1. Madalyn Nguyen
    Madalyn Nguyen
    2 saatler önce

    Why did she look like she could be liza koshes little sister (sorry I forgot how to spell)

  2. LittlePinkie e
    LittlePinkie e
    7 saatler önce

    ᴡʜʏ ᴄᴏʟᴏʀ ɪs ᴛʜᴀᴛ ʙᴀɢ?ɴᴇᴡ sᴜʙ!

  3. Addison Huchton
    Addison Huchton
    10 saatler önce

    Isn’t she off Disney channel or Nickelodeon or is that someone else?

  4. Lele Harriss
    Lele Harriss
    19 saatler önce

    *laybug peacefully flies onto Daniella* Daniella: *AaRRRGG, get it off me I’m gonna die, I’m GONNA DIE* Ladybug: *Are u okay?*

  5. Celeste Dorcia
    Celeste Dorcia
    Gün önce

    You’re hella pretty!!!

  6. InfireSonyeondan
    Gün önce

    Pause the vid at 0:20 doesn’t she look like Liza Koshi a-bit?? 😂💕

  7. Sxnny Flower
    Sxnny Flower
    Gün önce

    Sksksksk and I oop

  8. Milly Lorraine
    Milly Lorraine
    Gün önce

    Ughhhhhhhhhh it’s c1!!

  9. Red&BlackBlood
    2 gün önce

    who else raged when she said the filter was c2 when it's c1

  10. Jozee Adams
    Jozee Adams
    2 gün önce

    the ladybug part had me dying

  11. Sofia Parodi
    Sofia Parodi
    2 gün önce

    What happened to ur hydroflask Mario badescu and ur Burt’s bees

  12. 15Godgirl
    3 gün önce

    Do you play ruby ?? From ruby red ??

  13. nyssa Queen
    nyssa Queen
    3 gün önce

    Hahahah when your mom was trying to say Fjällräven Kånken I thought she said “fuck all raven” 🤣

  14. Lola Sheeleyxoxo
    Lola Sheeleyxoxo
    3 gün önce

    The blue bag is called a kanken xx

  15. S2k Lily
    S2k Lily
    3 gün önce

    Hahahahahahhahahahahahahthis was funny

  16. LIt D.I.Y Panda
    LIt D.I.Y Panda
    3 gün önce

    Are you the girl who plays Sierra and the princess in knight school.

  17. The Original Billie Eyelash
    The Original Billie Eyelash
    4 gün önce

    I think you're my new favorite person

  18. Chloé Guerrouche
    Chloé Guerrouche
    4 gün önce

    “Mom, you’re just gonna let your vsco daughter die ?!” I died 😂

  19. LexyMarie
    4 gün önce

    😂😂😂 I love your sarcasm.

  20. LexyMarie
    4 gün önce

    😂😂😂 I love your sarcasm.

  21. Sage Abigail
    Sage Abigail
    5 gün önce

    i died when she freaked out over the ladybug 😂😂

  22. ShiMa
    5 gün önce

    Don't U kNoW lADybuGs are VsCo!! 1!1!1!

  23. Lauren Persten
    Lauren Persten
    5 gün önce

    Not a vsco girl until u have that puka shell necklace

  24. Linda Ko
    Linda Ko
    5 gün önce

    6:56 “Happy Birthday Raven” “I can’t swim”

  25. Okie Dokie
    Okie Dokie
    5 gün önce

    In her ‘Two Types Of People’ video with Jace, She was singing Rake it up and she said hoe and I was like, Ciara, did you just cuss?

  26. Juliette Phillips
    Juliette Phillips
    5 gün önce

    ladybug’s are cute!🐞

  27. Madison Cole
    Madison Cole
    5 gün önce

    7:10 lol “get my life together”

  28. Time to Shine
    Time to Shine
    6 gün önce

    Everyone I have some tea to SPILL SIS So like this wannabe vsco person was like and I oop sksksksksk cause he dropped. His. THERMOFLASK!!!!!!!!!! Still not bad but he thought he was vsco

  29. Alecsandra Cozan
    Alecsandra Cozan
    6 gün önce

    gurl im white and i still look orange with that filter

  30. Keeping up with the Cuz
    Keeping up with the Cuz
    6 gün önce

    It’s c1 filter or c6

  31. Tea Bag
    Tea Bag
    7 gün önce

    U deserved to hurt me

  32. Tea Bag
    Tea Bag
    7 gün önce

    I gave u a pass when i asked u out rly nice cus i said i wanted to kill you

  33. Tea Bag
    Tea Bag
    7 gün önce

    Do u wanna fix stuff tsmara?

  34. thegirlwhoisonfire
    7 gün önce

    wild from start to the end

  35. ms muffin
    ms muffin
    7 gün önce

    I may be late but i subscribe bc she's funny and cutee

  36. Annia R Núñez
    Annia R Núñez
    7 gün önce

    Se más educada

  37. Tamara Malone
    Tamara Malone
    7 gün önce

    stop acting white

  38. Rashed Alkhariji
    Rashed Alkhariji
    7 gün önce

    9:32 who thought it was ethan dolan and Emma chamberlain?

