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00:07 First aid hacks
07:12 Easy home remedies
09:58 How to applying band-aid wrong
10:39 Effective ways to handle emergency situations
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  1. Dan TDM
    Dan TDM
    2 dakika önce

    18 minute craft

  2. Darius Videos
    Darius Videos
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  3. Lucas Hubred
    Lucas Hubred
    4 dakika önce

    16:03: perfect! Thanks. I'll just need a bigger rope

  4. Darius Videos
    Darius Videos
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    Hi Make videos with Yes

  5. Hfgh Ffgg
    Hfgh Ffgg
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    А вы в курсе что мой брат дурак и тупой

  6. Shayne Powell
    Shayne Powell
    6 dakika önce

    That thumbnail is retA Ted

  7. Luciano Farrays
    Luciano Farrays
    7 dakika önce

    So stupid

  8. 심희정
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    너무 깁니다

  9. JoshyDoes Gaming!
    JoshyDoes Gaming!
    8 dakika önce

    Wouldn't the tea bag be just as hot putting it in your mouth

  10. Vienna video games
    Vienna video games
    9 dakika önce

    I suppose I'll sleep with a tomato in my sock😂😂😂😂

  11. Alvaro Castillo
    Alvaro Castillo
    10 dakika önce

    Dumb ways to die, so many dumb ways to die...🎵🎶

  12. Ana Valencia
    Ana Valencia
    12 dakika önce

    Alguien español

  13. Angel queen
    Angel queen
    13 dakika önce

    Girl: *drinks tea* Girl:*sees tempature* Me:well i guess when the tempurture says shes oki she okayh 3:55

  14. Brooklyn T Guy
    Brooklyn T Guy
    15 dakika önce

    You show us tricks twice ugh.. will your channel ever be good.

  15. Jonatan Gargo
    Jonatan Gargo
    16 dakika önce

    What about kids baby’s

  16. Genesis Lira
    Genesis Lira
    16 dakika önce

    6:52 by the time your making that stuff he will never call you back a call doesnt take that long to still ring

  17. every one
    every one
    16 dakika önce

    5-minutes craft family *trying to kill my family* 😂😬

  18. dark angel dragon gacha Brown gueen
    dark angel dragon gacha Brown gueen
    17 dakika önce

    The first one was a rip off because the splinter was not even in your skin so it came off easy

  19. Genesis Lira
    Genesis Lira
    18 dakika önce

    This is all so fake

  20. cruz animation studio
    cruz animation studio
    19 dakika önce

    The thumb nail like wtf

  21. Genesis Lira
    Genesis Lira
    20 dakika önce

    Who wears heels to the super market

  22. A Sloth
    A Sloth
    20 dakika önce

    Me: Hey mom, I’m bleeding! My mom: Yeah okay, just tape this tampon to your cut Me: ...wat

  23. Totally awesome time
    Totally awesome time
    20 dakika önce

    Thumb nail don’t do that

  24. Sophia Keller
    Sophia Keller
    21 dakika önce

    On before I clicked on their this video there's a thing what shows a cut with stitches and cut where the glue that's going to born

  25. Cristian Gil
    Cristian Gil
    21 dakika önce

    Like es q mire este comentario y sea Español

  26. Sara Miura
    Sara Miura
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  27. Almighty Egglord
    Almighty Egglord
    21 dakika önce

    Ever have a giant cut Just apply hot glue to immediately increase the pain

  28. *{fairygamer_ YT}*
    *{fairygamer_ YT}*
    22 dakika önce

    Here's some help if you accedently put a bee in your mouth and spit it out it stun you in the mouth or tongue put sugar that's how it helped me Dont ask about how I know. This..

  29. Cristian Gil
    Cristian Gil
    22 dakika önce

    Son dos rodajas de cebolla las que se usa o es una ???

  30. Lushy 1012
    Lushy 1012
    23 dakika önce

    son, what is this thumbnail

  31. Genesis Lira
    Genesis Lira
    23 dakika önce

    1:47 why was she even walking on the house porch no sence just my oppinion okay

  32. Janice Rivera
    Janice Rivera
    24 dakika önce


  33. LaTesha Bradley
    LaTesha Bradley
    24 dakika önce

    I'm DEFINETLY not going to snatch somebody's malk for me eyeballs.

  34. 「`chocolatewings `」
    「`chocolatewings `」
    25 dakika önce

    *Are you TRYING to hurt us?? Pepper can burn! Also, either those scratches or bruises are fake, or you are purposely hurting yourselves and thinking, "OH MAYBE PUTTING SOME OF THIS RANDOM PEPPER WILL HELP THIS TOTALLY NORMAL SCRATCH STOP BLEEDING"* *_What the frickity frack patty wack big mack quarterback race track guy named jack where you thinking?_* Also, why would you put duck tape on your LEG. Imagine struggling to get that off.

