A Day In The Life of FaZe Booce!

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A Day In The Life Of FaZe Booce!
420,000 LIKES for this EPIC FaZe Booce video! (乃^o^)乃
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I decided to make a "Day in the Life" video for 4/20, showing you guys all the ridiculous stuff FaZe Booce typically does on a daily basis!
FaZe Booce is a Call of Duty Champion, Koosh Lord, and user of code “M3RK” for 10% off GFUEL products, but more importantly he eats Mountain Dew and Dorito cereal errday…
…he even got exclusively interviewed by David Vonderhaar!
The Life of FaZe Booce is a life of much swag; possibly too much swag for the average person to comprehend, but FaZe Booce is living his best life…
…which is like, CRAZY!
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  1. M3RKMUS1C
    2 aylar önce

    *420,000 LIKES* for FaZe Booce blazing some DANK KOOSH on 4/20! ლ(▀̿̿Ĺ̯̿̿▀̿ლ)

    1. Swedish FaZe Booce
      Swedish FaZe Booce
      13 gün önce

      Hey guys faze booce here 🤣

    2. TheReal_Saf
      15 gün önce

      not even near

    3. TheRealDepth Gaming
      TheRealDepth Gaming
      23 gün önce

      You should have done the likes 420,420 xD

    4. Blazing Wolf
      Blazing Wolf
      Aylar önce

      I actually have 420 years played on all cods released ever

    5. JujuPuggy
      Aylar önce

      Do one for Brayden

  2. Fastlane 69
    Fastlane 69
    15 dakika önce

    Merk: * missed on an April fools joke vid by twenty days* Also merk: uploads this masterpiece

  3. Michael cookies
    Michael cookies
    10 saatler önce

    Faze booce cooking show ?????

  4. BigPurpleThiccems !
    BigPurpleThiccems !
    19 saatler önce

    4:20 perfect timing

  5. TheCoder5938
    Gün önce

    made the day after my birthday

  6. Evan Almighty 2019
    Evan Almighty 2019
    2 gün önce


  7. Dive Tackle
    Dive Tackle
    2 gün önce


  8. Water Bottle
    Water Bottle
    2 gün önce

    I hope m3rk doesn’t take down my video. Or snoop dogg

  9. Kobe McCoy
    Kobe McCoy
    3 gün önce

    A day in the life of Brayden

  10. M.r towel Boi
    M.r towel Boi
    3 gün önce

    Do a day in the life of Brayden

  11. Mello Halo
    Mello Halo
    3 gün önce

    1:10 has spoken

  12. Benjamin Pearson
    Benjamin Pearson
    4 gün önce

    1:09 I want to see that looped over and over again for an hour

    1. Tony Gables
      Tony Gables
      3 gün önce

      You dumb or doing this for attention

  13. diamond space
    diamond space
    4 gün önce

    3:42 oh hell no

  14. Mr Sniper1730
    Mr Sniper1730
    5 gün önce

    So erik has multiple personality disorder

  15. Adrian Styba
    Adrian Styba
    5 gün önce

    So were not gonna talk about the fact that he put the liquid in before the chips

  16. joaquin roxas
    joaquin roxas
    6 gün önce

    Faze booce and wiz khalifa koosh collab

  17. UncreativeUsername
    6 gün önce

    The captions lol

  18. Big boi Shrek
    Big boi Shrek
    6 gün önce

    1:10 someone make this a 1 hour video

  19. Archugg Boi
    Archugg Boi
    8 gün önce

    Eyeyey......Smoke koosh every day 😎__§

  20. gotem .mp4
    gotem .mp4
    9 gün önce

    wHoA wHY iS tHIs ActUaLLy KiNdA goOD ?!!?

  21. Swedish FaZe Booce
    Swedish FaZe Booce
    9 gün önce

    Hey guys Faze booce today we are going to smoke some boocey koosh and eat some booce meals 🤓 Eyeyey.....SMOKE KOOSH EVERY DAY

  22. GMorley121
    9 gün önce

    Howtobasic: 0:34 FaZe Booce: hold my beer

  23. HYP3 101
    HYP3 101
    9 gün önce

    1:09 So you don’t have to watch the hour video But you still have to press the timestamp over and over

  24. The Average Gamer
    The Average Gamer
    9 gün önce

    Make a day in the life of Melvin or Brayden

  25. Toasty
    9 gün önce


  26. Saoodisticall
    9 gün önce

    1:10 needs a one hour versio...

  27. Rob_On_My_Nob03
    10 gün önce

    1:09 If you came here from his video he uploaded

    1. Zachary Spencer
      Zachary Spencer
      7 gün önce

      Rob_On_My_Nob03 yessssirr

  28. R0JUM
    10 gün önce

    he would probably never make a montage of faze booce coughing he would *NEVER* do that

  29. Itz ZombieXPro
    Itz ZombieXPro
    10 gün önce

    Who here after the One Hour oF Faze Booce Coughing

    1. David Mixon
      David Mixon
      10 gün önce


  30. pika fan12234
    pika fan12234
    10 gün önce

    2019 july 6th faze booce coughs like this for an hour

  31. #Chip22 Gaming
    #Chip22 Gaming
    12 gün önce


  32. Shawny Marie
    Shawny Marie
    14 gün önce

    Make a day in the life of Melvin or brayden

  33. Coop Johnson
    Coop Johnson
    14 gün önce


  34. Bloody Bullets
    Bloody Bullets
    15 gün önce

    Wait how old is Faze Booce if he played 5 years played on every call of duty

  35. A.P MODZ1344
    A.P MODZ1344
    16 gün önce

    ERIK HIT!!!!!!!

  36. ChuChibiz
    19 gün önce

    why is no one talking about the fact that he poured the mountain dew in first

  37. Subscribe to CybeR Eroxix
    Subscribe to CybeR Eroxix
    20 gün önce


  38. heck u
    heck u
    21 gün önce

    Miss these kinds of videos

  39. Oldwest99
    21 gün önce

    Can we have a series by FaZe booce

  40. alberto serrano
    alberto serrano
    21 gün önce

    I woke up at 4:20 in the morning bro

  41. Junior KZ
    Junior KZ
    21 gün önce

    bro...I can't breathe... lmao. 4:11 took me out..

  42. jotaro is lyfe
    jotaro is lyfe
    23 gün önce

    Mucho mindblow

  43. Trevor Waweru
    Trevor Waweru
    23 gün önce

    So next year should we expect a Faze Booce video every single day of April??? 😂😂😂

  44. João Gomçalves
    João Gomçalves
    23 gün önce

    day in the life of brayden🎈

  45. Melvin
    24 gün önce


  46. mans1973
    27 gün önce

    😂😂😂 Man this is the best vid

  47. potato lord98
    potato lord98
    27 gün önce

    Make a day in the life of brayden

  48. Daniel Murrah
    Daniel Murrah
    28 gün önce

    Faze booce is my spirit animal

  49. big boi
    big boi
    28 gün önce

    4:34 4:38

  50. Ned Stew12
    Ned Stew12
    29 gün önce

    4:33 at .25 playback speed👌👌👌