  39. Kačena Dunova
    Kačena Dunova
    7 gün önce

    Drop your vsco profile names!!!!!🍰❤️

  40. Baby G&B
    Baby G&B
    7 gün önce

    0:20 I knew Liza Koshy had a daughter

  41. 6ix9ine IsInJail
    6ix9ine IsInJail
    7 gün önce

    I love how when it was lunch time she used a plastic bottle with a metal straw

  42. Emi
    7 gün önce

    When you only use your car for vsco purposes: and I'll put these on the shifty thing. What's it called a stick?

  43. Brie Glander
    Brie Glander
    8 gün önce

    Your going to let your vsco daughter die!!!!

  44. DiscClub6
    8 gün önce

    Subbed as soon as you called your bag Olivia Jade 😂

  45. Ruby Lilly
    Ruby Lilly
    8 gün önce

    Can yall just let people have styles and be happy? Like genuinely nobody cares if it's "a BaSiC wHiTE GiRL" aesthetic?

  46. Cookieloverbaby
    8 gün önce

    what's the name of the song 3:31?

  47. oyungerel Oyungerel
    oyungerel Oyungerel
    9 gün önce

    Her:What do you call this Her mom:funkelraven Her:a blue bag😂😂😂😂

  48. Jenna Hauser
    Jenna Hauser
    9 gün önce

    I want some cute stickers for my hydroflask but amazon doesn’t have any really good ones (that i like) anyone have recommendations?

  49. Filip Komusanac
    Filip Komusanac
    9 gün önce

    Pls do drive thru swap Prank with ur sis

  50. moo_M0O
    9 gün önce

    I got scared of the ladybug :(

  51. indira schick
    indira schick
    9 gün önce

    awe you're so cutee

  52. claire wiechert
    claire wiechert
    9 gün önce

    you were already a vsco girl to start withhh

  53. K SHOOK
    9 gün önce

    Take a shot eveytime she's says vsco

  54. Sil 3
    Sil 3
    9 gün önce

    everyone makes a video how they transform into a VSCO girl but who actually is a real VSCO girl😂like i don‘t get it

  55. Sabinka Veřtatová
    Sabinka Veřtatová
    9 gün önce

    1:35 je pravý Čech 😅😅😅😅

  56. ¢ℓσυ∂утєαяѕ
    10 gün önce

    I am a vsco girl and I have a Jeep rubicon and yeahh

  57. Jessica Marshall
    Jessica Marshall
    10 gün önce

    Are u off of knight squad

  58. Jessica Marshall
    Jessica Marshall
    10 gün önce

    Are u off of knight squad

    1. sana is gay
      sana is gay
      9 gün önce

      Yeah, she is

  59. Blessing Adewunmi
    Blessing Adewunmi
    10 gün önce

    When u screamed I thought you screaming because you thought you looked ugly from the Polaroid

  60. Mila _Hayden
    Mila _Hayden
    10 gün önce

    when she started screaming about the bug i felt that

  61. C Martinez
    C Martinez
    10 gün önce

    The intro kind of reminded me of Liza Koshy. 😂 am I the only one?

  62. Linni_queen _
    Linni_queen _
    10 gün önce

    Fjällräven Kånken its from sweden so thats why it is the swedish keyboard ;)

  63. Hailey Leflett
    Hailey Leflett
    10 gün önce

    she looks like lizaaaa !!

  64. Carla Ss
    Carla Ss
    10 gün önce

    eww ur voice

  65. Annie Vincent
    Annie Vincent
    10 gün önce

    she reminds me of liza koshy

  66. Ava Alyaovlu
    Ava Alyaovlu
    10 gün önce

    Am I the only one that says Vi-Es-Co?😂

  67. Teagan Smith
    Teagan Smith
    10 gün önce

    Your like a mini Liza koshey

  68. sara aldina
    sara aldina
    11 gün önce

    any other small channels that wanna support eachother? x

  69. Shelby Eades
    Shelby Eades
    11 gün önce

    I've been oblivious to my own style

  70. Adalina Bay
    Adalina Bay
    11 gün önce

    The reason the ladybug wasn’t red is because it’s overweight, lol

  71. Rebecca Belles
    Rebecca Belles
    11 gün önce

    shell neclase?

  72. Leontyna Schmidtova
    Leontyna Schmidtova
    11 gün önce

    Aaawwwhh love your videos I watch them 24/7 ❤️❤️❤️

  73. Nasira A.
    Nasira A.
    12 gün önce

    New subscriber 💕 love your editing btw your soo pretty:)

  74. Paula Ramirez
    Paula Ramirez
    12 gün önce

    nobody: literally nobody: Me: 7:27 realizing how ugly i am😭💀

  75. nicki karimi
    nicki karimi
    12 gün önce

    she aggy

  76. sydney elizabeth
    sydney elizabeth
    12 gün önce

    Where did you get that super cute purple outfit in the beginning of the video? 😍

  77. Daisy Thomas
    Daisy Thomas
    12 gün önce

    MOM GET IT OFF OF ME we need to take some instagram pictures. MOM!

  78. kloeamber harris
    kloeamber harris
    12 gün önce

    ......it’s a prindle. Like if you get the reference.

  79. Canadian_dudette
    12 gün önce

    Who else thinks she looks like Liza Koshy

  80. Aulona is fucking beautiful 1
    Aulona is fucking beautiful 1
    12 gün önce

    she wrote louie with her whole chest