  35. Cotton Candy
    Cotton Candy
    25 dakika önce

    These hacks are stupid

  36. lolwar131 Monge
    lolwar131 Monge
    26 dakika önce


  37. Marita69
    26 dakika önce

    The thumbnail though Hmmm yeah i have a cut so I’m just gonna put HOT GLUE on it.

  38. lolwar131 Monge
    lolwar131 Monge
    27 dakika önce

    Videos in spanish plis

  39. canelita platano
    canelita platano
    28 dakika önce

    che silicon para todo lo utilizan

  40. JamJaz Playz
    JamJaz Playz
    28 dakika önce

    I did the thumbnail and OUCH

  41. Skylynn Gonzales
    Skylynn Gonzales
    28 dakika önce

    I have a cut omg 😮

  42. Marita69
    29 dakika önce

    5:03 WOW that is such a real bee totally not a plastic spider painted as a bee

  43. Hailey P
    Hailey P
    29 dakika önce

    Puts what looks like a root in my coke😂😂

  44. Thepouz Jayadipa
    Thepouz Jayadipa
    31 dakika önce

    RqqanaaaVxhsbdjxjdxnxnx xbxbxbzbz xbdbxbxbdbdbddsnxnxnxnxnnnmmmmxnnnnz mk jkmzkxnc.cnvcnnnnnnmmmmmmmmmmmmnn b nic for; n p

  45. Margaret Lowdermilk
    Margaret Lowdermilk
    31 dakika önce

    me: I got a cut Mom: put pepper on it so you can stop bleeding and earirate it

  46. paper jammy
    paper jammy
    31 dakika önce

    Sto es mejor k ver las weas de badabun :]

  47. Lily Bean
    Lily Bean
    32 dakika önce

    That thumbnail is making me uncomfortable

  48. Sammy Castañeda
    Sammy Castañeda
    34 dakika önce

    Que onda con la mini :v

  49. Lily Bean
    Lily Bean
    34 dakika önce

    5 min craft:life hack for FAMILY Me:then why the hell did u put the dumbest thumbnail for ur vid are u trying to kill us

  50. Becky Dudich
    Becky Dudich
    36 dakika önce

    Me:mom I got a blister can I have a bandaid? Mom: no honey I saw on this thing youtube you can use a tomato! Me: Mom.......

  51. jair Sánchez
    jair Sánchez
    36 dakika önce


  52. Woof Playz
    Woof Playz
    37 dakika önce

    No body in their right mind would have the time to do the "remedies" this video showed.

  53. Matrix Beat
    Matrix Beat
    38 dakika önce

    Hot glue fixes everything... You don't need those fancy stitches

  54. Becky Dudich
    Becky Dudich
    38 dakika önce

    You really are stupid. Who the he'll are making these thumbnails? Kids watch youtube, and velive everything they see! You need becareful.

  55. Rosi Ramos
    Rosi Ramos
    39 dakika önce

    Esta muy chido

  56. Afroza Sultana
    Afroza Sultana
    40 dakika önce

    I got I bug bite ow Mom : here use a banana and waste food and time it's not like you'll ever eat the banana Me : ya you are so right

  57. Robert Rogers
    Robert Rogers
    41 dakika önce

    These are really bumb

  58. hub Ryuugg
    hub Ryuugg
    42 dakika önce

    *Thumbnail maker has left the chat*

  59. Sound Cat
    Sound Cat
    43 dakika önce

    Five minute crafts is starting to watch troom troom

  60. Myah Haq
    Myah Haq
    45 dakika önce

    do the hack actually work?

  61. Emma Rosner
    Emma Rosner
    48 dakika önce

    Ummmmm😂😂😂😂idk about you but I specifically was having problems with migraines and my doctor told me to lower my caffeine intake and that might help

  62. Dazzilo Foreboa
    Dazzilo Foreboa
    48 dakika önce

    *Putting hot glue in a cut is only going to make it worse and damage you're skin! And it'll burn!*

  63. Janelle Abañez
    Janelle Abañez
    49 dakika önce

    the 0:46 is soo disturbing and the thumbnail

  64. Isabella Baltodano
    Isabella Baltodano
    50 dakika önce

    These are family crafts?

  65. Emma Rosner
    Emma Rosner
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  66. Røse Amaÿa
    Røse Amaÿa
    52 dakika önce

    I did the thumbnail all it did was make me scream in pain for 600000009.9990090 million years thanks a lot.

  67. Allie's Studio
    Allie's Studio
    56 dakika önce

    Why would you put HOT glue on a wound??? Not trying to be mean but it's just stupid

  68. Sapphire Bloom
    Sapphire Bloom
    57 dakika önce

    2:00 this will only cause more damage and probably infection. I recomend pressing a wet gauze againts the cut (if its not to serious ofc). If you have a VERY deep cut, I recomend seeing a doctor. if its a tiny cut, just clean it up well and put on a bandage.

