior Spruit
    Melchior Spruit
    2 aylar önce


  42. StabbyMcBlade
    2 aylar önce

    Waaaay too many theory videos on game of thrones

  43. Jon Snow
    Jon Snow
    2 aylar önce

    jaqen is the most underrated character..

    1. morris adams
      morris adams
      2 aylar önce

      and he's a fukin dude!! not in a gay way.... a little maybe.

  44. Barri Love
    Barri Love
    2 aylar önce

    Many face man is ragar Targarian!!!!! Jagun!!! He has the blond streak dark hair!!

  45. dlvcha
    2 aylar önce

    For two years, as I waited for season 8, I watched TR-center videos and read all these intricate GOT theories, and even rewatched the entire series... and guess what... nothing anyone has theorized has even come close to happening!!! The last season is not THAT complex people!! Stop with the theories already! The writers clearly kept it very basic and have barely tied in the books, if at all! Time to accept it’s the end and will all turn out predictable LOL.

    1. MicahsWeird
      2 aylar önce


  46. Hakan HAN
    Hakan HAN
    2 aylar önce

    bram will use magic attacks on kingslanding

  47. Chrissy Nicole
    Chrissy Nicole
    2 aylar önce

    I’m late watching this video but everything in this video is why I think Ned is really Jaqen H’gar. Like I really want that to be the case

  48. Gloria E
    Gloria E
    2 aylar önce

    rhaegar targaryen is jaqen h'ghar

  49. Jack2TheRack
    2 aylar önce

    Did you know dragon glass kills whitewalkers? ☺️

  50. Khawaja Danish Altaf
    Khawaja Danish Altaf
    2 aylar önce

    After watching S8:E4. All your theories seem true to me. Very well done mate!!