    58 dakika önce

    who in the name of tomato soup go to a market with heels

  70. Dat Boy
    Dat Boy
    58 dakika önce

    Yeah stitches stitches are worse than hot glue and stealing your cuts definitely not gonna burn your skin your point

  71. Amanda Souzz
    Amanda Souzz
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  72. Paz Azalea
    Paz Azalea
    59 dakika önce

    Children, my sincere fellow larva Please DONT DO THIS! NINE OF THESE WILL WORK AND ONLY MAKE THE SITUATION WORSE!!!

  73. Esmeralda Velazquez
    Esmeralda Velazquez
    Saatler önce

    Why is it called 5 min hacks if its this vid is not 5 min

  74. The little McDaniels
    The little McDaniels
    Saatler önce

    Me:Ow my shoe gave me a scratch ouch. Mom:let’s bandage it up Me: Nah fam, let’s use a tomato instead. Mom: ok that’s works

  75. Amina Tyulegenova
    Amina Tyulegenova
    Saatler önce

    Хорошие советы... жаль только что на русском языке не пишут... не всегда понятно какой ингридиент добавляется.

  76. Nikol Borisova
    Nikol Borisova
    Saatler önce

    Its not work i try evrything and its hurt more only the freze sponge work

  77. Raquel Olguin Montes
    Raquel Olguin Montes
    Saatler önce

    que. padre

  78. Maria Felipe
    Maria Felipe
    Saatler önce

    The thumbnail brooo 😭😭

  79. Adriele Felipe
    Adriele Felipe
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    BR BR

  80. cveleng cardozo
    cveleng cardozo
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    Correctamente no entendi nada de lo que disen porque no hablo imgligh

  81. dylanchelo gamer
    dylanchelo gamer
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  82. DJ Holmes
    DJ Holmes
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  83. legend 003
    legend 003
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    Esa mama hueco ta en droga día pimienta en una cortada esa azarosa no halla en hacer coño q se buque un oficio por ay coño

  84. Jean Semexant
    Jean Semexant
    Saatler önce

    Cool. 💍 OK girls

  85. Nithya Kosike
    Nithya Kosike
    Saatler önce

    This sooo flipping duuuummmbbb (O_O)

  86. fortnite 12
    fortnite 12
    Saatler önce

    first glue is toxic and not good to pit it on skin

  87. Adii Playz
    Adii Playz
    Saatler önce

    The hell....

  88. Sabahat Hameed
    Sabahat Hameed
    Saatler önce

    So U gonna pee on a shirt than put it on Ur face right next to Ur mouth Mmmm nioce

  89. Jose Ramirez
    Jose Ramirez
    Saatler önce

    Omg why are u tryna kill us :c I thought I could trust u but NO

  90. Aesthetic Tears
    Aesthetic Tears
    Saatler önce

    Got a cut? Me: Yeah. *put some hot glue then!*

  91. Sabahat Hameed
    Sabahat Hameed
    Saatler önce

    Grab someone's pants and get up? Gee thanks for the hack!🙄 That someone is gonna get angry and Ur gonna pull their pants down

  92. Tiny Dog Playz
    Tiny Dog Playz
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  93. Antsie Plays
    Antsie Plays
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  94. Yolanda Porras
    Yolanda Porras
    Saatler önce

    Yolanda Hola soy Yolanda Perdón por ese por ese por ese comentario tan raro es que como estaba como estaba nada nada nada esto quería decir el mejor vídeo del mundo mejor vídeo del mundo mundial mundial mundial mundial mundial mundial Escuchar mis comentarios Pues soy muy linda Sánchez

  95. Da_noob News monkeys
    Da_noob News monkeys
    Saatler önce

    * cuts wrist “ mom my hand is bleeding I need to go to the emergency room Mom put pepper on it sweetie pie it will be ok when you pass out

  96. Gacha Potato
    Gacha Potato
    Saatler önce

    If i have a wood in my skin I just take it throw it away and deal with it

  97. Da_noob News monkeys
    Da_noob News monkeys
    Saatler önce

    Kid:hey mom I cut my finger and it’s really red can I go to the hostpital Mum: PUT LIPBAM ON YOUR SKIN AND HOT GLUE IT 💯 percent tip to help your child DIE

  98. ihes4r5
    Saatler önce

    they showed us how to make a noose

  99. Da_noob News monkeys
    Da_noob News monkeys
    Saatler önce

    Brazil: we have a misquote infection that hit us hard what should we do USA: rub a banana peal on it Brazil: we are poor what the f***

  100. Melissa Spicer
    Melissa Spicer
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